Are You A Green Eye Monster?

Posted on November 1, 2007. Filed under: Man-Women Issues |

You may not be a green eye monster all the time but sometimes the monster comes out of your closets and takes over your life from you from time to time.

We usually associate jealousy with women but there are some men too who can be very jealous of their women. They continually look at their women and may find more than they bargained for ..LOL!

They constantly check their partner’s handphones, MSM ,handbags, wallets for suspicious messages or signs of infidelity.

Jealousy is like looking at a thing with a magnifying glass. They will magnify small things into large things and dwarfs into giants.Innocuous and harmless actions can be misconstrued and let to many unnecessary fire fights.

We cannot blame women for being jealous because their hearts are constricted and small. They are ‘ little ‘ women.Women’s heart are smaller than men

If they are jealous, it is OK, but if other women are jealous, then they are wrong .Women detest a jealous man who she does not love but it angers them when the man they love dont feel jealous of them.

To them it means that the man they love have no feelings or true love for her. She equates jealousy with love.A man then needs to feign some jealousy to win her heart.Such is the power of a women’s mind.

In any relationship , there should be love and trust and without these two qualities , a relationship will soon flounder.

They should learn to trust the other and not to spy on them every minute of their life or to quiz them about what they do every minute.

Jealousy is caused by deep seated insecurities and doubts.They get tormented daily and worry about their partners straying.

For these men , they will try to control the movements of their wife by asking them or forbidding them to go out for social functions with their friends , not to wear make ups, not to speak on the phone or chat in the pc. In effectually cutting her off from her world and making her home like a prison or under house arrest.

If you don’t want your partner to be jealous, don’t plant the seeds of doubt in her mind.Sometimes , we playfully say things and forget about it but those words are like seedlings planted in her brain and heart and the devils comes at night to water it…LOL!

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3 Responses to “Are You A Green Eye Monster?”

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green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those *”

can relate this back to your earlier paper on alpha women.
probably our forefather’s ways was right – just get a dumb wife, leave the smart ones to men whom wants to die young.

Laura1318: Yeah !Right! Another one of your sage sayings. Ignore at your own perils..LOL!

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