Why Did My Wife leave Me ?

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When she is with you , treat her nice and good and not when she has flown, will you realize that you cannot live without her.

 Value and appreciate her contributions and really listen to her feelings and what she wants.Be sensitive to her needs .She is another human being and have feelings and if you neglect her ,you are failing in your responsibilities.

There could be many reasons why a wife leave and the chief reason is she does not feel your love  anymore or she has found somebody better .

The three main reasons why a wife leave  are money ,love or a new man in her life.If you have love, most women would stay in the relationship except for some who got tired of the poverty and think she deserved someone better.

Like the case of a plumber wife who married his millionaire boss. Money is a strong reason why some women choose to leave.

One cannot fault her for leaving her plumber husband.Even though she is married to him , she found her beau at last. Just like a prince who fell for a married woman.The husband allowed  her to leave for her prince. Such things do happen and there is no way the other person can stop her leaving.

There are times when it is the man’s fault for they abuse her and do not love her and appreciate her . She feels lonely , neglected and unloved. Love is everything that makes her world go round.

When she does not get it from her marriage , her heart wanders and any man who treats her well and care for her feelings will receive her attentions.She may leave with this man to start a new life. If it does not work , she may go back to the previous partner if he is willing to accept her back.

If she comes back , why asked why? Just let it go.  Like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. Before he was lost and now he was found.

Don’t make her feel guilty and you must have a very big heart to forgive her for what she has done to you in the past. Bury the past and what happened yesterday as there is nothing one can do about it. 

What she did was not entirely her fault. Do not look for faults in others but to look inwardly and learn your lessons and be a better person..

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15 Responses to “Why Did My Wife leave Me ?”

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This is a testimony that i will tell to every one to hear. i have been married four 4years and on the fifth year of my marriage, another woman had a spell to take my lover away from me and my husband left me and the kids and we have suffered for 2years until i met a post where this man okadibo have helped someone and i decided to give him a try to help me bring my lover back home and believe me i just send my picture to him and that of my husband and after 48hours as he have told me, i saw a car drove into the house and behold it was my husband and he have come to me and the kids and that is why i am happy to make every one of you in similar to met with this man and have your lover back to your self.
His emai okadibotemple@gmail.com

She is a whore for leaving for money. I guess everyone has a price and the man with they most money gets the whore.

i love this site.a

Laura1318; Thank you and I appreciate your honest and kind compliments.

Thank you very much for the kind words, Laura. I needed to reach out to someone. God Bless you.
Que Dieu vous bénisse madame!
(English translation-‘That God blesses you Madam! ‘)

Laura1318:- You are welcome! Have faith in God and leave everything to Him. When the time is right ,you will see the bigger picture. God Bless you too!

For whatever reason my wife left me after 29 years, it SUCKS!! I love her still…I’m willing to try and fix things, to talk. Not only does it suck…but it HURTS!!
At 51 years old with two grown children I doubt I will ever have a relationship with another woman. I feel that at this point in my life another woman would just be fooling myself…trying to prove something. No, no I’m not going for that. What really hurts is my naiveté…in not seeing it coming…thinking that our bond was a strong one. Hell it could be about money, it could be the fact that our son is chronically ill and she just could not take it anymore. Crap! I love my son (and daughter too of course). Just as they are. Maybe it’s just too damned easy today. Maybe it’s a lack of maturity…a lack of courage. I agree that you could throw in all the right ingredients, money, love, understanding, sharing and so on, but why a woman just leaves, even severing all communication with our children just baffles me! I never betrayed her, was always faithful, never ONCE laid a hand on her, was ALWAYS nice to her family (even when some of them treated me like shit).
People tell me to stop trying to figure it out and start thinking about ME now. It’s easy for some of them to say. I have devoted my entire adult life so far at building something…putting together a family trying my best to hold it all together….pleasing everyone. maybe their right….but for the last six months I am one hurtin’ unit! falling asleep and never waking up would be a relief to this emotional roller coaster ride.
I used to be one very proud little French-Canadian. Now I’m nothing but a broken man. I know sob sob nobody wants to hear it. That’s what the world is like nowadays and that is why sometimes I have serious thoughts about leaving it.

Laura1318;- My empathy to you . We have to accept the situation even though we do not know why it happened. We cannot live in the past but in the present and make the best use of our opportunities. You do not have to depend on anyone for your happiness. You seek your own happiness. There is no point in seeking answers on why she left. She left and it was history . You have to go on living for your children and maybe , you may meet a new woman in your life. Whatever happens, we have to accept the reality of the situations. If you are meant to be together again , God will make it happen.

I know a friend who is like you and he does not want to dwell on his past but just enjoy each day and dote on his children and grandchildren. We should forgive her and let her go . There is no point in bitter about her leaving. Focus your sight on God. It helps you to see the right perspective.

Where are you woman?!!! hhahaha

Neways i know this is an oldish post but im going to answer it anyways. Coz this topic is intriguing.

I really think that women leave a marriage because they are not getting their emotional needs met.

Plain and simple.

Not only are their emotional needs not getting met, but they have a lack of communication with their partners.

Resentment is building everyday and soon something just pops and they can’t stand it anymore …

so they either cheat or they leave.

Thats my assumption neways

Hot Alpha Female



-Laura1318 –

Hi Hot Alpha Female,

I wish to apologize to every reader of this blog for not updating and posting in my blog.

I have been too busy with the ‘Dear Cupid!’ website giving my views there and I find it more interesting than writing blog post..LOL!

I am giving advises on that site to those who have problems in love and life.It is very meaningful to me to help others with their problems.

I am taking a holiday from blogging as I have got the blogging sickness..haha!

I agree with your views 100%..Women are insatiable, either it is love or material things. LOL!

If you have love, she is even willing to suffer with you.

If you have no love and no money, who would want to stay in that marriage?

If a woman goes for a richer guy, she is not materialistic but she is seeking her happiness which she cannot get from that marriage.

maybe someone pounded that bottom real hard

Im sorry to say that i agree that its biased towards women. No Offence. Women are wonderful beings and I love them dearly. However a woman who is dumping u for a richer man and you take her back to your poverty she will dump you again when another richer man comes along. She cannot be trusted. If she dumped the other man and she is sincere and remorseful and you might forgive her so your children are re-united with their mom, thats another story. But I think it would be almost impossible for me to love and trust her again and remember how she had sex with another man and sucked his **** bla bla. Its impossible and wrong almost. Unforgivable in my opinion. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Its very disrespectful to the man and I think the relationship is broken when the woman has become intimate with another man. Plus she is an opportunisitc slut excuse my french. Maybe her hubby would have been given money from God later if she had stayed. Remember that all gifts are from God and we kneel to thank him for his gifts. Sorry to be a little harsh. Thanks

[…] laura1318 placed an interesting blog post on Why Did My Wife leave Me ?.Here’s a brief overview:The three main reasons why a wife leave are money ,love or a new man in her life.If you have love, most women would stay in the relationship except for some who got tired of the poverty and think she deserved someone better. … […]

[…] laura1318 created an interesting post today on Why Did My Wife leave Me ?.Here’s a short outline:The three main reasons why a wife leave are money ,love or a new man in her life.If you have love, most women would stay in the relationship except for some who got tired of the poverty and think she deserved someone better. … […]

some ladies are so lucky to able to leave a joker husband and tell me the percentage is very tiny

very unfortunate biological truth is that a woman’s ”marketability” drops drastically once you are married, pass the age of 30, had 7 kids or worst… vital body parts started to sagg.

yeap! i would say … if you married a wrong joker, dump him early.

Hi juin Chin,
Thank you very much for your views I dont sanction or condone women who leave their husband for a richer man . I tried to write as it is without any bias. If it appears to be bias towards women , then I am sorry .

I did not know it appears to give that impression from my writings. If the women left for a richer man, it is too bad for that man.What can he do except to sue like that plumber and got 1 million in compensations.Other places may not be that lucky because there may not have that kind of law in place.

We cannot judge that women who jumped ship. She has her reasons. So I am just stating a fact only.I hope I clarified this point.

Yeah! Marriage is not a bed of roses and you need to work at it and compromise your ideals.
If that women is underserving ,and you forgive her, then that is real forgiveness…it comes from the bottom of the heart. Who does not make mistakes ???

If you are a Christian, you cannot ask for God’s forgiveness if you dont forgive others whether they deserve or dont deserve it..Everyday, I pray for God’s forgiveness for my sins and forgive others who trespass on me….I forgive everyone no matter what…

i just chanced on your blog via pps, my 2 cents. I feel what you have written is biased towards woman and do not take into account of how a man would feel when their wife leaves them. You seem to imply that it is OK when a woman leaves a man if he is poor. Imagine being a poor man but one who loves his wife dearly comes back from work one day and found a note on the table saying that she is tired of being poor and has found a richer man therefore decides to leave. How should or would the poorman feel? Being alone is bad but when you are dumped because she found someone richer – can you imaginethe kind of hurt he would feel? Not to mention the upheaval this would bring to family life if they have children.

I believe in the fact that both man and woman would have to put in a lot of sweat and effort on making the marriage work, its not going to be easy but who says marriage is easy. Love is the easy part making it work is the hard part. It takes a bigger woman to realise that money is not everything and that you would have to work for everything that you own. i would also agree with you that a man should have a big heart and have boundless capacity for forgiveness but I would qualify that statement in that it should only apply to a woman who deserves it.

Anybody believes in marriage vows nowadays? in sickness and in health and all that ….


I disagree a bit. Most women (most) don’t leave for lack of money, but lack of security. They don’t leave for lack of love, but lack of communication.

And finally, what she does is not just her fault and it is not just his fault. When you enter into marriage you cleave together and your decision come from the combination that is both of you.

I certainly do not want to argue, and I am guessing that you are not speaking directly about your relationship. If you think that I am out of line, please delete my comment.

If you are wondering who the heck I am, just stop by http://www.charliearcario.com.

I have included a link to the part of my site where I have written about wives and husbands. Please stop by….


if you don’t have time to read all of it…try to get to these…





Laura1318: Ok I take note of your slight disagreement and will not play with words. Pardon my English ,I may not express my thoughts very well and you have put it across succinctly.Thank you . I will go over and read your postings when time permits.

No! This is just a story and not based on any real story.

Well written! I couldnt agree more.

Laura1318: Thank you .

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