FWB – Friends With Benefits .

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A FWB is not easy to find. You will need to feel each other out and have the right kind of chemistry and needs. A FWB is like a marriage minus all the legal matters and the obligations of a marriage partner. It is sex with no strings attached and no falling in love and relationship complications. They are just only friends and having mutual needs.


Can such a relationship exist or survive? Can you just have sex between friends and not feel anything about it? A man maybe able to compartmentalized the issue of sex and relationship but will a woman do the same or capable like a man?


It is just like visiting a hooker and not feeling anything or has any feelings for the hooker. But can he have the same feelings with a friend who he had sex with? Will the friendship or relationship suffer? You can be great friends, but when you have sex come into the equations, your relationship is no more the same.


There are people who look for mutually beneficial relationships which can lead to sex

They could be weekend lovers or weekend husbands and wives. They cannot marry each other because of some reasons but they could meet and satisfy each other’s wants and needs .Marriage is not an option for them  but they are satisfied in that kind of arrangements for the time being.


The final decision to be a FWB will be decided by the women who will call the shots. The men may let her know that he is ready, willing and able. Being together often will slowly lead up to that pathway. All the roads lead to Rome..LOL!  A man and woman cannot be attracted just by their personalities. Sex in the end is inevitable unless one of them do not enjoy the sex.


You need to be a good friend first and appreciate her before she can open up to you.

Some people can just be friends and nothing more. Can be friends but cannot be husbands and wives.(Chinese sayings,” Yau cheng mo yuen fun.”)
For a woman, there are two groups of friends, friends only or husband materials. You are either one or the other.


To have a FWB, there cannot be any emotional involvement, for then you cannot be FWB anymore but become lovers and it entails some form of commitments. A FWB is one who enjoys a good friendship and good sex and be happy and nothing more.


Sounds very simple and I wonder if the human beings can be animalistic in nature and not be bothered with the emotional and psychological aspects.


Huh! There maybe FWB but the moment you enter that sphere, you will fall deeper into her clutches. She will want more and more of your time and body. You will then have a rope thread through your nose like the buffalo..LOL!


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2 Responses to “FWB – Friends With Benefits .”

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i think it is very very diffcult for a woman to do that. but then again… both times i encountered ppl with such lifestyle… both are girls.

actually… animalistic and emotional is generally what makes people ‘human’ in the normal understanding of ‘human’. The rest of us are considered robots. 😛

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