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From Russia With Love .

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Beware the spy that comes from the cold. He is not human but a cyborg whose flirting skill is honed to perfections. If he ever finds you, you are a gonna. You will be sucked into his labyrinth and will never come out without losing everything to him.

The Russian hackers have invented a flirting robot and send them to dating websites. Beware for he can extract your personal details and passwords.

He is known as the ‘Cyber Lover’, a piece of software who can masquerades as a man or woman seeking love online.

The robot will lure you into a false sense of security and tricked you to give your address and date of birth. They can then get your other personal details and password from the bank or hack into the registrar of those social net working sites to get your other information’s.

Never trust any one in the internet nor in the real world. Never give your address or your date of birth or any of your personal particulars online to anyone.

 If anything happens, and your bank is cleaned out, you have only got yourself to blame for being stupid and a big fool.


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Lust,Caution Virus On The Prowl !

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 Ang Lee’s steamy “Lust, Caution” has become a massive hit in China, and the award-winning film is also helping spread online computer viruses, according to state media.

Hackers make use of popular websites to plant their viruses and Trojan horses . It is not safe to download anything from the internet unless you have a very good anti virus programs which can detect them.


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