Can You Live Without Sex?

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There are those who can live without sex and there are those who think they will die if there is no sex. There are reports and studies which said sex can make one live longer .There are people who live up to 109 and have no sex. Who do we believe?

What happens when you have sex?

Sex stimulates the production of hormones that give pleasure (dopamine) and lighten your mood (serotonin). An act of love also produces endorphins – so called hormones of happiness .These hormones are the natural body’s antidepressant and tranquilizer.

We don’t need to see a doctor or waste our money on expensive medications.. Have more sex will make us happy and healthy. If this is true, there will be plenty of happily married couples but why is the divorce rate going up? Having more sex does not solve all your problems. I wish it would but that is just a wishful thinking.

Luckily, sex is not the only way you can increase those hormones. If you don’t have sex, you can always DIY to create that same effects or heighten state of sexual arousal. You can eat a special diet of bread, bananas, chocolate, fig, sugar, milk, fat fish and broccoli contain tryptophan amino acid that raises your serotonin levels.

You can participate in activities like shopping, sports, games and funs .Blog with passion; this will increase your happiness hormones. Mix more with the younger and more positive person. You would then feel young at heart.

Sex is great but getting there can be hard work and sacrifice and the result may not be what you expected. Want to buy just the milk alone or buy the whole cow?

You can be happy with or without sex. Life is not just about sex.

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8 Responses to “Can You Live Without Sex?”

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some are of the view that priests do not have sex. Yes, that is exactly what they claim. But the truth is that most priests enjoy sex more than those who never took the celibate vow.
What priests abhors is scandal. If our married women and young girls could open up and let the world know how many priests that sleeps with them day and night, the world would be shocked

That the present day priests and seminarians do have sex is no longer a news. Some of them have succeeded in tearing so many families apart by impregnating mother and daughter at the same time. Most of them keep mistresses here and there.
How many of them preach against fornication and adultery these days. Even when they do,it is just to receive applause.
It is only the uninformed that would continue to cite them as example of those that live without sex. They do sex more than u and i that never took any vows about sex or no sex.
According to my great intellectual,master and lecturer – Francis Bacon, ‘No Man Speaks from Nowhere’. My position is subject to investigation. There are lots of holy souls outside the religious circles who may not have had anything to do with sex for some weeks,months or even years. Living without sex is a choice that any body can make,priest or no priest

how many of those failed marriages failed BECAUSE of the lack of sex? oh- and yeh- EAT that special diet, so then you can be MORBIDLY obese as well as sexless…just to make sure no one ever sleeps with you again. as someone who has a gf and gets nothing – no sex pretty quickly worms under your skin and eats you up.

I suppose if one does not desire sex then one can live without it.

But it seems that men desire it more than women. And I think the reason is biological. The human male species has been DNA-wired to be desposible.

While a woman has 1 egg that can be fertilized at ovulation, a man releases 200-500 MILLION to get into the female circle.

I think the only solution to the world’s problems is to castrate males– OR for SMART women to use birth control unless the man is FIT for the 25 committment to a child in the modern world.

Laura1318 :-
This is the natural process for the propagation and continuation of the human race.

Thank you for your input.

I am a 37 year old single woman. I have spent the last eight years totally celibate and am having ni problem wih being that way.
I know this lifestyle may not be for everyone, but I made that choice for myself and I’m happy with my decision. I don’t see myself going the rest of my life without sex, but for now? Yes, all is good just the way
that it is. I had more than my share of sex while I was younger and that’s probably one of the reasons this has been so easy for me to do and not have any complaints about it. I’m going to try for ten years but only time will tell if I make it that long, or not.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your sharing. Sometimes it is not about choice but destiny. Whatever you are , be happy and live your life to the fullest.It is your life and how to live it, is your choice and no one can tell you what you can do or cannot do.

written by a girl , as a man whose wife turned off after 21 yrs of marriage thank god for hookers.

It is not bad when we have sex with your life partner/ wife.It is bad when we go behind the limits(unsafe sex and lust with other girls/neighbors)

Yes, too much sex, can be a bad thing.
I just wander, if this is a ‘religious Blog -Space’.
I believe in GOD and Hope, he wil lhelp me and love me/Vice -Versa. But, Priests, that don’t have s.e.x., often turn to: ‘Paedophilia’, which to me, is ‘an act of evil’.

I ‘d rather ‘sleep with’ 1 M. ‘Mature women’, then ‘1 kid’….

….To me, if GOD, is just; he wil lsee- ‘Paedophillia’, asm uch worst, then ‘Sleeping -around’.

Just my view’s -what do YOU -Think??

Laura1318:- There are the good , the bad and the ugly. Whoever sows , so shall he reap. This is not a solely religious blog because I do not intent it that way. Everyone is entitled to their views.Priest are also human beings, flesh and blood and this we should not forget.

A good pondering post on sexuality. Somehow, I feel that the whole humanity is so obsessed with sex that if we get the ‘clarity’ about sex, 90% of our so called problems, struggles, miseries will be wiped out at once.

The whole world has turned itself as an entertainment industry around this reproductive /procreation act called ‘sex’! It must now be a long way to come back.

Laura1318: Can you imagine a world where everything is sexless? We will all be like robots .I don’t think I want to live in such a world!

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