Bible Studies.

For Non Muslims only .

Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation
Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,
    but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.Proverbs 21:5
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Encouragement for Today
Is there a more practical verse than this concerning how to go about your work? Good planning means seeking the knowledge you need from wise advisers who’ve been where you want to be, whether that’s through formal education or training from a mentor. Learning how to “work smart” is good, but beware of hasty shortcuts. If it seems like you’re cutting corners, you probably are. Do things the right way and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

from today’

 Laura speaks;

There are no shortcuts in life. We need to go step by step to reach the target. Everything is planned and decided by God. When and where you will be , time will tell.  There is no need to hurry . Just enjoy the journey  in life, take each day as it comes.

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18 Responses to “Bible Studies.”

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I’ve heard that there are about 630 commands in the Bible. Could you send me the scripture verses for these.

There must be a list of them somewhere. Maybe Bible Colleges would know? ? ?

I might die soon, for I am old, and I would really like to be prepared in fulfilling those commands. tnx. Gus

Hi Laura,

I enjoy your blog very much. Would you believe that football is in the bible? I know… football is a guy thing, but what if God inspired football to be created as an objective lesson for men and women. Just a thought.

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Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation

Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich.
Be wise enough to know when to quit.
In the blink of an eye wealth disappears,
for it will sprout wings
and fly away like an eagle.

Proverbs 23:4–5
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Encouragement for Today

How straightforward these verses are! How true, too—riches can take wing so quickly. Taxes can eat away at the nest egg, or an unexpected repair or medical bill can demolish your savings. So what’s the answer? The issue here seems to be restraint. If you trust in God to take care of your needs, you can find balance. You can take time to rest, to recreate. Work hard, but don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Work hard, but know when to quit and to trust the ultimate source of your provision—God.


Laura1318’s comments;-

Some people can work hard 24/7 but they will never get rich.Some people work only a few hours a day but can get rich quick. Where is the justice? Everyone has their own callings. You may not be as blessed as others . If you work very hard and still cannot be rich , then why work so hard? There is something not right . You are not born with a silver spoon in the mouth or you are spending more than you earn.If you want to be rich , you will have to be a stingy miser and save and save every penny. What then is the meaning of life ,if you act like that ?

Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation

Don’t agree to guarantee another person’s debt
or put up security for someone else.
If you can’t pay it,
even your bed will be snatched from under you.

Proverbs 22:26–27
view in context

Encouragement for Today

What could be clearer: Don’t cosign on another person’s note! We’re not to be so “nice” as to be foolish. These verses suggest it’s wise to avoid getting mixed up in other people’s debts. However, these verses don’t warn against helping a person in need if you have the ability to do so. Don’t cosign their loan, but perhaps you could purchase that car for them (if you have the money) and offer an interest-free loan. If you have friends or family members who want you to help them financially, take heed of these verses—but don’t be stingy.



Laura1318 views.

Agree 100 %. Don’t be foolish to undertake somebody’s debts. Just say a flat ‘NO!’ and saved you lots of troubles.Learn to say NO! NO! NO! It is your money for you will have to pay in the future when anything happens to them.

Better be wise than sorry.

Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation

Don’t befriend angry people
or associate with hot-tempered people,
or you will learn to be like them
and endanger your soul.

Proverbs 22:24–25
view in context

Encouragement for Today

These verses give permission to avoid close relationships with angry or “toxic” people. You may not be able to avoid them altogether—they may be members of your family. However, you can avoid getting too close. You can avoid constant association with them. You can be pleasant and kind, but keep your distance. These verses imply that angry people are actually dangerous to your soul. They’ll bring you down to their level, every time. You become like those you associate with regularly.


Laura1318’s comment.

If you are a weak Christian , then this would hold true, but as a Christian we should be strong and be able to spread our Christ likeness and through our love, we maybe able to touched and changed them. We need to try and not simply ignored them. We can become conduit for God’s love ..If a man is drowning, we must try to save them and not just stand by the edge of the water and see them drown. We cannot just say a prayer for them and then do nothing.

Ahh!!… Why didn’t you say so from the beginning! Oh! I am so much happier now. OK, I will see to it that I cry out to Jesus when the time comes.

Tell me, Laura, there are about 6.5 billions of us in the world right now. And the number is increasing very fast too. Assuming that half of them will go to heaven in the end, do you think God should start thinking about expanding the size of heaven and hell? Otherwise, heaven will become crowded like New York— not entirely a pleasant place to be, huh?

Laura1318: I am glad that you are happy now.Even if you have 1 last minute before you give up your life, you can still yell out to Jesus to save you …The smallest particle is an atom…..Ok imagine Earth is just an atom in God’s land…… so there is no problem about the lack of space in Heaven. Do you know how big is a galaxy? How many galaxy’s are out there?
That is not my problem… Just leave it to God..

You can accept Jesus whenever you are ready. When the fruit is ripe , it will fall ..When your time is up , you will come to God. Everything has it’s time.

So what’s gonna happen to those cannibals? Where are they going to when they die? I guess Jesus can’t claim them either, can He? Surely they can automatically become God’s sheep?

Laura1318: Those cannibals are stateless people….if they apply to go to Heaven and accept Jesus, then God will take them in … The devil may take their souls but if they cried out to Jesus, Jesus will take them away from the devil because Jesus is stronger than the devil.

Jesus can only claim them if they call upon Jesus and believed in Him.
There is no automatic system in Heaven..LOL! Jesus can go down to visit Hell and those who repent and accept Jesus will be saved.
Jesus is the advocate and God is the Highest Judge .The devil still has to obey God.

Oops!… I meant that last line to be “Doesn’t sound like God is a very fair BEING to me”

Am I cursed with the burden of having to worship God because I am born into a civilised world? Are you saying that if I were to have been born into the cannibal tribe in the deep jungle, then I am not compelled to find God?

You are saying all those good deeds mean nothing?… Zilch? Which one is the priority, finding and accepting God; or all those good deeds which so many Christians do not practise?

Let’s have a hypothetical scenario. Two persons living in a civilised world. One is a Christian who believes in God and accepts Him and pray to Him. But he does not perform the good deeds that He demands. Another is a person who does good deeds throughout his life. But he just doesn’t believe in God. You are saying God will take the Christian into His kingdom, and not the kind-hearted guy? Doesn’t sound like God is a very fair person to me.

Laura1318: If you do not know what is a sin, you are not guilty of that sin. But if you know the fact that it is a sin but you still do it , then you have sinned in God’s eyes. In the present times, if you dont know you broke the law, you are still charged in court .Ignorance is no excuse.

God dont curse anyone to worship Him. He cannot overide your thinking. If you dont believe in HIm , He cannot do anything. You dont have to believe me or God or Christianity. There are many places in this world who have never heard of Jesus or Christianity.

As a Christian , we believed in the 2nd coming of Christ…When He will come we dont know. Thats why the Pentecostal Christians are evangelizing the good news to everyone before He comes , so that many will be saved. The harvest is great but the workers are few.

Even cannibals too have their own Gods and may never have heard of Jesus. If no one comes to tell you about Jesus, How would you know there is a Jesus..LOL!

Jesus said,” I know my sheep and my sheep hears my voice.” If we believe in Jesus as the son of God, Jesus is our shepard. Jesus can only take care of His own sheeps. He cannot accept a sheep which does not belong to Him even though he is a good and perfect sheep..while some of Jesus sheep may be tainted or not perfect.

It belongs to some other owner.That is stealing another’s sheep. God cannot do that. If you want Jesus to be your shepard, you need to call upon Him .The way to God and Heaven is only through Jesus… If you dont want to accept Jesus… ,you go in by the back door, then you become an illegal in Heaven..LOL!

If Jesus take the good guy to Heaven and the owner maybe the devil and the devil may sue Jesus for kidnapping or stealing his goat…LOL! So the good guy must declare that he does not belong to the devil and then sign a declaration that he now belongs to Jesus..Then the devil got no case against Jesus. On this Earth either your soul belong to God or the devil…….when you die.Some souls would be lost to the devils…. collateral damaged.

Doing good deeds will get more rewards in Heaven. But to enter the Christian Heaven , you need to accept Jesus Christ as your savior or no way you can enter that promise land.If you think it is unfair, I cannot do much about it because this is God’s way and I think I have to disagree with you on this point.

Another example, if an Englishman wants to come to stay in Malaysia and become it’s citizen , he will have to apply for citizenship to become a naturalized citizen of Malaysia. He will need to sign a declaration of oath , that he will abide by all the laws in this country and to respect and swear his loyalty to the Agong as the head of state.Whether he does good deeds or not, it is immaterial…Dooing good deeds means you will be rewarded more in Heaven.If a Christian don’t do good deeds, then he is the lowest rank angel up there…LOL!

God will only allow His sheeps and not goats to enter Heaven…..One day you will understand. Christianity is not the same as other religions. Other religions may tell you , the good guy can go to Heaven .This is a free country, you can believe anything you want. I have chosen mine.

Thank you, Laura, for your understanding and patience in responding to my comments.

Your views on God’s actions make sense—indeed times have changed. I suppose circumstances were very different eons ago. In fact, it is a very good excuse to support unbecoming behaviors.

But I see God as above everything else. He is for eternity—He is independent of time. There is no such thing as his actions being governed by the circumstances of “those eras”.

God is supposed to be perfect in every sense of the word. He knows everything; He sees everything. He apparently “arranged” for Jesus to walk the land and foretold the event long before it occurred. He was very specific up to the very last details—including the number of times the rooster crowed.

During the times of the barbaric tribes, when wars and killings were rampant, I suppose “cruelty” was the order of the day. But surely God can’t be compared with one of those tribes?

We can’t compare God with the Emperors of China either—not unless if we treat God as the same level with those emperors who had no perfect knowledge of everything.

God of all beings should refrain from indulging in all those cruelties—those same cruelties which he demands us not to do.

Tell me, Laura, what do you think of this situation? Of course as you’ve said “Only those who come like little children and have faith in Him will enter (His kingdom)”

If there is a kind-hearted man who always go out of his way to help others in need. He gives away his richness to help the poor. He asks for little. Out of his own accord, he does all those things damanded by God in the Bible. BUT! he doesn’t believe in God. Do you think it is fair if he ends up in hell when he dies, since he has failed to “give himself to God”?

Laura1318: Thank you . You are a very intelligent and rational man and want to find the truth. I am only a man and not God and not eloquent enough because I am just a simple person .The world’s wisdom cannot be compared to God’s wisdom.God’s wisdom is infinite and He can see what happens tomorrow. He knows what you will do and say even before you were born.

First , you need to understand how God works. God does not force anyone to believe in Him and he gave man a brain to think .That is why man is higher in intelligence than animals who live on instincts. An animal born straightaway can walk and soon run after birth . The animal need not have to be taught about life. A man takes a longer time to learn .

The power to believe lies in man. God does not break His own laws. You are the owner of your body or temple as the Christian’s perspective or in the spiritual world . Your body is your spiritual house but there is no God’s Spirit or the Holy Spirit. It is an empty house and the devil comes in to stay because you did not allow Jesus to come into your house.

Jesus is waiting by the door and he cannot force entry into your house like the devil. You need to invite Him into your house.That is why ,you need to call upon the name of Jesus Christ, believed He is the son of God and confessed your sins and you will have salvation. This is the only way.If you believed there is another heaven , and dont have to go by this way , you are entittled to your belief. Right or wrong, this is what you decide

The Christian believed a man is made up of 3 parts ,the soul , spirit and the body or like the car battery (body) , the acid (soul) and the electricity (spirit). You have the body and your soul but you do not have the Spirit because you need Jesus to come into you .Thats why you are not born of the Spirit and cannot see what the Spirit see’s.When you die, your body returns back to Earth , but your soul will be a tug of war between the devil and God. When you were born , God gave man a soul but because of sin , man turned away from God.The devil was formerly an archangel but thought he could become God and there was a big war in Heaven .
Lucifer lose and was banished from Heaven.

Hell is just a temporary place for when we all stand before God in the final judgement ,Hell will be no more . Those whose name is in the Book Of Life will enter heaven. Those whose names are not found will be cast into a lake of fire and die many times..
Not every Christian are saved. Only those whose names are in the Book of life.

As to your question of that good man. You will have to see from two perspectives. If he lives in a remote land where they have never heard of Jesus or Christianity . He will not be send to Hell or the lake of fire and neither will he enter Heaven. He will be send to a place where he will know God and be given the chance to accept or reject Him.

If he knows Jesus and God but does not want to accept Jesus. He will not enter Heaven..Your good deeds do not grant you an automatic entry into Heaven. It is easier for a camel to enter the hole of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven.

In the Bible , there was a story about the son’s of Sceva who tried to cast out the devils but the devils asked them who they were? The devil knew Jesus but they don’t know the sons of Sceva. The son’s of Sceva thought by using the name of Jesus , they could also cast out those devils.

If someone comes to you and say he did everything your son did and say he is your son and want to claim your inheritance but will not call you dad or papa or recognize you as an adopted father even though you can accept him? Will you accept him as your son?You would tell him to get lost..LOL!Same here. God ‘s promises are for those who believed in Him and do as He says.

To be saved, God stated clearly in the Bible, you must called upon the name of Jesus and believed He is the son of God and confess your sins…That is all you have to do..Asked and you shall be forgiven.

Is it very difficult to do that? God is very fair to every man. The poor can go to Heaven.
Would you say that that rich man did not sin ? God hates sin .If any man cannot confess his sins (he has pride), he has no place in Heaven even if he gave away his millions for charity.
I hope it answers your question.

Even if there is no God’s laws, there is the unseen and invisible law of the universe.Where there is no God’s law, the law of the land applies. You dont go into the lion’s den to pull the lion’s whiskers…LOL! There is no law about that but no one is so stupid to go and feed the lions .

This is only my own belief and understandings and not the official Christian answer as I am just an ordinary Christian only.You can reject or accept but it will not change my beliefs.

When there are flaws or ambiguities in the statutes, the lawyers will rule the day. It will then depend on their interpretations of those statutes; and whoever is better with their arguments shall come out on top. Sometimes—although rarely—the interested parties might investigate the intention of the statutes, and then hopefully will be able to arrive at a more decent decision.

The Bible contains many ambiguities; hence it is open to many different interpretations. When it is stated in the Bible that Jesus fed 5,000 people with a few loaves of bread and a few fish (and had plenty more to spare), are we supposed to take that in the literal sense? Are we supposed to shut down our brains and say “Oh! Jesus can do anything!”.

Or should we interpret that story to symbolically mean that if we humans are prepared to share between each other, we have more than enough to eat.

I have heard some Christians quoting the Bible and said Jesus IS God—that they are one and the same. Others say Jesus is the SON of God—that God sent his own son to save us all. Because of the many different interpretations of the Bible, we now have different churches who all claim that they’re Chirstians; and they all refer to the scriptures found in the Bible. Yet surely they can’t all be correct?

Working backwards on the many generations and family-trees mentioned in the Bible, it has been roughly estimated that our earth is about 6,000 to 10,000 years old. Even if we were to allow a 100% margin of error, earth is only about 20,000 years old.

Yet, we have scientific evidence by sophisticated dating system, apart from studying fossilized dinosaur bones, to show that earth is no less than 4 billion years old.

And yet we are expected to throw away all those tangible evidence and trust the contents of the Bible strictly on the strength of faith.

That’s why I really envy those who have the faith to believe. They are able to somehow throw away what’s glaringly obvious for something that’s suspiciously doubtful.

Thank you for still accepting me as a friend. I have a direct approach in sharing my opinions. But I respect your opinions too.

Laura1318: Thank you for your respect. The feelings is mutual. You may hold dearly to your canons of life. That is Ok with me. Many Christians before they accepted God were very anti Christian like Paul the apostle who persecuted those Christians .

I was once very anti Christian too and I always questioned those Christians who tried to convert me,because I did not understand the beauty of those Christian teachings and beliefs. Everything will take it’s time.

There are many interpretations in every religion.This is a fact and I agree. The Christian God is a Trinity , God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. You can argue everything and anything in the Bible.

The wise will not enter the kingdom of God because they questioned everything and do not believed there is a God. Only those who come like little children and have faith in Him will enter. Faith is believing what you have not seen. It is a matter of do you believe or not.If you dont believe, I can tell you 1001 reasons why I believed but it will not change anything.

We can argue till the cows come home and nothing will change . We cannot change another person, only God can. If you think religion or Christianity in particular is unsuitable for you because of all those inconsistencies according to you ,it is your right.God gives us a brain to think and He did not force anyone to believe or accept Him.

About your perceptions of God being cruel, I think we cannot judge another civilization with our 21st century mind. In those old Biblical times, there were many tribes and they were always at war with each other and there were alot of killings. That was the way life back then. What you think is cruel now may not be in that civilization.

Remember the Chinese emperor in the olden times , when you become an enemy of the state, all your relatives will have to die too.If you want to kill the grass, you must pull out all the roots and not leave one behind or it will grow more.. This is barbaric but thats the way things were done in that era.

Do you accept your grandparents way of life and thought ?Will your children and grandchildren accept the same values you hold dearly about life. Today , the younger generations dont have the same values as their parents,parents are too old fashioned and outdated.LOL!

According to my understandings, God asked His people to destroy everything found in that land because he did not want them to follow their pagan customs. God knew His people but His people did not listen to Him and kept those women for themselves.They followed their pagan Gods and did not worship the real God.Thus incurring God’s wrath.

Even as I exchange opinions with you , there are other Christians who may not accept my views. That is why , religion is about you and your God only. If you are wrong , God will correct you .
I was a Buddhist before and I prayed to all those Taoist Gods. When I accepted Jesus, I did not give up my old ways. I prayed to all Gods , but later, I found the true God and let go off those lesser Gods.Nobody told me to give them up, it was my own conviction and God’s touch in my life which changed me.

If you have God, you will have faith and hope. Those who dont have God have no hope and faith .It is faith and hope that sustain you in times of troubles. Those without God will give up their life easily. They have nothing to live for.

A person may think he is intelligent and see from all angles or perspective of a problem. Unless, he becomes a Christian and born of the Spirit , he will not be able to understand and see from the spiritual angle no matter if he is a professional or have high IQ.

When I was a non Christian , I see with my non Christian eyes. When I became a Christian , I see it from my Christian eyes.(spiritual perspective) There are many problems in our daily life which I can solve and understand and even though strong winds buffet me , I am still happy because I have faith and believe in my God.The Christian way is not of this world.Can you easily forgive a person who does your wrong? .Can you replace hate with love? It is very difficult unless you know God .

When there are good times, people dont need God.Only when the bombs start falling down and everyone runs for those fox holes to hide , will they call out to God.

The thing about religion—any of them, it that one must believe and have faith FIRST, and then ask question later.

The Bible contains a lot of inconsistencies—it is supposed to contain the words of God. It tells us about a loving and almighty God, but whose love is conditional— we MUST love him back. If we choose not to love God, then we are not welcomed into Heaven. It is said that God lets us have free will, so He lets us go to hell. Do we really have free will? What if, say, I choose not to worship God, and yet I want to go to Heaven?

Th Bible has shown us how God is liable to lose his temper and killed everyone in the great flood, except for Noah and his immediate family members. Perhaps He was justified in killing all those sinful people. But one has to seriously doubt His action in killing all the babies and unborn infants during the flood. What sin did they commit? But we are not to question His acts; we are supposed to put our trust in Him unconditionally—that He knows best!

How am I to put my trust in a being who put two people in the Garden of Eden and denied them knowledge? He knew very well that these poor fellas were going to fail the “test”, yet he went along with the test anyway. When Adam and Eve were seduced by the serpent, they were banished from Eden, and then mankind was condemned with original sin for eternity. Why am I to suffer the burden of sin committed by my ancestors which I had no role in committing?

Why should I want to be born again into the presence of cruelty.

It is not enough for God to preach all those good qualities in the Bible. He must practise it himself too.

Laura1318:All those who called upon the name of Jesus and believed He is the son of God and confess their sins before Him will be saved.Thats what you have to do to be saved.Whether you loved God is another issue. If you are saved, would you love that person who give you life?Loving God is not conditional for being saved.I dont know where you got that idea.Jesus is the way and the truth.You cannot go to God without going through Jesus..We always pray, ‘In Jesus name….’I am afraid this is the only way according to the right Christian way.This is what I believed.

God is like our parent and we are his children and if we say we dont love our parents, because we dont agree with our parents thoughts and actions .Is that logical?Can you go back and stay with your parents when you dont respect them and break the family laws.Every family has laws, so does Heaven.If you want to enter Heaven , you have to satisfy the conditions.

I agree with your views about God’s actions in the Old Testaments.I too have those thoughts but you must understand that it happened many eons ago.Who can read God’s mind?I do not question why God did as told in the Bible.There are things we dont understand and you have a right to question God or dont believe in Him.The choice is yours and you bear the consequences .No matter what you believed , I will still accept you as a friend and will not judge you

Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation

Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life.

John 3:6
view in context

Encouragement for Today

It’s good to be reminded occasionally that we human beings cannot attain Heaven, or even understand spiritual things, on our own. They must be revealed, and revealed by the Son of God, at that. Jesus himself came down from heaven to explain spiritual things. The rebirth that’s required to enter this spiritual realm is unattainable through human effort. This tenet sets Christianity apart from all other religions. Those who fully embrace it are born again into a whole new dimension of existence—eternal life.


Laura speaks:

Unless a man is born again of the Spirit , he will not understand what the Spirit says. Those who are not Christians do not fully understand what goes on in a Christian mind. Just as those non Christians cannot understand the words of the Bible.It is the Spirit which reveal to us ..a born again Christian.

Ephesians 1:18 ( New International Version )

18 . I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints.

Laura’s comments;

Paul prays for the Ephesian believers.He prayed to God for wisdom for those Ephesian believers ,so that they will be able to understand who is Jesus, the son of God and what He has done for all his people. God’s power is great and those who believe in him will enjoy His riches and have eternal life.

1 Peter 5:8-9

8Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

9Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

Laura’s comments ;

Have you seen videos of how those female lions attack their prey? The female lions hunt for food while the male lion eats first.

Those lioness will watch for those weak , sick or those straggling preys who are alone .

During times when you are down or sick like those animals ,Satan like those lioness will attack you first…be strong and stand firm in God. He is our protector.Resist and he will flee from you.

All negative comments are from the devil,pray in tongues if those negative comments seem to be coming into your head non stop.Or ,if you cannot pray in tongues , just praise God and repeat till those negative comments stopped.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.”- Ephesians 2:8-9

We are all saved by the grace of God. .No one can be saved by any other way .Not by obeying all those laws for no one can obey all those laws . If you break one law , you break all.

The law was given to show that you have sinned .That was the only purpose . If any Christians comes to you and say you must do this or do that inorder to be saved , then he is not teaching the right way.

It is a free gift from God and that is what God said. You may think it is unfair but that is how God works. Remember the parable of those workers in the vineyards who came at different hours but were also paid one deniree. Those who came first felt it was unfair .It was agreed upon and so they should not complain .

Dont be unnecessarily yoked by your leaders who imposed their own brand of Christianity or laws.Christianity is a religion of hope , faith , love and compassions.Know the truth and it will set you free..

Today’s Verse from the New Living Translation

A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.

Matthew 7:17–20
view in context

Encouragement for Today

Apple trees aren’t known for producing oranges. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus took this truth and turned it into a challenging teaching on faith and life. Just as trees are known by the fruit they produce, a person can be identified by the way they live their life. What kind of fruit does your life produce? Does your life exhibit the fruit of the Spirit? What about love of God and love for others? All of us need to do a better job of displaying the kind of fruit God desires. By the gracious presence of the Spirit in our lives, we can live a life that produces such fruit.

Laura speaks:-

All religion is about living the good life and doing good to others.In the Christian religion , a person is judged by their way of life or their fruits. Having love and compassion for others and exhibiting Christ like qualities.

There is no point if you just quote scriptures to others , especially to non Christians.It is like pouring water into sand as they will not be able to understand and they are not born of the spirit. To know Christ is to be born again in the spiritual world.

If you are studying for a theological course, then quoting scriptures is OK but in the real world, your actions speaks louder than your words. Through a person’s actions , we will know if he has the fruits of godliness.A person who knows all the scriptures but have no love for others is like a an empty ‘gong’ or like a parrot who knows how to talk the human language but does not understand.
You are judged by your actions and not by the amount of scriptures you filled up in your head.

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