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The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

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The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 120,000 times in 2010. If it were an exhibit at The Louvre Museum, it would take 5 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, there were 9 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 485 posts.

The busiest day of the year was June 5th with 821 views. The most popular post that day was The Tree Man Of Indonesia..

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were oddee.com, en.wordpress.com, search.conduit.com, google.com, and dearcupid.org.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for strongest woman, michelle yeoh, worlds strongest woman, women undressing, and world’s strongest woman.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


The Tree Man Of Indonesia. November 2007


Women Undressing Infront of Men ! November 2007


Germany’s Strongest Woman July 2008


Can You Urinate Inside Of Her During Sex? December 2007


Biggest Bra In The World J-Cup ! November 2007

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Man’s roving eyes.

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We humans are born with a roving eye. In one study , it was found that woman’s eyes are more roving than the man . The difference is that, men do it too obviously than the women.
Woman’s roving eyes are even more dangerous.

The way a man looks at a woman and a woman looks at another woman is not the same. She would scan her in a split seconds and her mind would quickly assessed her. Whereas man only focused on certain parts of her body

Don’t blame the men . It is not that they don’t love you but up to that point, their mind is taken over and they lose control of it.

Many women are embarrassed in public when their men gaze lasciviously at other women without blinking and some even salivating in their mouth.

It is disconcerting when your man does that. You can tell him your feelings but it is impossible to tell him to stop ogling at those sexy and pretty urns. It is his nature.

Some women want to control their men from looking at other women.you need to understand and accept them as they are.It has nothing to do with you .

Men are imbued that way for the human species to survive.

What happens in man’s brains when a “pretty” woman comes into view is that the part of the brain called the visual cortex (VC) automatically registers her presence and, without conscious thought, his eyes turn to assess her.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Who does not enjoy looking at a pretty thing? It is just looking and nothing more.

Some look from the corner of their eyes, some stare, some ogled and some are fixated and many women have a problem dealing with this behaviour.

Why blame the men ? The men are visual creatures. Even a pretty thing can be stale after sometime and they want to see new things.



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Will you wait to be wealthy before you can have a child?

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A child is a gift and blessings from God. If you are pregnant and give birth to a baby ,you are blessed.

Some people would plan to have babies only when they are financially capable.They want their child to have the best things in life.

They want to wait for all the conditions to be right before they want to have a baby but fate does not give them this luxury .

By the time ,they feel well off to have a baby ,they would have crossed their expired dates and they would use their wealth to get a baby by the IVF method or use surrogate dad and mom to achieve their aims.

In the process , how much must one accumulate enough to have a child? Is it really for the child or is it for the parents enjoyments.

Does this mean that those who are poor should not have children?

Having children is not about wealth or giving up the good life.

It is about the sacrifice and joy in raising them. A poor mother may work hard and suffer lower standards of living to support her child but she finds joy and fulfillment being a woman and a mother.

What about those people who are rich but are too preoccupied with their careers and have no time for their child?

Will having a child makes them better parents because of their wealth and materialistic wants ?

What good is materialistic things when you cannot give a mother’s love and spend time with your children?

Children do not need all those materialistic things but only those basic needs like love, care and concerns.

The human factor is more important than all those inhuman and materialistic needs.

If you feel it is the right time , by all means go ahead because it is your life.

It is just a matter of arranging your priorities in life.
Different people have different priorities.

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Falling for internet love scams.

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It is only words but many women are taking in by those sweet promises of love and marriages and throw caution to the wind.

There is no free lunch in this world. If something looks too good to be true, most probably it is a scam or con job.

The bait is very enticing and most swallow it hook ,line and sinker. They are caught and only realized it when they have parted a substantial amount of money and received nothing in return .

Never part with your hard earned money no matter what. Don’t be a fool.Do not listen to all those sob stories or get rich quick stories because they only want to steal your money.Do not be too trusting .

This woman fell in love with a British man over the internet and was cheated of Rm20K.

The man told her that he is sending an engagement ring, a gold wrist watch, a gold necklace for her and her mother, a camera handphone and some clothes, £10,000 (RM59,207), a laptop and a rose.All she needed to do was pay the courier service fee of RM16,379.29.

If he can afford to send all those gifts, won’t you be suspicious if he asked you to pay the courier fees?

Would it not raise your suspicions that it could be a scam ? It is like informing you have struck the first prize lottery for XXXX millions and you need to pay the tax to claim it.

There are even internet programs that are used to lure those lonely women to get their personal details and then steal their bank or credit card passwords.

Some of those women not only lose their money but also conned of their sex.

In the internet age, it is better to be safe than sorry. Be wise and hold tightly to your money. Only fools will part with their money.

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Runaway brides.

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Many Singaporeans and Malaysians chose to marry foreign Vietnamese brides because they are not as demanding and materialistic as the local brides. Some of them are ethnic Chinese, born and bred there.

Most of those middle age bachelors are from the rural heartlands because it is difficult to seek a wife, as many girls have migrated to the larger towns to work.

Vietnamese brides are simple and hardworking people and they can accept whatever conditions in their new country .

Those living near the border with Thailand would marry Thai girls.

Everything will be fine at first but marriage is not easy when they come from vastly different cultures and sometimes may not be able to communicate with each other except with sign language.

When they don’t get what they wanted from their spouse, those women may take whatever is available and abscond .

It is better than the poverty which they faced back home.They came from a war torn country and faced lots of hardships during the war.

Marrying outsiders offers them a chance to escape from their poverty or a life of prostitution to survive .

They will go to those matchmaking companies who will arrange the Vietnamese girls to come over and if they like what they see, the deal is done.

It is like the traditional customary practice,where you only get to see her for a short while and agree to marry her. You will only know the real person when she becomes your wife.

The matchmaking companies will not guarantee or vouch for her character or background.

She maybe tainted goods and you will be unlucky if you chose the wrong one.

Marrying a mail order bride is not without risk. Those brides could still be married in their home country or not legally divorced or in some sort of emotional entanglements with their ex’s.

Those foreign brides may run back to their own country and you will not be able to trace them . Even if you can trace them , there is nothing you can do about it.

Those men should check the girls background but it is easily said than done because it would incur a large amount of money to hire PI’s.

Even some of them have to pay by installments to those matchmaking agencies.

They can only hope for the best or they will never marry in this life.

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Lottery win is bad for your health ?

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It is the only hope for the poor to make it rich without sweating for it. Even if they worked very hard , they will not make it into the rich category.

Those who are capable may need a long time to accumulate their riches. Many want a shortcut way to riches.

There are three and sometimes four lottery draws in a week in Malaysia. There is another big lottery with the first prize being Rm$3million .

Many poor people play those lotteries regularly . Some place small bets while others may hope of striking it rich and becoming a millionaire.

The big boss of those lotteries are sure winners and the government gets a cut through taxes.

Despite those horrendous odds,those punters believed in their luck.There are many stories of people striking it rich due to circumstances.

Sometimes, extra ordinary things or events happened and those people bet on those events. They looked up in the ‘numbers dictionary ‘which interpret events or things into numbers.

One of my friend found an egg near his car and he exaggerated his story to his friend that a hen laid an egg on top of his car.

Both of them interpreted the events and bought his car number, the egg number and the hen number. That very day of the first draw, all three numbers came up and they were richer by a few thousands.

Was it pure coincidence ? They were very lucky indeed.

WINNING the lottery is bad for your health even though it makes you happy.

Many punters do not accept this fact. They see the rich and their opulent lifestyles and want to be like them without working for it.Greed has blinded them.,

They think that money can solve all their problems in life and they will live luxuriously without any financial worries.

No worries matey! They can always seek the best doctors money can buy ,to cure them if they are sick.

Jackpot winners drink and smoke too much as they celebrate their good fortune and enjoy their new-found wealth.

When a man has plenty of money, he would indulge in those ‘sin’ activities. He would gamble more, womanize, visit hookers, keep mistresses ,drink more, smoke more and eat more of those expensive foods.

They end up having “worse lifestyles” and suffer long-term health problems.

Buying the lottery is like cutting your pound of flesh and selling it to the Sherlock. It is your blood , sweat and toil money .

Think of what you can do with those money instead of feeding it to the hungry tiger.

It is still not to late to stop this gambling habit.It is addictive and can destroy your happiness.

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Working mothers count their blessings

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Everyone should count their blessings. Whether you are a full time housewife or a working mother , you should count your blessings and thanks God for those blessings.What you have and enjoy , others are not so fortunate and have not.

In this present world, being a full time housewife is a luxury only the rich can afford.

For the millions of ordinary women, they will have to work to put food on the table and to help their husbands to pay off those bills or send their kids to college.

One income is not enough to sustain a family unless you want to live in the rural areas or in the jungle and plant your own food and live a very simple and Spartan life.

There was a case of a Russian billionaire who gave up all his billions and went to live in the wild with his family.

The house had no electricity and no modern amenities. They felt more happy this way. His money brought him many problems.

People wanted to kill him or kidnap his wife and children because of his money.He had a large contingent of bodyguards and followed him where ever he goes. There was always danger to him and death lurks in every corner.

He got tired of this kind of life and gave up all his money and chose a simple life away from civilization.

Working mothers are thankful to others for making them able to hold a job.They are thankful to the baby sitters ,care minders or their parents,the teachers, neighbours and many others .

Every woman has the prerogative to choose their path. Whether they want to be a full time mother or a working mother. Each will have to make a sacrifice and trade off.

Working mothers should look at the positive side. There are so many things to be thankful about .

They get to have time alone .They get to have interactions with other adults. They earn a paycheck and have financial independence .They have an identity other than just a ‘mom.’

They set an example for their children to follow and the children can become more independent and self reliance.

Still has any regrets about being a working mom ? Time to move forward and don’t look back.

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Do women need sexy lingerie?

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Do you think those sexy lingerie is not right for you because you don’t have the right body shape ?

Think you are too fat,too old,too ugly, not beautiful enough and not sexy enough to adorn them ?

Excuses! Excuses! Most girls would give flimsy excuses why they don’t go for those sexy lingerie. Some think it is too slutty to wear them .

They don’t have those bodies like those models.They think that only those models are most suited to wear them .They feel that they are not sexy enough .

It can be a very expensive affair.Sometimes it is not about how much you spend but how you feel.

When you buy something you like or want , it will make you feel good.It need not be the most expensive type.

It is just an underwear and and you don’t have to spend a bomb on it because nobody will see them except yourself. Why waste those money?

Lisa Cole’s book, “Lingerie: The Foundation of a Woman’s Life” , is filled with real stories about real women who saw their lives change as a result of picking out the perfect undergarments.

The sensual touch of those silk and lace against your skin will give you a hint of luxury and glamour all day long and you will gain a new appreciation of yourselves.

Feeling good is a result of looking good. When you are looking good , you will automatically feel good and if you wear those sexy lingerie, you will feel more feminine and seductive .

Others may not be able to see it but you will feel the sensual touch of those lingerie

You will gain the confidence and boost your self esteem and will be able to project it outwardly.

Regardless of your body type, those intimate undergarments would help you project a confident body image.

Imagine yourself wearing those granny panties or those faded or with holes panties,you would not feel sexy at all and would turn off your man.

One look at them is enough to turn off his sex drive. His high drive would veer or careen off the mountain slope.

You would have to take them off in the dark when you are in the mood…LOL!

If you need to feel more feminine , seductive and sexy , you will need to have some sexy lingerie to perk up your confident and have the ‘feel good factor.’

The men are attracted by visuals and presenting your best side would capture their fullest attention and they will not want to stray or wander away from you.

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Would you marry a porn star ?

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Just weeks before her wedding,Haylie Hocking, 27, only found out that her fiancee, Jason Brake made adult films and she has canceled the wedding.

She discovered his secret when her friends organized a hen party and wanted to hire a male stripper. She stumbled upon a movie clip and saw him in a porn movie.

If you were in that kind of situation , what would you do?

Would you rather come clean before your partner and confess all your dark secrets rather than let them discover by themselves and all hell breaks loose ?

If you want to be fair to him/her, you should come clean . It is better before the marriage than after the marriage.

Most people dare not come clean because they are scared of losing their partners. They love them too much and losing them because of some foolish things they did in the past is regrettable.

If it was in the past, it should be forgiven .After all ,there is nothing one can do to change the past and what has happened.

I guess it wasn’t his day and they were not meant for each other.

It can come as a rude shock if you discovered that your soon to be married partner has a sordid past.

Will your love be strong enough to weather the storm in your life ? Can you forgive him/her and pretend that nothing has happened ? Will you be able to accept him and live with the stigma and shame?

It is a hard choice and many people will not be able to grant forgiveness nor accept those tainted with unsavoury past.

If she had known his secret and are willing to have a relationship , it would be a different matter.

Some people can fall in love and marry hookers, gigolos and porn stars .

These people are able to accept them because they love them as a person and what they does , is not important to them.

Some may accept them only if they are retired and some may think of it as a job . obviously , not everyone thinks alike.

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Come to church and have a beer!

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It does not look like a conventional and traditional church , the people come in shorts and flip flops and drink beer in a normal and ordinary way.

It is not the standard type of church building as one would expect.

Why hold the church service at a brewery?

The church is about a group of people and not the building which is only a place for them to meet.

The people can meet anywhere where it is convenient .The location is not important , it is the heart of those people who are willing to listen to God’s word.

The people in this town has their own unique culture. They do not believe in going to a conventional church but having the church come to their watering hole.

Though it is an unorthodox way to meet ,there is nothing wrong in their culture .As long as the people are willing to listen to the word of God, anywhere is possible.

The message of God is conveyed to them in their favourite surroundings and there is no need to have any pretensions about their lifestyles.

What is important is the word of God and not whether one is dressed in their best Sunday attires.

What good if you have form but no substance? You need to preach and live by what you preach otherwise you are a hypocrite.

It is not about attracting beer drinkers who would not want to go to a conventional church service on a Sunday.

There are people who do not like to go to a Sunday service in the church for their own reasons.

The Christian ministers, Tucker and Hall must have received a revelation from God to hold the church at a public place where those people usually congregate.

When those people were receptive to that idea, the church at the brewery was born .

It is a very good idea as they do not have to maintain and upkeep a place and those resources would be devoted to more important charitable causes.

The church is not affiliated to any denominations. The minister believes in simplicity and the understanding of God’s word, fulfilling the church mission and to serve others.

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