Finding Your Mr.Right .

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There are so many men in your world but finding your Mr. Right is like a mission impossible. You are looking for a Tom Cruise look alike and your target is sky high.It is no wonder you failed in your missions.

There are many men in this world  but all the men  do not seem to measure up to your standards. You are looking for a perfect Mr. Right and your lofty ideals about your Mr.Right will ensure that you will never find such a man  on this planet.

Are you perfect? If you choose men , men will also choose you.If you like a man , the man may like another woman.

Even if there is such a man , you would not be the first to claim him for there are more beautiful ,sexy, talented and successful women before you.

Do not go looking hard for a man, for a desperate or needy woman is a fear factor for those timid men. If you are overtly perfect in body and career, you can be intimidating to even the strongest alpha men. Only those gold diggers  or pet poodles or toyboys who would be interested in you.

If a man is not ready for commitment or in the market for a wife, he will just want to enjoy your friendship and no more. Just be friends and let nature takes its course.Dont judge a book by its cover. The men may not look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise but they have a good and big heart.

 If you are meant for each other , then he is your Mr. Right.Sometimes, love can bloom after a few months or weeks .Your Mr.Right is so near ,yet you looked so far .

A woman will have to put the bait  to entice  the men to enter her trap. Once he takes a bite on the cherry, he will be caught and he will not know what hit him and will never find the way out of her trap..LOL!

If you want a man , you should not set any pre conditions. You will only draw boundaries and box yourself into a small tight corner and leave out alot of good men out of your life.

You want to find a gentleman who is kind , gentle and understanding. Who would complement you, share in your interest ,make you happy and carefree and be in love.If you are financially strong,why do you want to look for a better or more successful man?You should look out for the good qualities in a man instead.

Why do you want to get married? What are you looking for in a marriage? You need to think seriously about it.

 You want to get married because you want somebody to love and appreciate you . Someone who could share every moments of your life with you and to start a family.

Or you want to get married because , your biological clock is ticking and you want to be richer by marrying a richer man.All your money is not enough and you want to buy half the world or all of it if you can..LOL!

All men are like black coal until they metamorphosis into rough diamonds and they need a women’s touch and love to polished those rough edges to become a shining gem.

Then you need to guard it well or another black raven would come and steal your jewels away..LOL!

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4 Responses to “Finding Your Mr.Right .”

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Wow – I’m impressed Laura. If ever I need an apprentice… the job is yours.

Laura1318; Thanks for the compliments!

[…] Finding Your Mr.Right . […]

Mr. Right are plenty, but they are right for that few hours or few months saja. so for perfect love. you may have to constantly tukar Mr. Right.

Laura1318 :That is a very witty answer. LOL! Sure looks that way..
saja = only

sometimes we cant be rush to find our Mr. Right…time may come.

Laura1318: It is fated and you marry when the time comes or you are consigned to the nunnery or convent.

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