You Are So Vain.

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Would you go under the knife to sculpture a more shapely and beautiful body in order to attract a man or to go forward in life ?

Yes! I think most girls would do that if it is free or affordable. Beauty can open many doors for her. We may not agree with it but in the real world , the beautiful can get what they want or move ahead of the pack .

Beauty is more favoured than brains for women. Even the smartest and brilliant women who are very talented still need to flaunt their beauties or physical assets or they would not feel complete as a woman.

Why do women has to go through this pain and sacrifice to make themselves beautiful ? For beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder.

Whether you go for the operations or not , will it have any effects on the man?

If a man has fallen for you, it will not matter if you think you do not have a perfect body shape. It is always the women who insisted on going under the knife.

They will compare with other well endowed women and do not want to lose out . These women are just miserable creatures who lack confidence and self esteem.

If a man is interested or love you , he can overlook your faults and his standards of beauty is different from yours. He may not look too much into the physical beauty but the beauty that comes from your inside.

What if you are interested in a man but see no response from him?

It may not have anything to do with you at all. Sometimes , he does not show interest in you because he is shy or fear being rejected by you. It is not because you are not beautiful enough  or have faults.

No doubt a man is moved by visuals but true love only begins when he gets to know your true person that is inside of you . He has an emotional side too and it is your personal touch which can make a lasting impact on him. It is what makes him fall in love with you.

Don’t have to waste your money or suffer the pains to look better because without real love, your union will not last.

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