The Golden Compass & Christianity.

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BOYCOTT The Golden Compass movie.

That is what the largest Catholic lay organisation in the US is urging Christians to do.

The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig , is an adaptation of the first novel from atheist author Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Another recent film which was embroiled in a controversy with the Christian world was The Da Vinci Code.

Today’s movies are mind boggling like The Lord of the Ring, Narnia, Transformers and those sci fi movies. They are only for entertainment but if anyone thinks they affect their religion. , then they should not watch them.

I have not watched that movie, but if you want to know what the film is all about , you can read it all here. The story is about a young girl (played by Dakota Blue Richards) who goes on a quest to save kidnapped children from a powerful secret organisation that is determined to sever their souls. Golden Compass

There are Christian groups who advocate not watching movies, T.V, DVD’s because they have elements of the devil or Satanic nature. Those who watch those movies maybe attacked by those unclean spirits.

Many Christians are assumed to have weak faith in the religion and the church must come out to tell them what they can do or cannot do. Those Christians just follow what their leaders tell them and do not question them. They assumed the leaders know everything and they are always right about God because they are a man of God. They have a right to believe what their church tells them.

By coming out to declare their views, the Church is helping the devils work. They are giving free publicities to the movie and more people will be curious and will go and watch. The church instead of asking people not to watch is indirectly asking more people to go and see the movie.

I have not seen those two films and it don’t bother me if the church says ‘boycott’ or whatever it’s views are on those two films. We all have to view the film to judge for ourselves. There are so many written materials, films, and movies in this world which are Satanic in nature.

If we start to brand everything Satanic and atheist, then our Christian message is nothing but don’t watch this, don’t watch that, don’t this and don’t that, boycott this, boycott that.

The church is bankrupt of ideas. They preach a message of don’t do this, don’t do that and nothing comes out but negative.Should not the church preached the positive things and point the way to Christ. Why concentrate on why you cannot do this and that? Is this not the sinful world? You cannot escape from this sinful world.Sin is everywhere around us.

Everything happens because God wills it. If it is of God, it is useless fighting against God; it will not go away just because the Church thinks so. If it is not of God, it will fade away.That is the golden rule.

Can the church be wrong? History has shown that the church sometimes does not follow God… There is no perfect man and on this thinking, no churches are perfect.

Calling for a ban on anything anti God or anti Christ is behaving like those extremist and intolerant faith.They should find some remotest place on Earth and closet themselves from civilization.

What about those non Christians and atheist groups calling for a ban on Catholics for their faith and religion? This is a free world. Christians don’t rule this world yet.

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