Is It Natural For The Modern Women To Marry Late?

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It is not a matter of whether it is natural or not but women who don’t marry earlier are just rationalizing and justifying their unmarried status. They have chosen the career path instead of the marriage career.

They have found success in their careers but at a tremendous personal cost to their marriage prospects. You begin to wonder what is life all about. Do you live to work all your life like a slave or do you enjoy the single life? If you are neither, then it is time to get off the jet plane and drive leisurely.

You may make plenty of money or gained fame but what good are all those things when you cannot find true love, have children or a nice and warmth family. Is living all about making tons of money or an ATM machine?

In the beginning, girls were married off when they were still children below the age of 12. As time progresses, and society evolved, the age began to rise to 15, 16, 17 and 18. Then came the 20’s in the last century and in the present century 35.The magical cut off line for marrying or you will miss the last merry boat to La La Land!

Those women who married early did not elect to go to the university and instead have got a Mrs. Degree. They married some professionals and got instant degrees. LOL! These women who are in their 20’s and in the most fertile period began to breed like rabbits .They became full time mothers and register for the survival course in wife and motherhood degrees in the University of Hard Knocks . This degree has no monetary value but it is very essential that they pass this course or they could end up in the funny farm .

Those women who are still single and still looking have Japan’s Princess Sayako , the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko as their patron . She is still single. She said,’ it is a natural trend in a sense, given women’s way of life is diversifying. She has everything in the world except a husband.

Is it because of modernization and that women prefer to find their own mates instead of the old fashion matchmaking? Many women have resorted to the modern day matchmaking to find their partners. It is their last attempt before they become glazed and adorn those shelves.

It is lucky you are not a Japanese women for their men are married to their jobs and do not have much time for their wives. Many Japanese women are either marrying late or prefer to be singles. The Japanese culture and their work ethics are killing romance and love in the marriage.

It is not natural to marry late for when you are in your 30’s, your fertility drops and it is difficult and more risky to get pregnant. Women are most fertile in the 20’s. If you want to have higher chances of having babies, then marrying in your 20’s would be more ideal and natural. You are more nubile and have the strength to be mothers rather than in your 30’s when your body may groan under the strain of motherhood.

Women marry late not of their intent but because they have a different priority. Some chose careers while others chose marriage.


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