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Want to join a nudist colony?

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“You come into this world with nothing and you will leave this world the same way.”

You cannot take anything with you , not even the clothes on your back.

Why do people want to be nudist?

These people want to experience the beauty of nature and feel relaxed. They want to feel close to nature and being born free like those wild animals.

It is a way of life and in some nudist colony they have spas, nature trails, indoor activities and other features.

Most of those nudist are middle age and it is difficult to find the young members.

Joining a nudist colony is not for everyone.You would need to have the right frame of mind and be not bound by your bias and prejudices.

If you are the religious type, it will be out of question.It will be easier to join a group than to start one on your one.

There are nudist colonies or camps in some developed countries like Germany, Sweden and Belgium. There are many beaches in the world which allows nudity.

You may not join a nudist camp but for some people they may prance around the house totally naked and without a stitch of clothing on them.That is as far as they can go,feeling like a nudist .

Most of us will not be able to go totally naked because we do not live alone .

There are many misconceptions about nudist and what they do .When you think of a nudist camp, you would probably think of a sex orgy and everyone having sex with anyone they meet. It would be like a free for all .This is stereotype thinking and our imaginations can run riot.

Furthermore, you would think that there would be hard bodies or gorgeous nymphs strutting around their stuffs. If you are thinking along these lines, you can probably forget about joining a nudist colony.

Nothing is more from the truth. You would most probably witness,average-looking guys and gals, saddle bags, love handles, cellulite and other droopy parts. …LOL!

In truth, it is just like any normal society except that they are able to accept their nakedness in front of each other.

Initially they may have some excitements or curiosities but in time , everything will become normal to them.

Being naked is not without it disadvantages as our bodies are exposed and unprotected from infections or creepy crawlies .

It can be an experience to join a nudist colony and I wonder what the experience would be like? Would it be gross?

Dare to bare all!!

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Wife , Girlfriend Or Car ?

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Would you ditch your wife or g/f over a car ?

This is a poser to the men . How much do they value and appreciate their wives over their cars.? It can be shocking to the females that some men love their cars more than them.

They would not be able to understand why some men can love that stupid chunk of metal with four wheels that transport you here and there more than them. It cannot talk , cook or make love  like them.

It will not be any ordinary car but some expensive high end models like BMW or Merc or similar makes.Most men love their cars and to them it is like a second wife or mistress. They will dote on their car as it is their most prized possession and more valuable than their wife or g/f’s.

The females do not understand the deep attachment men have with their cars. It is an extension of his personality just like a home is the extension of the women’s personality.

Some men may prefer their cars over the wives or g/f’s. They would rather ditch their wives or g/f’s than give up their cars. They can always get a new wife or g/f but getting another car could take a much longer time and effort.

The car is a status symbol in this modern age . Having an expensive car shows that you have made it in this materialistic world . The expensive car has lots of features and gizmo’s . It is indeed a pleasure to own one of those branded cars and driving in one can give you much pleasure and ego.

Those cars have all those safety features and this is one of the attractive point in owning one. They are more comfortable and have lots of leg room.

Most females would judge a man by what car he drives. He would most likely impress the girl and get a date from her.

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You Are Precious Too…

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No one should feel useless or redundant or good for nothing, for we were send in to this world with a purpose in life. We maybe just a small screw in a big machine  but still it’s importance cannot be missed. Every  part is essential to the success and the working of this machine. We all have the right to exist  and play our parts in the higher order of the process of life.

We are just like a piece of jigsaw puzzle  to fit into a particular place in the bigger picture. We do not know what the picture looks like until it is completed . Then we will know where our destiny lies.

Do not feel that you are not a good for nothing fella.People may feel that you are  good for nothing ,but in God’s eye’s you are very precious to Him. You serve a purpose in this world and only God knows when your light will shine brightly.

You did not come into this world to face prejudice or to be prejudged by mere mortals who are no better than themselves.We should not judge others if we do not want to be judged.For we will all face our maker in judgement day .

You did not choose to come into this world or where to be born. You were send here because of the love of your  parents for each other and you were the result of that beautiful union.

Your  Earthly parents love you and brought you up with all their sweat,toil and blood and give you the best they could muster.You are  precious to them. Their love for you knows no bounds . Think of all their sacrifices and do not disappoint them.

Your loving and merciful parents carry your  burdens for all their life.Many a times, thoughtless people shoots poison darts at them because of you. Sometimes , they go to bed with tears in their eyes.

You maybe a nobody in this big wide world but in your heart, you know you are very  precious in God’s sight.

For the sparrows dont have to worry about tomorrow because God cares about them ,what more when you are His children.

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He Is Not Old And Ugly – He Is God’s Gift !

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If all of us can think that way , then our marriage life or relationship will be happy and blissful. Instead we tend to look on the externals and get turned off by what we see. It is not what shape or form he comes in but it is his heart and his soul that counts.

It is like the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’That is why when you truly love a person , you will never think or be affected by his external physical form but by his inner soul. That fantastic and lovely creature which live under that shell which make him ‘Da Man.’

Some women think handsome and well toned men are boring and not all girls prefer them . There is a ring of truth about such men as they are more self obsessed and have a superior complex . They expect alot from the girls and take more than give. They tend to stray and are not faithful.They are good for short term affairs but when it comes to marriage, those women would choose those plain or wimpy guys who treat them like Queens.

When compared to those handsome hunks , these average looking Joe’s would go all out to please the girls and treat them like princesses.They give them their due respects and appreciations unlike those handsome guys who treat them like trash.

It is not all about good looks when selecting a mate and those ordinary Joe’s should not feel down and out just because they don’t have Brad Pitts or Tom Cruise’s sex appeals.

Good looks maybe attractive but when it comes to finding a partner ,it is the size of his pockets that matters. Some said women love humour more than his financial or career but I don’t think so.

Would you marry a funny man or a rich man? Well! If you have both , then you are very blessed.

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Death Penalty For Child Rapist?

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It is a very heinous and cruel crime to rape an innocent and young child and such predators or paedophiles should receive the full punishment from the law of the land which befits this act of violence and violations of human rights.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday banned the death penalty for people convicted of raping a child.

In the 5-4 decision, the court ruled that executing someone convicted of child rape violates the ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Do you agree with the Supreme court’s decision?

I would term it as a fair and appropriate decision because it was only a rape and if it caused the death of the child , then the death penalty for the perpetrator.

In the UK , a rape offense merits from 2 to 6 years imprisonment and it is so lenient there. In Malaysia, it is 18 or 20 years and six strokes of the cane .

The ruling overturns laws in six states that allowed the death penalty for the rape of a child and commutes the death sentences of two men on death row in Louisiana to life in prison.

If the Supreme court allows the death penalty for child rape, the judges will have their hands tight and less severe cases will suffer . Most child rapes are perpetrated by relatives and if it is the death penalty , the child may not want to testify .

Jailing them may not be the answer as when they come out of prison , they may repeat their crimes. Others have suggested chemical castrations of their sex organs.

No matter what the punishments are , there are still children being rape against their will. It is a very dastardly action and only the severest punishment be meted out to them.

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Be A Good Samaritan?

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If you see somebody in need of help , will you go over and help them?

Some people will not give a second thought but jumped in recklessly without a second thought to their safety or legal complications and thus may get themselves entangled on the wrong side of the law or get sued.

It is always prudent to think twice before you want to be a good Samaritan. You would need to consider the safety aspects as you do not want to loose your life or put your life in real danger while saving another total stranger.

Two recent cases in the U.S and U.K has shown that it was better to stay uninvolved because the good Samaritan was taken into police custody and suffered for their personal freedom,indignity and incarcerated in jail.

In the end , both were discharged but the nurse got a whopping sum for her troubles and the man , nothing except some sour and bitter taste in his mouth .

A nurse who helped a Chicago police officer from a wrecked squad car and was later accused of stealing a weapon has been awarded $7.7 million by a federal jury for false arrest.

She spent 10 months in jail while awaiting trial.Her case was later thrown out by a judge and Jackson sued the city of Chicago.


In another unrelated case in the UK, a retired one legged Royal Navy ex-serviceman who came to the aid of his neighbour and was arrested for having a truncheon(An offensive weapon). He was later released and no charges were filed against him.

Think before you want to help anyone even if their life is in danger. It would be a tragedy if you lose your life because you too have your dependents and they have to suffer because of your foolishness.

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Beware The Office Piranha’s And The Crocodile Dundee’s!

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The piranha is the dreaded South American carnivorous fish that can pick you clean in a few minutes with their razor sharp teeth.. They swim in a group and when they smell meat or blood, they will attack in a frenzy.

In the office, there are also piranhas who watch out for those bosses or high flying colleagues. They will attack and bite and they do not care if they are married or single. If you swim where the piranha live, then your life is in peril. LOL!

The piranhas will purposely get pregnant by you and you will be hooked for life or pay support for their children sired by them or if you did not meet their demands , they will set out to destroy you.. Pity those men who are weak and easily succumbed to those man killers.

When there is an office party and alcohol is flowing freely, the piranhas and crocodiles will appear and surface and woe to those men or women who have a tad too much and became drowsy. Here comes your friendly piranhas and crocodiles who would dance the whole night with you till you don’t know what hit you.

If you want to know, what an office piranha looks like, you can follow this link;-,22049,23001714-5006007,00.html


Similar to the piranhas are the crocodile Dundee’s. The office maybe a good place to look for a mate but could also be a dangerous place for those who are married.

Not all offices will see a piranha or croc, while some offices will have plenty.

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Help! I Am falling In Love With My Teacher!

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When you are just in your sweet and tender 16-17 and you are just aware of your sensual feelings. The first man you will adore and possibly love will be your teachers. Many girls will silently admire or have a crush on their teachers and only a few would fall in love with the teacher outright. Some would have puppy love or infatuations.

They appear to your childish and young immature eyes as an epitome of a real and perfect man. He has everything that you idolize in a man, smart, intelligent, career and an aura of manliness about him.

He maybe 20 years your senior but you do not mind the age gap as long as you think he is in love with you and you think you are made for each other. The love maybe one sided and you will be thinking of him all the time. When you see him, your heartbeat goes a flutter. You have very strong feelings for him. You are falling in love with your teacher and it can affect your studies. If you cannot eat or sleep well, always thinking of that teacher then you have a problem.

Many of us when we were young too had such feelings in varying degrees for our teachers but we managed to outgrow those feelings.

From an over view of those cases where the students fell in love and married their teachers, many of them were separated after a few years. Those girls were too young to understand life and being a young mum with kids and responsibilities of a home was too much for them. They themselves still need to be looked after. The age different did kicked in after they were married, he became too old to enjoy your youthful activities and you don’t share his .

As a teacher, they should try to nip the problem in the bud. Teachers should be professional and should not abuse their position over their young charges. It is inappropriate to have any relationship with the students no matter what. Their job is to teach and to help their students to understand the subjects they teach.

You may love your teacher for who he is, but you should never have any relationship with him. It is not right because you are still too young to understand what love is all about. At your age, you should be studying and preparing yourself for a better tomorrow.

Don’t sell yourself short !

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Do A Person’s Private Life Affects His Public Image?

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A Malaysian Minister was forced to resign recently because of his indiscretions with a personal female friend. His tryst in the hotel was caught on video and subsequently produced in DVD format and spread around in his home state. It became public knowledge when the newspaper ran a story about the DVD which led him to admit that he was the one in the DVD.

If you want to enjoy a sex roam with your partner, you should go to those high class and more expensive hotels, for those medium or low class and cheap hotels, they have peeping toms or those with video phones or spy cameras to record their actions.

This was what a friend who works in the hotel line told me about .The hotel where he worked have a special room set up for those quickies. Those walls have eyes. LOL! Not all hotels do that except those unscrupulous and shady ones. The minister’s case could be a sting job.

In politics , there are friends and foes and you don’t know who are your true allies .Friends can be foes and who are willing to stick a knife into your back.

Just like the most famous case of the former President of the USA. He was impeached and had to step down.He denied any wrong doings till the end even when there were incriminating evidence of the DNA .

Even if you had an affair, you should never admit it even if it is the truth. LOL! Your wife wants confirmation from you but have no proof. She can only suspect unless she hires a PI and got the evidence.

You still ought to lie through your teeth even with those evidence if you want to save your marriage.Once, you admit the guilt, your marriage is over.If you don’t admit , she still has a tinge of doubt and would not leave.

Whoever says that having an illicit sex affair will not hurt anybody?If your spouse were to sleep with another person, won’t you feel hurt? If you don’t feel any hurt,then you are not human but a vegetable. LOL!

When you commit adultery , you break the sanctity of a marriage and the trust of your partner and hurt your spouse like hell and also your children and if you are a high public figure,it is even worse , you showed that you are a hippocrate of the highest order and unfit to be a leader. Leaders are to be judged more harshly. You may marry 2 or 3 wives or has a harem like in some countries and that is better then screwing around behind your wife’s back. The wife of this minister did a Hillary Clinton , for what else can she do ?

We can forgive him but there is a price to pay for those sins.I believe there are ministers or leaders who sleep around and they were more discreet . They may hide from us but not from God. Power , money and sex are like a trinity . When you have power and money , sex will follow.

There are always two sides to a coin. Some would say that what he did in private should not be taken into account or whatever he does in private is his own affairs. Are we holier than thou?

Should we accept this view?

Well! I don’t think I can accept that view. A public official should be above board and should be seen to be clean, honest and have high morals. It is not O.K to screw another woman when you are married. That is considered adultery. Even going to the prostitute is wrong for a high public official.

You may give the excuse that you are only human. Yeah! That’s right, but as a public figure; you cannot do that because it would promote promiscuity to the younger generations. You are saying adultery is not wrong because everyone is screwing each other. You are tainted and it will affect your life and work. You preached to others about morality but you yourself don’t follow what you preached.(Hippocrates )

You may be a very good administrator but your personal integrity has gone to the dogs. There is nothing left to salvage and the only best way is for you to resign and save everyone the blushes.

Those in power should realized that they cannot rule forever.They may appear to be in control and all powerful but God is more powerful .

If you are going for a regular tryst, you should not be like Mrs. Robinson in the movie ,’The Graduate ‘ played by Dustin Hoffman, where everyone in the hotel recognize you and know what you will be doing there. LOL! Humans like convenience and the same place will land you in trouble like in this case.(,4136,152384,00.html?)

You need to change places frequently like those spies.

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Are you single, Caucasian aged 42-60?

Europeans, Americans or outstanding Singaporean men who earn between $3,000 and $6,000 a month, live in private property, and preferably, run their own businesses.

.You are wanted by a Chinese woman Ms Zhang Xue Hong, 42, from Tianjin ,China.She is 1.55m tall, weighs 50kg, earns 1,000 yuan a month, and loves reading, music and travel. She is conservative, voluptuous, and fair with long flowing hair. She speaks only Mandarin , cave man sign language in love and no English.

Interested? Please reply.

A Chinese woman from China is looking for a ‘white man’ husband in Singapore and pasting flyers there, hoping to meet her prince charming. She has tried the match making agency and without results. I will give her a free hand and help her advertise here. LOL!

I must commend on her initiatives and where there is a will, there is a way. I hope that she will find the good ‘Kwei loh’(Caucasian) husband and not some one who would sell her into slavery. The Western man are looking for Asian brides because they are more submissive and loving than those liberated Western woman and costly alimony.

She is in her prime or past her prime as most of the men are looking for the young 20 something’s or 30’s, but still it is worth a try.. There is no harm trying. No venture, no gain. She is really desperate to marry but her conditions are just too high for many men. She would fare better if she can give 50% or 60% or 80% discount of her price. LOL!

Are Western men better than Asian men?

I would say it depends on the individuals but generally Western men are more forward thinking than the conservative Asian man, especially Malaysian men who have not being exposed to the Western world. They are more feudal in outlook and expect the women to submit to them without questions.

They behave like the Lord or King of the house and lord over their woman. She is not his equal and will never be treated as one. This is a general view only, for not all Malaysian men are like that.

The Western man comes from a more progressive country and the laws are more progressive and protect the women’s rights. In some Asian societies, the laws for women can sometimes bother on the tribal or some ancient religious laws.

Would you be so desperate or daring as this Chinese woman and paste your particulars on lamp posts or walls to advertise your wares? Lelong! Lelong! (Malay word for cheap sale! )

If you do this in Malaysia, you will get plenty of crank calls and will have no peace of mind.

Good luck to her.


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