Want Your Partner To Have Bigger Boobs?

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How many men out there are satisfied with the size of their partner’s boobs? Most men would say that they are satisfied with their partners’ size but inwardly they wished she has bigger boobs.

If he ever dares to venture out to say what is on his mind to his partner, he would have the door closed in his face. He can report for monk duty in the nearest temple. LOL!

The men may not directly tell them but his fascinations with big boobs may make her feel inadequate and she may want a boob job just to please him. Such a women have a low self esteemed.

Most women are not satisfied with the shape and size of their boobs. They worry about their boobs sagging, their big butts or elephant thighs and what will their men think of it.

No men worth his salt should ask her to go for a bigger boob.. You married her for love and not just for her boobs. There are some men who placed too much importance on the boob and may not marry her because she is airport.

Many girls are going for cosmetic surgery to have a more beautiful face or body.. It is certainly not the same you after the successful operation. Those who have done it have no regrets. It is money worth spending if you can afford it.

Do not go to those beauty saloons where they have questionable doctors and do the operations in hotels or other places except the hospital or clinics.

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