Right of gays to marry.

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Marriage is a universal and acceptable concept of the union of a man and a woman.Why is this the only valid and conceptual interpretation acceptable of a marriage?

Who decides what is right or wrong ?Does the church or those religious authorities hold sway over all those who are not followers of their religion?

Many religions recognize this concept and frown upon or outlaw gay marriage between the same sex.

Even in Christianity , there are those who are against gay’s or gay marriages and there are those who thinks it is not against that religion. This has split the church in many parts of the world.

In many countries , it is against the law for gays to get married.Even in the most develop or first country like the USA, only three states allow and recognize gay marriages

On May 17, 2004 Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage. The other states that followed was Vermont and Iowa while California reverted back to banning gay marriages.

There are some states which recognized gay marriages from another state but does not allow gay marriages in their state.

Social progress through the ages have evolved into a different norm .Gay marriages are occurring more often and their basic rights are recognized by some of the governments in the world. It is discriminatory to ban them because of their sexual preferences.

Though as a Christian , I think they have a right to their way of life. God did not make me a judge nor the custodian of their souls. Who am I to tell them that they are wrong ? We cannot dictate to others what is right or wrong .To each his own.

Believe whatever you want for all of us are answerable to the Almighty God on judgment day.

Some Christian cannons propagated by the church was found to be wrong after 20 or 30 years down the road.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Priest Fight With Broom Sticks!

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Some of those broom sticks flew in the air. You are not witnessing a Harry Potter movie but a real life drama that erupted in Bethlehem’s Church of Nativity. The church where Jesus was born and administered jointly by Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic authorities. There went there to clean the church but instead a row erupted and they went for each other with broom sticks.

They were priest and leaders of the church. What a shame! They are just humans after all. What they taught about God and the Bible were all forgotten in the heat of that moment. The devil entered them.

The next time some priest say something, you will have to use your filters .They can say anything they like but only fools would listen. Just like those pastors who are anti gay. Just let them bark all they want. When it hit their family, they will say another thing. God is fair and He will teach those who are wrong .Leave it to God .


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The Golden Compass & Christianity.

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BOYCOTT The Golden Compass movie.

That is what the largest Catholic lay organisation in the US is urging Christians to do.

The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig , is an adaptation of the first novel from atheist author Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Another recent film which was embroiled in a controversy with the Christian world was The Da Vinci Code.

Today’s movies are mind boggling like The Lord of the Ring, Narnia, Transformers and those sci fi movies. They are only for entertainment but if anyone thinks they affect their religion. , then they should not watch them.

I have not watched that movie, but if you want to know what the film is all about , you can read it all here. The story is about a young girl (played by Dakota Blue Richards) who goes on a quest to save kidnapped children from a powerful secret organisation that is determined to sever their souls. Golden Compass

There are Christian groups who advocate not watching movies, T.V, DVD’s because they have elements of the devil or Satanic nature. Those who watch those movies maybe attacked by those unclean spirits.

Many Christians are assumed to have weak faith in the religion and the church must come out to tell them what they can do or cannot do. Those Christians just follow what their leaders tell them and do not question them. They assumed the leaders know everything and they are always right about God because they are a man of God. They have a right to believe what their church tells them.

By coming out to declare their views, the Church is helping the devils work. They are giving free publicities to the movie and more people will be curious and will go and watch. The church instead of asking people not to watch is indirectly asking more people to go and see the movie.

I have not seen those two films and it don’t bother me if the church says ‘boycott’ or whatever it’s views are on those two films. We all have to view the film to judge for ourselves. There are so many written materials, films, and movies in this world which are Satanic in nature.

If we start to brand everything Satanic and atheist, then our Christian message is nothing but don’t watch this, don’t watch that, don’t this and don’t that, boycott this, boycott that.

The church is bankrupt of ideas. They preach a message of don’t do this, don’t do that and nothing comes out but negative.Should not the church preached the positive things and point the way to Christ. Why concentrate on why you cannot do this and that? Is this not the sinful world? You cannot escape from this sinful world.Sin is everywhere around us.

Everything happens because God wills it. If it is of God, it is useless fighting against God; it will not go away just because the Church thinks so. If it is not of God, it will fade away.That is the golden rule.

Can the church be wrong? History has shown that the church sometimes does not follow God… There is no perfect man and on this thinking, no churches are perfect.

Calling for a ban on anything anti God or anti Christ is behaving like those extremist and intolerant faith.They should find some remotest place on Earth and closet themselves from civilization.

What about those non Christians and atheist groups calling for a ban on Catholics for their faith and religion? This is a free world. Christians don’t rule this world yet.

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The Tyranny Of Religion.

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A WOMAN who was sexually abused by seven Roman Catholic priests and had a baby by one of them received a US$500,000 (S$729,000) settlement from America’s largest archdiocese.

It looks like God’s power is not enough for these servants of God .They succumbed to the devils calling and did the unthinkable. They exploited their positions for their own ends and now the church had to pay for their indiscreet and indecent acts. The temptation of the devil was just too great.

They lied, committed fornications, adultery and abuse on a young girl. They should be instilling God’s values to the parishioners but instead are doing the complete opposite.

We should all be wise and not be blind just because a person is a priest or a pastor. Fore most, we must think of him as an ordinary person and are subjected to all kinds of temptations and greed just like us.

He may have a stronger will and that’s all. He is not God. Don’t simply put your trust on any priest or pastor. He could be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. There are pastors who kill or stole or commit all kinds of crimes. Pastors are also made from flesh and blood. And they don’t have an invincible body

Trust has to be gained. In reality, you can never trust anyone in this world because people will be people and they will take advantage of you when it suits them or when they have a higher objective and you become their sacrificial lamb.

When you know a man who fears God, you have found a true friend until then, just keep your thoughts to yourself.

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Doomsday Cults.

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Two dozen doomsday cult members are holed up in a cave to await the end of the world, which their leader says will come in spring. They are prepared to blow themselves up if the authorities come to evict them.

Self-declared prophet Pyotr Kuznetsov, who established his True Russian Orthodox Church after breaking away from the official church is the leader of this group but he is not with them in the cave.

It is very sad when Christians are mislead. They should read the Bible and not listen to every word that comes from any preacher or prophet. They need to test the prophets .Nobody knows about the second coming of Christ. If anyone predicts the day Christ will come is definitely not from the Bible.Or anyone knows when the world will end or when is doomsday are all false prophets.

Most of the 29 people holed up in the cave are women and there are 4 children. They believed only in their leader and no one else. Their minds are brainwashed and they cannot accept others view.

Religion is a very powerful tool to control and manipulate people.When people are for God, they will do anything, even die for their cause or for their leader.

These people are just like sheep’s and go where their master want them. They have been lead by false prophets who claimed that their messages come from God. Some of these leaders are almost like God.

They are like living under a spell and cannot think for themselves and what their leader said is the gospel truth.It is not easy to break that spirit which is controlling them … This is spiritual warfare.Any govt. actions will only hasten their death. Just leave them alone and pray for them …

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Died For Her Religious Beliefs..

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A follower of the Jehovah’s Witnesses , a Christian sect gave birth to a set of twins but died from excessive loss of blood for she refused a blood transfusion according to her religion..

According to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, those who have blood transfusion will be automatically branded as outcast. Being forced out or die but she chose death.

This is very sad day. I would value life more important than faith or religion. We have been sold with alot of stories of life after death and many have misplaced faith and die for nothing. Many do not question their leaders but just follow blindly like those religious cults.

She died because they believed that they should not eat blood or have a blood transfusion as blood is the essence of life.

Is not life more important than some religious belief? If your life could be saved by modern medicine, then it is God’s wish. If after that blood transfusion and you still die,then you can believe that it is not God’s will.

There was a pastor, who read from the old Testament which stated that the blood of the animals are the life force and they should not eat them. Instead , they should pour it into the ground.

Since that day , he would not eat chicken or meat if he see blood on them. I do not agree with him but since he was the pastor, there was nothing I could do about him. I ate the blood and I don’t feel any lesser as a Christian.

This is what I am fed up of following this religion when others tell you cannot eat this and that and you sin and cannot go to Heaven.

We don’t have to follow the dietary laws of the old Testament. If others want to follow, so be it.If they don’t want to eat anything except plain bread and water, that is their business.

There was a case of another pastor who told one of his congregations bitten by a poisonous snake ,not to go to the hospital but he prayed over him and asked him to trust God alone.

After one day , he got worse and was send to the hospital . If he did not go and died, would that pastor be accountable for his death?

These people have misplaced faith and tested God. Even Jesus was tested by Satan to jump from the tallest building but He did not?

How can these ordinary mortal beings be greater than Jesus? There are many other cases where people died because their pastor preached them the wrong faith.

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Why Some People View Christians As Hypocrites?

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There are hypocrites in every religion and among the people of the world .Mention other religions , the term hypocrite seldom crop up as much as when the word Christian or Christianity is mentioned. 

Why is Christianity associated with that word? Is it because Christianity is actively being evangelize more than other religions.It is being spread widely by its believers,recent converts who are on fire for God and are like some loose cannons.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

A hypocrite is a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess.

Just look around us, why non Christians are right in thinking that Christians are hypocrites. They see their Christian friends going to church on every Sunday and that’s the only time they are holy .

They then go back to the sinful world and live their worldly life.They maybe Christians in name sake only for they preached to others about God but their lifestyle does not reflect their Christain faith and values. They cheat and lie and take advantage of others just like before they became Christians.

Being a Christian to them is just like joining  a social club where you go and meet others or look for a partner and enjoy the food and drinks after mass.

I find that most of the Christians are like sheeps who depend on their pastors for their spiritual growth and maturity.

Most of them are like babies in the spiritual realm , they think the pastor who is a man of God is always right and do not question the pastor and many just follow blindly what is being thought by him.They treat every words that comes out of the pastors mouth as the gospel truth .Such is the power of religion .For even highly educated men can bend to the will of those pastors. It is like a one eye man leading all the blinds.

If you dont agree with the pastor or the elders in the church , you are made not to feel welcome anymore.They only want those meek sheeps who dont question their authority . They demand total submissions from their flocks.In some churches ,it is run like a fiefdom.They make their own rules and controls even every aspect of their believers life.

There are Christians who preached and have faith but have no works. They are great preachers only.

 They can quote scriptures after scriptures from the Bible to back their claims and show that they are right but what good will that do when you have no love for your fellow human beings. Thou are more holier than those people beneath you,for you think you have no sin or sin less than others.

Did not Jesus came for the sick ,the infirmed and the ‘pariah’s ‘of that soceity like the tax collector Matthew who became one of His great disciple.Tax collectors were the lowest class in that soceity at that time

It is easy to preach to others but when the same thing happens to them,they too succumbed to the temptations because they too are made from flesh and blood.

Not all Christians are hypocrites ,just as not all people are hypocrites.There are the good Christians but the Christian name has been dragged down by some groups who are radical in thoughts  or hardliners ,who issued statements condemning others and their way of life .They cannot accept others interpretations or beliefs and only those who follow their beliefs are the true followers.

We are all children of God and we all stand before Him in the final judgement.Only He will judge everyone of us..Who am I to judge my Christian brothers and sisters. I only work for the good of mankind .How or what others do is none of my business.God did not appoint me to be the custodian of your souls…

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