Aversions to oral sex ?

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There are still some countries which have archaic laws against oral sex or sex against the natural order of things. You can be fined , caned or jailed.

Some women do not enjoy oral sex or feels no benefits from it.

It could be their strong inhibitions or taboo’s in their culture or mental blocks or some sexual traumas which prevented them from enjoying it.

When a woman is made to feel that she has to perform oral sex because it is her duty to her husband/boyfriend, because he wants and enjoys it, or because she’s being controlled, she loses any real desire and therefore any chance of ever enjoying it herself.

Withholding oral sex on her or manipulating her would backfire on you.She would resent your attitude and would kill off her sexual desires for you.

Do you want to have sex with her for your own selfish desires or to pleasure and make her orgasm.

Ideally , it should work out both ways but when one partner has an aversion to oral sex, there is nothing much you can do about it but to accept it in your stride.

You should put her at ease without any expectations
or insist on oral sex. Allow her to choose when ,where and what she can do together.

It is like dancing. She may not like those fast numbers but prefer those slow one’s. You need to respect her , give her the control and encourage her efforts.

Encourage her to come out of her timidity and give her encouragement when she does the right things.

You need to teach each other about your bodies and the pleasures it brings but if she does not like it, you should not force upon her .

Go along with her wishes as this would make her feel love and appreciated and she won’t feel pressured to perform.


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Are you a doormat ?

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There are givers and takers but unfortunately, some givers give so much of themselves that people will take advantage of them and they will become doormats or people pleaser.

Usually, it’s not intentional , but it does happen.

You become a doormat when you agree to do something you know is wrong and/or don’t want to, just because they want you to.

You should be so happy to be around this person, that you go against your personal beliefs and feelings.

You let them walk all over you even if there is dirt on their shoes.

You really need to evaluate your relationship with him . It will not get any better but will only get from bad to worse.

Don’t be obligated to do for others because you are afraid they will get mad.

Don’t go out of your way to put your life on hold in order to cater to others, so much that you may cancel appointments or never have time for yourself?

Set out your own limits and boundaries.

Do not always conform to his opinions.Don’t keep your opinions and feelings to yourself.Air them out.

Find your own voice or you will be forever be controlled by him.The more space you give him , the more he will exploit it .

Understand what is wrong being a doormat. Don’t sacrifice your time and energy for something you don’t enjoy doing and treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

You are slowly being suffocated and he relished what he is doing to you .

You need to get out before depression hits you . You don’t deserve all those treatments.

Love should not have any pains .If there is ,then it is not love.

You will one day regret wasting your time and energy on a fool who does not deserve you .

Where is your self worth and self respect?

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A man’s word is not cast in stones!

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A man’s word is not ‘cast in stone’ unlike God’s word.

What a man said is only valid at that particular moment or maybe 24 hours or 1 week and after that it is no more valid or has become inapplicable.

Many women kept those words said by men for 20 or 30 years and some till even their dying days.It is so dumb to believe those words said by man like the Gospel truth.

What they said at one moment can be forgotten in a few minutes or hours and they conveniently do not remember them after wards and go about doing their usual thing without a care.

While the women are carrying those hurts every minute of their walking life.
Those hurtful words are like arrows shot at their heart and remains there for eternity untill someone comes and take them away.

Words said 2 months ago does not apply anymore.Circumstances have changed and to know whether they have changed, you need to go there and probe him.

Breakups are common among the youngs because they are inexperienced and do not know how to handle those pressures.It does not mean that you are not suited or incompatible with each other.

In time , if they are fated to be together, they will make up again.

Breaking up does not mean that you will walk away forever from that person.There are many people who make up after they breakup when they realized their follies.

Relationship is not an easy thing and you don’t just lie on the bed and everything will solved by itself.

You need to have understandings , love and the capacity to resolve all those contentious issues.

People are not machines and they have feelings and emotions. They can be influenced and swayed by emotions and certain actions of another individual.

The ground is not always static for it can shift according to those external forces.

Sometimes ,what you hear or see is not what you get.

You not only have to hear what is spoken from the mouth but you also need to feel with your heart what that person wants or means.

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Man’s roving eyes.

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We humans are born with a roving eye. In one study , it was found that woman’s eyes are more roving than the man . The difference is that, men do it too obviously than the women.
Woman’s roving eyes are even more dangerous.

The way a man looks at a woman and a woman looks at another woman is not the same. She would scan her in a split seconds and her mind would quickly assessed her. Whereas man only focused on certain parts of her body

Don’t blame the men . It is not that they don’t love you but up to that point, their mind is taken over and they lose control of it.

Many women are embarrassed in public when their men gaze lasciviously at other women without blinking and some even salivating in their mouth.

It is disconcerting when your man does that. You can tell him your feelings but it is impossible to tell him to stop ogling at those sexy and pretty urns. It is his nature.

Some women want to control their men from looking at other women.you need to understand and accept them as they are.It has nothing to do with you .

Men are imbued that way for the human species to survive.

What happens in man’s brains when a “pretty” woman comes into view is that the part of the brain called the visual cortex (VC) automatically registers her presence and, without conscious thought, his eyes turn to assess her.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Who does not enjoy looking at a pretty thing? It is just looking and nothing more.

Some look from the corner of their eyes, some stare, some ogled and some are fixated and many women have a problem dealing with this behaviour.

Why blame the men ? The men are visual creatures. Even a pretty thing can be stale after sometime and they want to see new things.



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Do women enjoy watching porn?

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If you go to the ‘Dear Cupid’ site, you will get the impression that many women in the U.K detest and are against the watching of porn by the men .

There are many types of porn but those women seemed to lump them all into one group . Child pornography is against the law in many countries .Watching them is not against the law but possession and distribution is against the law.

You can be fined or jailed or both for that offense. Child pornography is a vile and contemptuous crime because those young children are kidnapped,sexually abused and sometimes killed.

I received a terrible shock that some of those women may even report their fathers, brothers,sons, boyfriends, husbands to the police and brand them as paedophiles and have them arrested by the police and lock up in jail for simply watching porn on the computers.Maybe, this is not the real situation over there.
The fact that these women would go to that great length to incarcerate their men folks is astonishing to say the least.

Why are such women so extreme in their actions?It is just beyond my comprehensions. I cannot imagine sending anyone in my family to jail for watching porn on the PC.

Most males do watch porn in their lifetime and some do watch it on and off. It can be addictive and cause tensions and break ups in the relationships. Some men may even deny they ever watch porn in front of their girlfriends or wives. There are a lot of hypocrites in this world.

Porn is a taboo subject and people do not talk about it openly between the sexes. There are still those holier than thou types who would cast aspersions on your character and brand you a dirty sex fiend. They would avoid you like a plaque.

Not all females are against porn . There are those who are more open minded and enjoy watching some of those porns. Some do watch but will not admit it openly for fear of being branded a bad girl. Some watch porn alone or together with their girl friends which seems more fun and enjoyable.

If you are going to watch porn with your boyfriend together, be prepared that you will not be able to fight against tide. Your hands and your body will not obey your mind…LOL!

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Why do so many men seem to avoid marriage?

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“A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.”

That sums up the difference on how each sex view marriage.

Before a man is ready for marriage, , he would need to have a stable job, healthy , psychologically and mentally conditioned for marriage , wealthy enough to afford the wedding receptions and be ready to give up his Wild, Wild ,West ways .

In some cultures, it is the woman’s side which provide the groom with dowry’s or pay for the wedding receptions.

Money is the chief impediment to being married. Everything needs money and when you live by yourself , you will find that every single thing will have to be bought .When you were living with your parents, you need not spend a single cent . Everything you need was provided by them. How life with one’s parent is such a bliss!

Being married to a girl , means that he will have to give up part or all of of his freedom or independence , sharing his decisions and taking on an increased in the responsibilities of a spouse, ,children and home.He becomes the provider .

The traditional women and some modern day liberated women does not realize that burden as they come to expect the guy to bear that responsibility and it is his job. Some of them take it for granted.

To a working women , she can always quit her job anytime when she does not feel like working or if she was fired from her job. She has no problem with that as she can always depend on her husband to support her. To her, the job is just a temporary stop gap measure.

The men do not have this choice. They have to work till they are old or cannot work anymore.

If they are single , they do not have to worry about the family or home or kids and can just spend their life anyway they want.

When a woman marries, she is likely to focused on herself , her wants, wishes, dreams and desires. He is like her passport to a great life and assumes that he will share her dreams as well.

Today, women are working and the household expenses are lightened by her contributions. Some husbands pay for all the bills but do not give her any allowances since she is working .

Basically what she makes, she spends on herself or on the kids and only grudgingly help pay the bills when the husband is broke.

There are many obstacles in a man’s path to matrimony.If money is not a problem , there is the problem of her.

Will she be a good mother and wife and make his life worth living ?

Will she be like those high maintenance type? They worries about not being able to afford the good life for her and provide her with the luxuries of life.

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Men Cannot Live without Women Or Women Cannot Live Without Men?

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Which do you think is correct ? It depends on where you stand on the great divide, cannot live without women or cannot live without men?

If you are single and unmarried, you maybe able to live without the opposite sex till you die. If you are in a married state, you would be in a better position to answer that question.

Can you live without your wife or can you live without your husband ?

What if suddenly your other half left you ? This is just a hypothetical question and it may make you realize and appreciate your other half while he is still with you.

To underline the truth we need to have the facts to prove the case.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that men who lose their lifelong partner often die soon afterwards. We are speaking of elderly men and not those young men who may remarry again.

The wife is usually the caregiver and takes care of the man and the home. Sometimes when the wife is away , the man may fall sick and it does happen. I do not know why but such occurrence is normal.

When she is gone ,the men will feel a great sense of loss and they are greatly affected. They do not know what to do and life seems like a big void. They give up as they miss their departed wife and they do not find any more meanings or purpose in their life.

They cannot live without the women who took care of them or were always there for them even when they argue or quarrel over anything and everything.

What then happens when the man is gone? She will miss him no doubt but she would feel that it is time for her to look after herself only and enjoy her life .

We have been told that marriage is good for your health and longevity. If you want to live longer and be happy , you should get married and settle down.

A real-life example became public last week when Sydney couple Marie and Frank Cotton, who had been married for 65 years, died within hours of each other.

Sometimes, we occasionally ask ourself , what is the purpose in our life? Why do I still exist in this world?

I am still living in this world simply because I want to see and play with my grandchildren and see them grow up .They are my sole reason that I still work and live in this world. This is my motivation and it keeps me happy and contented. When you are happy and contented, you will not feel the stress and the frustrations of everyday life.

Even though this present world is still a male dominated world or a patriarchal society ,the male of the species is being screwed by the 21st century women. The prevailing culture is to blame the men for all the ills of this world.

Today , women hold the cards as they bring home the bigger pay packet or the same as the men and have more say than their mothers in the marriage. Even some of the laws are bias towards the men in preference for the weaker sex.

Now, with the test tube babies, women can live without the men and a world without women would be a terrible and boring place .

There is off course , another option that men and women need each other to make life complete.

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Are You A Gastrosexual ?

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In the Asian and traditional society , it was the women’s job and prerogative to do the cooking and to be in charge of the preparation of the food.

During the dinosaur age, men were the hunters and women the caretakers and home givers. They need to looked after the young and was required to cook and this became associated as a women’s role This stereotype thinking still pervades among many of us until today.

Many modern women today are working and they have no time or inclination to cook until they get married or have their own family.

Cooking is an art and for some they will need to learn to survive in the present times. Today , many of those famous chef in those high class establishments are males . I often wonder why there are not many female chefs in that position ?

Are men better cooks than women?

Cooking is not gender based and both men and women can be good cooks if they are passionate about it.Perhaps it is not about the cooking skills but the bias about employing female employees as chef.

Who can cook better or who is the better cook is subjective and it is best left to each of us to decide .It does not matter if a woman cannot cook or a poor cook , as long as she marries a man who can cook and it is one job less for her to do.

Today , men are learning to cook to woo potential partners. Increasing numbers of males are using their culinary skills to woo the opposite sex, a study says.

These men are dubbed as ‘gastrosexuals.’ Being able to cook up some appetizing dish is an added advantage over those who do not know how to cook. It is a key factor in the seduction of the women.

Man in apron

Man in apron

Courtesy;- http://www.pinksuzie.com

A man in apron working in the kitchen can be an aphrodisiac’s to a women’s mind. You will sure score Brownie points with her if your cooking is good. You will have to practice and practice by trial and error until you get the right ingredients for the perfect taste.

Start taking an interest in cooking or learn from your mum’s secret recipe for your favourite food to impress your g/f. Do not be the dishwasher always .

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Men And Their Football Craze.

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It is the time of the year when the women become temporary widows or ignored as they lose their husbands or b/f ‘s to the world of football during the World cup or the EU cup.

The world cease turning and comes to a stand still and everything stops for them as the men’s attentions and passions are riveted onto the T.V screens in their living rooms or in those pubs or in public squares where giant T.V displays are installed.

No game is fun and enjoyable without the free flowing beer. The two are like twins. There are others who bet on the game to make it more interesting.

A father of four recently committed suicide after he lost heavily . This is a sad reality when some people go overboard in their betting.

This is a crazy time for the men when they forget all their troubles and where there are no days or nights and time never sleeps.These are the hardcore football supporters of their favourite clubs.

No other sports in the world except football, which can make the man forget about everything , even their matrimonial duties to his wife.

Women may not understand the preoccupation of men with football and think of this game as some silly game where 22 men run themselves ragged chasing after one lone ball.

Some women join their husbands but they don’t share the same interest in the games. The women are not watching the game or the score but at those 22 men’s bums or those young, handsome and virile men .

The wise women should know what to do during these times and allow their men to enjoy their games either all alone or with some participation’s on their part.

I hope they know how to choose which side to support or they will have another war in the bedroom.

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The Rise Of The Gold-Digger!

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Every young, single, and eligible girl would like to dream and aspire to marry a young handsome and rich person. Most of these young and handsome men of scions are a rare commodity, only available to those women who moved in the higher strata of society and not available to the ordinary Cinderella’s.

There is however a different kind of fish in this world, older men who are filthy rich and single or divorced. Some of these women go after these men even when they are 80 years old and above.

They are like a passport to heaven. If they work all their life, many women would not be able to attain that rich status.

Age is no criteria. What is important is the size of their pockets. The women who go after these men are akin to piranha’s or barracuda’s or in another derogatory term a “Gold-digger!”

They are like marrying a bank and have unlimitless spending power and all their material needs satisfied. They instantly catapult themselves into the higher society, are seen publicly, and become who’s who in the rich and famous.

This is the ultimate in life for many women, beauty, power, and wealth. Never mind if the man looks old, frail, or sickly or have some body parts missing.

There is a new French film, which opens in the UK called “Priceless.”
It is the story about a woman who picks a mate due to the size of his wallet and nothing more.

She is young, educated, and very beautiful. It is like the fairy tale story of Beauty and the Beast.They has everything the world can offer them.

It stars Audrey Tautou in the lead role. He has so much money and does not know how to spend them but only in making more of it everyday.

Life would be meaningless to him and acquiring a young, nubile, and beautiful girl by his side is seen as an ego boosting and morale highlight of his career. He is well prepared to allow her the luxury to spend his wealth on anything she wants.

Would you marry such a man? Does it matter if he is the same age as your father? If you have that opportunity, would you turned it down? It is like an indecent proposal but the lure of money is a very strong pull, which many cannot resist. It is too tempting to let this opportunity go.

What is surprising is the trend of young , educated and coming from good backgrounds girls who has no qualms about marrying those old and filthy rich people.

Even if things do not work out after sometime, you would still inherit a large sum of his money and live the rest of your life without any worries. Notable cases like those high profile cases, Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, where she walked away with £24 million, but also that of Susan Sangster, who amassed a fortune of £18 million from three marriages.

Whatever people may judge you, it does not matter since you can afford expensive clothes, jewellery, breast implants, and a taste of high life.

Other self-righteous women would look down on these gold-diggers as an affront to womanhood. They would consider it as no better than prostitutes.

Each woman may see this issue differently. For some, it is their destiny.

Do you want to marry for love or for money? There are other women who do not even have this choice? LOL!

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Biography of Audrey Tautou


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