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The Grinch Left Melina Salazar $50K & A Buick . Ho! Ho! Ho!

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For 7 years she served Walter Swords at Luby’s cafeteria in Brownsville, Texas. It was not in vain, for when the Grinch left , he left her a part of his legacy , for all those years when she became his favourite waitress and friend.

The grumpy old man had a soft spot for her. There was no one more worthy than this humble and friendly waitress. She is a wonderful woman and she deserved what she got from him. She treated that old man with respect and dignity, probably making him feel wanted and giving him a feminine touch to his single life.  This made the old man died a happy man.

Many of us try to avoid those old people because it can be boring and they often ask repetitious questions due to dementia or Alzheimer. They can be long winded and garrulous. They sometimes gives off a strong body odour .To be a friend and chat with those old people is a social skill.

We need to be like her and treat our old friends with due respects and help them in anyway we can.  One day we will also be old and would need help too.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Priest Fight With Broom Sticks!

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Some of those broom sticks flew in the air. You are not witnessing a Harry Potter movie but a real life drama that erupted in Bethlehem’s Church of Nativity. The church where Jesus was born and administered jointly by Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic authorities. There went there to clean the church but instead a row erupted and they went for each other with broom sticks.

They were priest and leaders of the church. What a shame! They are just humans after all. What they taught about God and the Bible were all forgotten in the heat of that moment. The devil entered them.

The next time some priest say something, you will have to use your filters .They can say anything they like but only fools would listen. Just like those pastors who are anti gay. Just let them bark all they want. When it hit their family, they will say another thing. God is fair and He will teach those who are wrong .Leave it to God .


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Archie-Lee Hirst Mauled To Death By Rottweiller Pet Dog.

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A Rottweiler dog

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Archie-Lee Hirst

Courtesy; BBC News. UK

One-year-old Archie-Lee Hirst became the latest victim of a rottweiller dog. He was mauled to death after the animal snatched him from the arms of a seven-year-old girl. The dog was owned by his grandmother and the tragedy happened at her home.


Ellie Lawrenson

Courtesy: BBC News.UK

Another case of Ellie Lawrenson the five-year-old savaged last New Year’s Day by her uncle’s pit-bull terrier.

What provoked this dog to attack him? The dog is now dead and nothing can bring the little boy back again. The baby was savaged and mauled by a dog which cannot differentiate between good or bad people. He was always chained up .It was massive and vicious and would leaped at those who pass by.

The 7 year old child ventured into his territory. It was a terrible tragedy and the owners have paid very dearly for rearing such dogs. There are others who still think they know their dogs until such a tragedy occurs. They think keeping the dog chained will solve their doggy problems.

Dogs are animals and they can be provoked or we don’t know much about their animal behaviours. They have feelings and have stress too .One moment, they maybe docile and tame and the next for no apparent reason, can attack and bite in a frenzy.

Many of those owners kept such dogs for protection, chained up in tiny yards, never exercised and just fed the daily meals.Her house was burgled a few times and she decided to keep such a dog. They could not be let out as they will attack anyone, man, children or other dogs. Those dogs were not trained and the owners had no time to play with them or exercise them. It was an accident waiting to happen. It is always the children or grandchildren who paid dearly with their life for their folly’s of rearing such ferocious and dangerous dogs at home. It is like keeping a killer at home.

Other than rottweiler, the other ferocious dogs are pit bull terriers, Japanese Tosas, the Dogo Argentinos, and the Fila Brasileiros.(You can view these dogs here; ) Ordinary and the average Joe should not rear such dogs. They should only be handled by the professional dog handlers.

I hope those who rear such dogs are fully aware of the dangers and repercussions of keeping such dogs as pets in the house.

If you are attacked by a dog and you only have your bare hands, I think the only defence is to give a hard punch to the dog’s eye. Normally, when a dog charged at you , you should not run for the dog can sense your fear and attack you. You cannot outrun the charging dog anyway. When you stand your ground , the dog may stop the charge or just circle around you or come to sniff at you.

You should never leave your child alone with any kind of dogs. The child may do something to the dog and the dog may respond aggressively .

To the mother of Archie-Lee Hirst , Rebecca Hirst, all our sympathies and sadness over your tragic loss. Him who died young is much loved by God. He is now with Jesus ,safe and live forever.

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Detox Diets All Nonsense!

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Don’t waste your money and time on expensive detox diets according to a British scientist. Drink ordinary tap water, a little exercise and eat some sensible home cooked food will get you up in shape. It sounds so simple. LOL! People don’t want to be simple and need to pay alot of money to detox because they think this is the better way.

Some people drink it straight from the tap while I prefer to boil them first to get rid of the lime deposits. The white crystalline substance you will find in your pot or container. My place has a lot of limestone hills and the water is hard. No filter can remove those lime dissolve in the water except by boiling. If you drink without boiling it, you may get stones in your gall bladder or kidneys, when you don’t drink enough water.

Dr Andrew Wadge, chief scientist with the Food Standards Agency, advised people against paying through the nose for expensive detox packages and supplements. Those advertisers would pay those famous stars to advertise their detox diets.He is backed up by Jacqui Lowdon, of the British Dietetic Association, said most detox supplements are pointless. We have our livers and kidneys which can detox our body.

We need to watch what we eat as a lot of the food can cause cancer, diabetes, hypertensions and heart attacks if eaten in a long run. These days, I eat more Parsley , the vege you use for garnishing and seasoning soups. They should be eaten raw.

I read that it is a good antioxidant and can remove heavy metals in our body. Children do not like this vege because it has a peculiar flavour.Some do not like it because it may smell like chicken shit. LOL!

We should eat more vege preferably uncooked , fruits , fibers and less on fats and sugar which is bad for our bodies. Drink lots of green tea. It can also detox our body.

Want to look beautiful ,young and radiant? Then you need to eat the right kind food .When you take the right kind of food, your detox system will not have to work that hard.

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The Paradox Of The Alpha Female!

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This is my reply to Hot Alpha Female’s post on The Paradox Of The Alpha Female

Hi Hot Alpha Female,

Thank’s again for another great write up from you. Glad to hear you had a beautiful white Christmas.

[ Too many times I see two people who think that they are only half a person without the other. Its like two starving people in a room trying to steal each others food! It just doesn’t work. N it leads to dependant relationships which I think can be quite unhealthy in the long term. N while obviously when u are in a long term relationship there will be times where you are more dependant on your partner for support and what not, because you have an open and loving relationship, but the whole idea of having to rely wholly on another person .. is something that Alpha Females definitely don’t appreciate and would not want to do. Coz we are all about independence in every way right? One of our greatest assets and greatest downfalls I think.]

No man is an island. We can choose to live alone all through out our life by choice or by default. I do not hold the same view as you. My view of a relationship is both men and women complement each other and not totally dependent on each other. They should not feel like they are only half a person as both are strong in their departments.

They can live or survive without each other, though their life will not be as happy and contented when they have each other. Before, you have only two hands and two legs but after marriage, you have 4 hands and 4 legs figuratively speaking.

I don’t see a half but I see another one that is like a detachable you. He can do things for you and be where you cannot i.e at two places. It is like looking at a glass, half full or half empty. Or I see from the inside and you see from the outside.

When you have one rod, it can break easily, but if you tie two rods together, it will need more strength to break them. When two people come together, they complement each other and will therefore be stronger to face the challenges in life. You have someone to discuss and ponder over. Love and encouragements from your partner can do wonders .You can be pushed to the limit to discover your capabilities and true potentials.

You are only an Alpha female because you are strong in the making money department; it does not mean that you will be strong in all the other personal departments. You are a female and you do not have the male characteristics. No matter what you think you are, you are still a female and have only the female characteristics. There are still places that you cannot go or go alone unlike a man.

When you have a partner, it is like an insurance. If anything happens to one of you, there is the other one who will carry or support you .When you are single, you are all alone. When you fall down, there is no one to lift you up. A friend is not the same as a husband.

[You know I have heard of so many stories of people going after the money. I have so many problems with this, its not funny. Firstly I don’t see the point. Why do u have to go after someones money, when u can make your own? ]

That is precisely the point why Alpha females want their partners to be someone who is equal or more successful than them. They are looking for someone who is as rich and successful as them. Will they love a Beta man who is not that rich or successful according to their financial standards? They don’t need a man provider but they are looking for one without realizing it. It is a women’s instinct to find a good provider.

Secondly, you cannot judge a man by his riches or his success on this factor alone.Do only all successful and rich men are good? In that case, then all the good men don’t exist in the poor category.This is a wrong thinking.

Do you think all those rich and successful men are good for you? Do you think all those successful men have the good attributes of a man? Not all rich man earns their money by the hardworking and honest way. If you work honestly, you will take a very long time to get rich and by that time you will be in your 50’s. LOL!

If from ground zero and be a millionaire in your 20’s, you must be exceptionally lucky or very brilliant. I know of a guy from a rich background and he manipulated his shares in the stock market and made Rm28M in that year. How many men can you find like him? Sorry, he is already married. What he made in one year, many men will never made through out their life’s. He is rich out of the miseries of those small shareholders who bought his company shares when the price was bloated.

[Secondly why would you want to be in a relationship where one person has all the power. Say u marry someone with all the money and u don’t really have much at all. You are completely dependant on him. He in every sense, accommodates your needs and he in every sense can take that all away in a flash.]

Don’t the girls want to get a rich husband? That’s the price they have to pay. Even if you are an Alpha female and you marry someone who has more than you , you still have to kowtow to him.

[Thirdly, guys usually want someone who is their equal, who they respect and who they can have a growing nurturing and wonderful relationship with. Otherwise just like you said Laura they get bored and move on!]

Not all guys want an equal. Nah! I cannot say precisely about how many percent of guys will want an equal but around 50%, give or take 10% both ways. You are thinking from an Alpha female mind which is not a true reflection of the male mind. Why do many male graduates or male professionals marry down? That is for you to ponder for another day.

A simple man looking for a simple woman who would cook , wash and take care of him and his needs and whether she is his equal or intelligent is not a very important factor but she must have some beauty or sex appeal and this quality will compensate for her lack of intelligence. LOL!

A woman who shows her feminism and great skills in inter personal relationships and treat a man like a man is better than those graduates or Alpha females who expects much from the men but gives little in return.

This is the key to a man’s heart. This has nothing to do if you are an Alpha or Beta female. You don’t have to get a degree to learn how to treat a man.

Another great one from Tanya Gold ,” If you want to be loved, just scoop out your brain and act like a child.”

You can read her post on
Men want us lobotomised

Yeah! Just throw away what you have learned from the university and pretend you are a lowly girl. That is if you want to get married. LOL!

An intelligent woman may not be a graduate and a graduate maybe intelligent only in a certain subject but a dumbo in human personal relationship’s.That’s how a man thinks.

As in everything, we always admire what we don’t have and don’t appreciate the things that we have. Other people’s wife or husband are better than ours .We can get bored and sometimes familiarity can breed contempt’s.

Before marriage, you may be attracted by those qualities in him/her but after marriage those same qualities may be repugnant and offensive to you. LOL! In marriage, it is all about love. Their love should grow and become stronger.

It is not easy like those weeds where they grow abundantly. Marriage is like a rose plant where you have to give tender loving care to the plant. They need water, fertilizer, love and sunshine. They need to work at it.

[Life is all about challenge and it absolutely is about the journey as well. There is no point in life where u have it all, because as humans we always need to grow, there always needs to be the next level. N if u are in a relationship where u cant bring that next level? Well I don’t care how much money you have, how great your relationship is, it wont last.]

There are many challenges in a married life or life in general. You will know what happens today but you will not know what tomorrow will bring. You meet new challenges everyday, that’s why marriage is more interesting when you can share with another person.

Man was not made to live alone. God give man a helper in Eve. God took a bone from Adam’s ribs because that would show that the women were equal to men. They complement each other’s weaknesses.

God does not burden you more than you can bear.


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Internet Online Matchmaking Cons.

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There are the good, the bad and the ugly in every facets of life. When it comes to love, many people are smitten by it and lose their sense of judgment. Smart, intelligent and professional people can easily fall into those scams which milked them of their money under the guise of love. Love hungry women in particular fall prey to those creeps who are handsome and have the gifts of the gab. They are cheated of their love and money and then dumped unceremoniously.

A German man, Mr. Milan, 57 fell in love with a con artist in China and after parting with SG$ 130K , his fiancé is no where to be seen. This is the hidden danger of internet matchmaking .That you will fall prey to some scheming devil or gold digger.You have only yourself to blame for being a wrong judge of character.

When you have to spend a large amount of money in your love affair should raise some red flags. Before S/he becomes your official partner, you should not part with your money to the other even when they spin some very sad and woeful tales.

You earned your money the hard way and don’t just give them away because of a sob tale, no matter who that person is. If you give them the money, you not only lose your money but a friend too. If you don’t give the money, you may still have a friend and if he does not want to be a friend, so be it. They are not worthy anyway.

If S/he is the right one for you, it will not cost you an arm or a leg. You only have to spend on the basics. Anything more than that should set off your alarm .Don’t use your money to buy love because it will not last and you are just wasting your money on someone who does not think highly of you, nor appreciate what you have done for them.

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Going Fishing For Men.

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Fishing is a predominantly male activity and few women are interested in fishing or find it an interesting hobby. They are only in it because of the influence of their boyfriends or dads. Otherwise, don’t expect a single woman to take up fishing as a hobby. The mere thought of those wriggly worms is enough to turn them off. LOL!

Women are only interested in one kind of fishing, the fisher of men. In fishing, you need a lot of patience and know where those fish live. You can fish in the ponds, lakes, rivers or the wide open sea and the deep oceans where those big fish live.

If you are a river fish, then you should look for another river fish. You don’t look for the shark or the whale. The Chinese saying,” Bamboo door with bamboo door and iron door with iron door.’ You should find your partner who is on your same wave length, same background and similar financial status. The Chinese are pragmatic people and marriage from the same class will ensure your marriage will last and not beset with too many problems which can cause a breakup.

You can go fishing in the lakes and rivers with a minimal cost, just a fishing rod while if you want to catch those big fish, you would need more capital. Hire or rent a boat for your fishing expedition.

If you are looking for a big fish, you will need to invest more on your beauty regimes and those expensive boutique dresses and accessories. Going to those high class parties or official functions to be noticed or being seen .You cannot be the plain Cinderella and expect the Prince Charming to notice you.

A woman needs to know what kind of men she wants and where to look for them. There are many types of men out there and she has to choose whether she prefers fresh water or salt water fish.

He has to be compatible with her personality or sometimes they are attracted to the complete opposite, the extrovert marrying the introvert and vice versa. When they are in love, it does not matter and after marriage, they will find they have many bones to chew on.

If you are fishing for a man, do not over emphasize on his financial side. As long as he can provide a comfortable life, that is reasonable enough. You will be looking for a man who will love you for who you are, warts and all, someone who can accept you even though you are not perfect. He will make you happy and be there for you when you are blue. He will be understanding, be considerate and will share your intimate thoughts and feelings without any bias and prejudices.

If you are looking for those qualities in a 20 something men, you will be sadly disappointed as most men of that age are like green horns and they need to learn from experience on how to treat a woman or understand a woman. Men are like rough diamonds. They need a woman’s touch to make them shine. That is why married men have more appeals than single and unmarried men.

A man is like an oyster, you need to place a small tiny bit of sand into his shell and he will grow a beautiful pearl for you. The oyster shell is not beautiful, but what is inside of him is like a treasure chest. It needs to be cultivated and incubated like the sand into a beautiful pearl. Your words and your wisdom will make him into a finer man.

By what standards do you judge a man? Will you judge him by the worldly standard or the religious standard?

Don’t expect the men to come in a nice present all wrapped up beautifully with red ribbons. Inside the present you will find only a lump of clay and it is up to you to mould them into a beautiful pot or figurine.

Like the fish you caught , you need to descale him (get rid of his bad habits) dress him up , add some spices, ginger and other ingredients and he would taste yummy. LOL !

If you are going fishing for this kind, you will need a good quality tackle and a strong hook and line ,so that he will not escape .The struggle to reel him in is the  most exciting part of the game. Good luck!If you catch any small fish , just throw them back into the water.

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Is It Natural For The Modern Women To Marry Late?

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It is not a matter of whether it is natural or not but women who don’t marry earlier are just rationalizing and justifying their unmarried status. They have chosen the career path instead of the marriage career.

They have found success in their careers but at a tremendous personal cost to their marriage prospects. You begin to wonder what is life all about. Do you live to work all your life like a slave or do you enjoy the single life? If you are neither, then it is time to get off the jet plane and drive leisurely.

You may make plenty of money or gained fame but what good are all those things when you cannot find true love, have children or a nice and warmth family. Is living all about making tons of money or an ATM machine?

In the beginning, girls were married off when they were still children below the age of 12. As time progresses, and society evolved, the age began to rise to 15, 16, 17 and 18. Then came the 20’s in the last century and in the present century 35.The magical cut off line for marrying or you will miss the last merry boat to La La Land!

Those women who married early did not elect to go to the university and instead have got a Mrs. Degree. They married some professionals and got instant degrees. LOL! These women who are in their 20’s and in the most fertile period began to breed like rabbits .They became full time mothers and register for the survival course in wife and motherhood degrees in the University of Hard Knocks . This degree has no monetary value but it is very essential that they pass this course or they could end up in the funny farm .

Those women who are still single and still looking have Japan’s Princess Sayako , the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko as their patron . She is still single. She said,’ it is a natural trend in a sense, given women’s way of life is diversifying. She has everything in the world except a husband.

Is it because of modernization and that women prefer to find their own mates instead of the old fashion matchmaking? Many women have resorted to the modern day matchmaking to find their partners. It is their last attempt before they become glazed and adorn those shelves.

It is lucky you are not a Japanese women for their men are married to their jobs and do not have much time for their wives. Many Japanese women are either marrying late or prefer to be singles. The Japanese culture and their work ethics are killing romance and love in the marriage.

It is not natural to marry late for when you are in your 30’s, your fertility drops and it is difficult and more risky to get pregnant. Women are most fertile in the 20’s. If you want to have higher chances of having babies, then marrying in your 20’s would be more ideal and natural. You are more nubile and have the strength to be mothers rather than in your 30’s when your body may groan under the strain of motherhood.

Women marry late not of their intent but because they have a different priority. Some chose careers while others chose marriage.


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Is Being Single Fun or Sucks?

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Do we have a choice? There are those who are just in their sweet 17 or 18 and getting hitched and there are those in the 30’s and coming to their 40’s still a singleton. They have all the prerequisites, a degree, a good career, smart, intelligent, beautiful and sexy and yet they are still single.

Whether it is fun or sucks depends on where you stand in the age divide. When you are young and in your 20’s, you are just starting out to be independent and you want to see the world .You want to experience everything the world can offer you.

It is fun when you are single and not tight down by responsibilities of a family life. You are free like a bird and can fly off anytime when you want. There is nothing to hold you down or stop you from your pursuits.

You don’t need a man to make you happy. You have your friends who are in the same mould as you. You don’t worry about being an old spinster or being a singleton or a desperate old maid as you think you have plenty of time to select your special someone when the time comes. You party and enjoy and this is the best and sweetest time in your life .You are in no hurry to settle down.

You are like the grasshopper and the ant story. The ants work everyday to store up food for the winter while the grasshopper partied on without a care in the world all during the summer. But when winter came, the grasshopper had no place to sleep and no food and died. Well! You are not a grasshopper and you wont die but when winter comes, you may find yourself all alone and lonely.

When you are near 30, being single sucks especially during Christmas or New Year, because others will have a family to go back to while you are all alone. Every year you will dread such occasions. You don’t feel young anymore and you are getting older. Those younger days have passed and you don’t feel the same anymore.

The years have taken their tolls on you. You want something more serious and those carefree days are replaced with your biological clock ticking away. When you were younger, you don’t have to think of your future and now you cannot help it .

You rue all those opportunities that came your way with a tinge of regret. If you would have married him, you would now have 2 or 3 kids and a happy family. You see others who are married young and have kids and you begun to envy them.

You may think they don’t have a happy marriage because you see them constantly bickering or fighting, but that is a part of marriage and after the fight, they always make up and their bond becomes stronger. At least you have someone to fight with, better than the four walls in your room. No one is perfect.

 Make hay while the sun shines!


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What Would An Alpha Female Choose? For Love Or Money?

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What Would An Alpha Female Choose? For Love Or Money?

Hi Hot Alpha Female,

Thank you for your heartrending, wonderful and fantastic reply. It is not everyday you can find someone who can gives her frank and sensible opinions and dissect the issues in the matter of fact way. There are other Alpha females who are more brilliant and intelligent than us out there in the wide world.

In any sincere and loving relationship, it is all about love, the caring , sharing , honesty and openness .It is not about power,money , control or sex. When you love that somebody, you would want to please that person and make him happy. Love is the elixir of life. Love is like pouring water into his cup and when it is full, he will pour it back to your cup. It is this back and forth which makes marriage life more interesting than single life.

You give love to receive love. To love and to be loved is what makes you happy and your world a beautiful place. You can find everything beautiful when you love that somebody and being loved in return. Nothing matters when you have that kind of love.

You love a man for what he is and what he can do for you. He can make you happy and feel like you are on top of the world. It is not his money which makes you happy though it will contribute to some of the happiness in you. It is his words and actions which will make you feel wanted and appreciated. A super Alpha male may treat you like a trophy but a real man would give meanings in your life, fulfillment, contentment’s and happiness.

You may live in a shed without anything and you still find that you are happy, joyful and contented. If you don’t have love, the entire world at your feet would not satisfy your inner man or your soul.

I have seen couples who are more loving when they are struggling and when they became rich, their relationship suffered and ended up in divorce.

Imagine, you were cast away into a blue lagoon and there is only one man there…You would love him for what he is a MAN. Today, the modern women have forgotten the real meaning of love or they have refined it to such a high degree that the man they seek can only be found in the virtual world or a make believe world.

No women like being told they are wrong because generally most women are vain .They think they can find such a man and goes off on their long journey to look for that elusive man. She may have found him but she is too late. Even if she found one, keeping him forever may not be that simple.

It may not solely be her problem but society and social norms which dictate her to find someone who is equal to her new found status. To be seen with a beta male may not be favourable in the eyes of the society.

What society expects from a rich and successful female may not be true for her. What is important is, she finds her true love. To hell with what others think! Society does not know what you want in your heart and others can think or judge whatever they want but it is your own personal life. The world does not owe you anything and you don’t have to follow what people expects from you.

Those who wait for the best men will never find it . Even when they have found the best man, they still think there is someone who is better. In the end , they settled down for the second best.

[Despite this argument that Alpha Males want a Beta Female. I know a lot of guys who would like a chick who is their equal. Who can challenge their ideas, who can stand up for themselves and doesn’t just do what she is told. These men know and have dated beta females and they want something more. I know that they are out there!!]

Women are ambivalent and that is a fact but men are too. When they have a Beta wife, they want an Alpha wife and vice versa. You cannot believe what you see and hear .What you see and hear is not what get. LOL!. Before marriage, men may say they want an equal partner but after they have lived with them for a while, they would prefer a Beta wife. They would gladly exchange their wife but they cannot do it in real life. This is human nature. They may prefer those smart women but when you lived together, that is another completely different story . LOL!

[Just like when my boss curiously asked me if I “go for the rich ones” my response was … not at all, it’s the potential that is more important. N regardless to what anyone may say that is the god honest truth. Because at the end of the day .. When we are all dead and buried … people don’t remember you for how much money you had or how many cars, houses countries you’re owned. But they remember what kind of person that you were, how you contributed to the world and the impact you had on the people around you.]

That is true and I agree with you all the way. Most people when they are alive , are not aware of this fact.

Would you marry for love or money?

To say you would rather marry for love than money may sound altruistic and magnanimous but in reality many women presented with a choice would rather marry the man who is more loaded and who can give her more of his time. LOL!

It is not only about money but time too. If the poorer man can give much of his time to her, he can win her heart over the richman . But if everything remains the same, then the richer man will win hands down.

Materialism and security is most paramount in a girl’s mind. Only those who don’t have rich suitors are not presented with this dilemma. The very young are smitten with teenage love and promises and they do not understand what living in the real world entails.

If you marry for money or materialism, your marriage will not last. You will be treated like a trophy wife and when he gets tired of you, he will hang you up on the wall like all those animal trophies from his Safari days. He will be looking for the next prey and he will not even look at you again.

His money may not last and could be gone and so will your love. LOL! Money cannot keep you warm but love can keep you going.

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