Only 18… but I’ve slept with 50 men !

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If your 18 years old daughter comes and confess to you with this statement , would you be shocked and indignant ?

CHERYL TUNNEY’S confessed not to her parents but openly on T.V and announced it to the whole world that she slept with 50 men in two years!!!!

She send another after shock wave when she said she would marry her fiance who is twice her age and is old enough to be her dad!

What happened to morality?

Today, girls are losing their virginity at an early age and are engaging in sex as early as 12 or 13 in the West.Their parents knowing or unknowingly are closing an eye over their daughter’s activities.

Generally ,most of these wayward girls come from broken homes or single parents or dysfunctional families where the parents are so busy working and leaving their young to their own devices.Some of these teenagers may have been starved of love or attentions and they seek it from strangers who professed their nascent love in exchange for sex.

Some are trawling in the internet for no strings attached sex or meet their prospective partners in the chat rooms or those social networking sites .

Some of those girls do not have any sex educations or limited knowledge about sex and are exposed to STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases.) or get pregnant and subsequently having a few abortions in their sexual history.

They probably think it is the in thing to sleep around and do not think that they can get pregnant or fear the consequences until they are face to face with the reality of the situations.

Their bodies may have developed into a fully grown physical woman but their mental and emotional state is still under developed. They run the risk of going through all those gamut of emotional roller coasters when they get pregnant and they are just too young to handle all those feelings of love and sex at such a young and immature age.

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By Claie Wilson

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3 Responses to “Only 18… but I’ve slept with 50 men !”

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i had sex when i was 12 so what sex is sex the only thing wrong about sex is not having it .so fuck as much ass you can it feels great and i have fucked 200 woman and i only have two kids with two girls

The same can be said about the boys. Even more actually, looking at the statistics. Tweens and young teens having sex, teen stds and teen pregnancies are in fact a problem, but they were much regards both sexes.

If they have parents then blame it on their parents otherwise blame it on their living environment.

Laura1318:- The blame game will not solve the problem.It is an exercise in futility.Sometimes it is difficult to control recalcitrant children.

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