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Hillary Clinton The Come Back Kid

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The polls were merciless, giving Obama 39% and Hillary 29% for a double digit gains. It looked like a another easy runaway victory for Obama .Obama was charging forward like a runaway train leaving Clinton far behind.

Everybody loves a champion of the people and the news all said that Obama would be a sure winner. How wrong were those polls.

The people of New Hampshire proved those polls wrong. Hillary and John McCain lead in New Hampshire. The next round will be in South Carolina and South Dakota.

Clinton was hit left and right and in the first vote count in New Hampshire, she did not even get a single vote while Obama received 9 votes. It looked like a very steep uphill task for the New York Senator. She lose in Iowa to Obama and a lose in New Hampshire would be unthinkable and would hurt her chances of being a Democratic nominee for president.

It was like she was fighting for her survival in New Hampshire. Iowa was different because of the youth votes went to Obama. Even those women voters too crossed over to Obama and only those older women above 60 voted for Clinton. Her strategy in Iowa failed her and she decided to go for broke in New Hampshire.

She was always composed and I have never seen her cried even when her husband was accused in the Lewinsky scandal. She showed her true self and urged the women and the youth to vote for her. She even dragged her daughter Chelsea to campaign for her. She was like a lioness cornered and fought back tooth and nail. Obama got mauled and he came back down on Earth.

It proved decisive and pipped Obama at the finishing lines in New Hampshire. She got 39% of the votes while Obama received 36% and John Edwards a far back at 17%. It looks like a Hillary and Obama fight all the way. Hillary should perform better in the more populous states as it is different in Iowa or New Hampshire. It will be a long marathon race.

I think Clinton is better and more suitable candidate than Obama because he is young and untested. Clinton has the experience to do the job.


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Beware The Office Piranha’s And The Crocodile Dundee’s!

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The piranha is the dreaded South American carnivorous fish that can pick you clean in a few minutes with their razor sharp teeth.. They swim in a group and when they smell meat or blood, they will attack in a frenzy.

In the office, there are also piranhas who watch out for those bosses or high flying colleagues. They will attack and bite and they do not care if they are married or single. If you swim where the piranha live, then your life is in peril. LOL!

The piranhas will purposely get pregnant by you and you will be hooked for life or pay support for their children sired by them or if you did not meet their demands , they will set out to destroy you.. Pity those men who are weak and easily succumbed to those man killers.

When there is an office party and alcohol is flowing freely, the piranhas and crocodiles will appear and surface and woe to those men or women who have a tad too much and became drowsy. Here comes your friendly piranhas and crocodiles who would dance the whole night with you till you don’t know what hit you.

If you want to know, what an office piranha looks like, you can follow this link;-,22049,23001714-5006007,00.html


Similar to the piranhas are the crocodile Dundee’s. The office maybe a good place to look for a mate but could also be a dangerous place for those who are married.

Not all offices will see a piranha or croc, while some offices will have plenty.

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Britney Spears “Blackout.”

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Why are they so rigid and must play by the rules set by the court?

Surely, justice can be tempered by mercy. Can two adults not see eye to eye for the sake of the children’s welfare? Why should they use the full brunt of the law to dictate how a family live?

Those two people should settle amicably between them but instead had to go to court. Once when those lawyers took over, this is expected, everything by the book.

What is wrong if the mother wants to keep the children for a few more days? The children are in no danger. I feel very sorry for her for this guy is really so hard on her .Whatever they are fighting for, it is only the children who will suffer .

If you think of your children , you will never deny them of their mother’s love. There is always a compromise between warring couples but this couple has gone beyond reconciliations and want to fight to the finish.

A court commissioner on Friday gave sole physical and legal custody of the former couple’s two little boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James to Federline and suspended the troubled pop star’s visitation rights.

This is like a death sentence for any mother and it is worse than death. It is very sad and heartbreaking to have to come to such a decision. In some divorces, the man may threaten the woman and won’t allow them to see their kids.

Why is the man so selfish? They are immature and plain stupid to see beyond their shallow minds. They rather see their children grow up without a mother’s love. Their mind is full of revenge and want to torment their ex to no ends.

The children will miss their mothers and will cry day and night for their mothers. It will be a pitiful and pathetic sight and will wear the fathers or whoever is taking care of those kids. Some fathers just use their children as pawns in the battle with their wives. Sometimes, it is just about pride and ego or money and properties.

When the children grow up, they will seek their natural mothers. There is no way you can stop them. There have been cases of marrying across the international borders and separated children.

I think she should pull herself up and make things right and she will get to see her kids. Or fully concentrate on her career and know that her kids are well taken care by their father .It is like sending them off to boarding schools. Or get married again and have kids.

Whatever happens, it is destiny. Dig in and just hang in there! Winter will soon pass..

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Congratulations To Obama And Mike Huckabee !

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After Iowa ,next New Hampshire.

The results are out and Obama won with Edwards second and Clinton 3rd for the Democrats and Mike Huckabee won over Romney for the Republicans. It was the candidates message of change which won the day . The younger voters voted for Obama, while the older women voters voted for Clinton. Obama garnered 38% of the votes, Clinton 29% and Edwards 30%.

Though disappointed being on the third placing, Clinton cannot be ruled out because this is just the first primary .There are over 20 primaries and it is like a marathon. The next primary will be in New Hampshire in 5 days time on Jan 8. She has tremendous resources and her name appeal to a wider spectrum in the US. It is too early to tell the course of this election.

You can be a great and charismatic orator and issue plenty of promises but when you sit on that throne, you will not be able to carry out those promises .it is not the same when you aspire for the throne and being on the throne. It would take an experience person to know the tricks and intricacies of the government to effect changes. In that, Clinton have Bill Clinton as the master. I think she will be better placed to change things and get things done.

But an Iowa victory, while important, is no guarantee of national success. The 1992 winner for the Democrats was Tom Harkin. Trailing way behind him was Bill Clinton, who went on to capture the presidency. (

Will history repeat itself?


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D-Day! Iowans Decide For The Next President

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Who will win in Iowa?

The voters in Iowa will decide on Thurday whether to choose Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards for the Democrats and Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee for the Republicans. This is the campaign for the top spot in the first nominating contest. The winner will get a boost as the top front runner in the party’s nomination battle.

According to the latest polls, Clinton and Obama are tied at 28 with Edwards at 26 points and Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, led former Massachusetts Gov. Romney by two points in the Republican race.

Iowa is a small, Midwestern, rural state and have a low number of voters. The polls could not be trusted . The winner will be decided by the voter turnout.

This time around, there is a woman candidate and an African American candidate and if the democrats win, it will create a history of sort’s .It is a toss between an experience woman and a trans formative black man. Behind Hillary Clinton is Bill Clinton, who was a two term popular president.

How will the women voters vote in Iowa? If the majority of women choose their own kind because Hillary represents them and understand them better, then I think Hillary Clinton will win over Obama. Obama is still young, while Clinton is 60. She has vast experience in administration and should have the edge over the young and green Obama.

I hope Hillary Clinton wins In Iowa. I like Obama for his intellect and eloquence. The Democrats have a very strong team.

May the best man or woman win and my ‘ congratulations’ to the winner .

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Help! I Am falling In Love With My Teacher!

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When you are just in your sweet and tender 16-17 and you are just aware of your sensual feelings. The first man you will adore and possibly love will be your teachers. Many girls will silently admire or have a crush on their teachers and only a few would fall in love with the teacher outright. Some would have puppy love or infatuations.

They appear to your childish and young immature eyes as an epitome of a real and perfect man. He has everything that you idolize in a man, smart, intelligent, career and an aura of manliness about him.

He maybe 20 years your senior but you do not mind the age gap as long as you think he is in love with you and you think you are made for each other. The love maybe one sided and you will be thinking of him all the time. When you see him, your heartbeat goes a flutter. You have very strong feelings for him. You are falling in love with your teacher and it can affect your studies. If you cannot eat or sleep well, always thinking of that teacher then you have a problem.

Many of us when we were young too had such feelings in varying degrees for our teachers but we managed to outgrow those feelings.

From an over view of those cases where the students fell in love and married their teachers, many of them were separated after a few years. Those girls were too young to understand life and being a young mum with kids and responsibilities of a home was too much for them. They themselves still need to be looked after. The age different did kicked in after they were married, he became too old to enjoy your youthful activities and you don’t share his .

As a teacher, they should try to nip the problem in the bud. Teachers should be professional and should not abuse their position over their young charges. It is inappropriate to have any relationship with the students no matter what. Their job is to teach and to help their students to understand the subjects they teach.

You may love your teacher for who he is, but you should never have any relationship with him. It is not right because you are still too young to understand what love is all about. At your age, you should be studying and preparing yourself for a better tomorrow.

Don’t sell yourself short !

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Should A Girl Confess Her Love To Him?

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If you love him, what is wrong with telling him that? If you wait for him to say,” I love you.” to you, you may have to wait till the moon is blue. If he runs away and hide under his mother’s skirt , then he is too young for you. LOL!

It does not matter who said first . Someone has to start the ball rolling and if you are the first then you will know if he is game or not. Time may not be on your side and you are tired of playing the guessing games. Is he interested or not? He maybe the shy type and in which case, you will have to lead him into your parlour.

In this present age, we are all equal. I don’t believe that it will make the girls feel cheap or desperate. If the men think so, then he is the dinosaur type which should be extinct. LOL!

It is not good to keep those feelings inside of you. The ball is at his feet and if he does not want to play ball, then you don’t have to waste your time with him. He is not ready for the next phase of serious relationship.

If you still love him, then you should allow him more time to think about your relationship. You must be prepared for the worst. If he is not interested, then treat him like a friend and not a prospect.

If he really loves you, then he would response in kind. At this stage, you need to confirm your status and you don’t want to be neither here or there. You had enough of the anxieties and fretfulness of not knowing what is in his mind.

Many a man would welcome such a declaration from her as this would make his chase easier. A lot of men fear rejections and dare not pop that question to the girls. It may frighten her off.

Some men have this bad experience of wanting to tell her his feelings but when the girl knows about his intentions, she would avoid him and end their friendships. That is because she has no feelings for him but only as a friend. The men misconstrued her actions. If you are absolutely sure, she loves you then you only tell her your true feelings or you will step on her booby trap.

It may not be easy to tell him of your love. It is rather difficult to say it out in front of him. You can do the little, little things for him to show your love and affections for him .But if he is obtuse or dense, he will not see the love in you.

He needs to be told directly or in writing. Writing letters or in this modern age, emails are a good medium to tell your feelings. Write a few letters first and then you can declare your love to him.

Even when you meet after, only the two of you know .You can better express your feelings in letters than communicating directly. Letters are more influential as they can be read and reread as many times as they want. You can also be more romantic in your letters. Your thoughts will be uninterrupted.

If you want love, you must give love, if he is the one for you, he will not fly away.

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Do A Person’s Private Life Affects His Public Image?

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A Malaysian Minister was forced to resign recently because of his indiscretions with a personal female friend. His tryst in the hotel was caught on video and subsequently produced in DVD format and spread around in his home state. It became public knowledge when the newspaper ran a story about the DVD which led him to admit that he was the one in the DVD.

If you want to enjoy a sex roam with your partner, you should go to those high class and more expensive hotels, for those medium or low class and cheap hotels, they have peeping toms or those with video phones or spy cameras to record their actions.

This was what a friend who works in the hotel line told me about .The hotel where he worked have a special room set up for those quickies. Those walls have eyes. LOL! Not all hotels do that except those unscrupulous and shady ones. The minister’s case could be a sting job.

In politics , there are friends and foes and you don’t know who are your true allies .Friends can be foes and who are willing to stick a knife into your back.

Just like the most famous case of the former President of the USA. He was impeached and had to step down.He denied any wrong doings till the end even when there were incriminating evidence of the DNA .

Even if you had an affair, you should never admit it even if it is the truth. LOL! Your wife wants confirmation from you but have no proof. She can only suspect unless she hires a PI and got the evidence.

You still ought to lie through your teeth even with those evidence if you want to save your marriage.Once, you admit the guilt, your marriage is over.If you don’t admit , she still has a tinge of doubt and would not leave.

Whoever says that having an illicit sex affair will not hurt anybody?If your spouse were to sleep with another person, won’t you feel hurt? If you don’t feel any hurt,then you are not human but a vegetable. LOL!

When you commit adultery , you break the sanctity of a marriage and the trust of your partner and hurt your spouse like hell and also your children and if you are a high public figure,it is even worse , you showed that you are a hippocrate of the highest order and unfit to be a leader. Leaders are to be judged more harshly. You may marry 2 or 3 wives or has a harem like in some countries and that is better then screwing around behind your wife’s back. The wife of this minister did a Hillary Clinton , for what else can she do ?

We can forgive him but there is a price to pay for those sins.I believe there are ministers or leaders who sleep around and they were more discreet . They may hide from us but not from God. Power , money and sex are like a trinity . When you have power and money , sex will follow.

There are always two sides to a coin. Some would say that what he did in private should not be taken into account or whatever he does in private is his own affairs. Are we holier than thou?

Should we accept this view?

Well! I don’t think I can accept that view. A public official should be above board and should be seen to be clean, honest and have high morals. It is not O.K to screw another woman when you are married. That is considered adultery. Even going to the prostitute is wrong for a high public official.

You may give the excuse that you are only human. Yeah! That’s right, but as a public figure; you cannot do that because it would promote promiscuity to the younger generations. You are saying adultery is not wrong because everyone is screwing each other. You are tainted and it will affect your life and work. You preached to others about morality but you yourself don’t follow what you preached.(Hippocrates )

You may be a very good administrator but your personal integrity has gone to the dogs. There is nothing left to salvage and the only best way is for you to resign and save everyone the blushes.

Those in power should realized that they cannot rule forever.They may appear to be in control and all powerful but God is more powerful .

If you are going for a regular tryst, you should not be like Mrs. Robinson in the movie ,’The Graduate ‘ played by Dustin Hoffman, where everyone in the hotel recognize you and know what you will be doing there. LOL! Humans like convenience and the same place will land you in trouble like in this case.(,4136,152384,00.html?)

You need to change places frequently like those spies.

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Kenya In Turmoil-Church Burned Down.

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A church in Kenya was burned to the ground where about 100 people had sought refuge from angry mobs. An angry mob which was not satisfied with the recent elections doused the Kenya Assemblies of God church with petrol before setting it on fire. The church is near Eldoret, about 297 kilometres from the capital Nairobi.

At least 30 people including children and women were burned to death in the church and others who were hacked to death with machetes when they fled the burning church. The majority of those killed in the church were Kikuyu, the same tribe as Mr. Kibaki.

It is a terrible tragedy and even God’s sanctuary is not spared. It has been trampled upon and innocent blood has been spilled on it. The wrath of God be upon those who commit such heinous crimes on innocent people.

This riots and violence is reminiscence of the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda in 1994 where half a million people were killed. The situation is very volatile and could degenerate into civil disobedience and ethnic clashes or civil war.

In many 3rd world countries, the law courts are not independent and the only means of righting a wrong is through violence or mob rule. This is a sad reality of those democratic countries which are in name only and where elections results can be rigged or manipulated.

We can only pray fervently for those people who are suffering and that God will spare them from further bloodshed

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Woman Dies For Lack Of Medical Care.

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It is incredible and inconceivable to read this news of a 89 year old woman who was shuttled to and fro from 30 hospitals who could not admit her for her sickness, claiming their hospital were full or there was a lack of doctors.

She was vomiting and had diarrhea. She lives in the second most industrialized and rich nation in this world. Her heart could not take it anymore and she died while on the way to one hospital which finally accepted her for treatment.

There was another tragic case of a pregnant woman who died after being refused admission by about 20 hospitals that said they were full.

This is a very sad reflection of those people in power who has let the people down. Such a situation is untenable and speaks volume of those authorities in power. Her death was unfortunate  for those who swear by the Hippocratic Oath and yet did not lift a hand to help her.

Even their own people are treated shabbily ,what about those illegal workers who worked there? If you get treated by the hospitals, your fees would be astronomical in that country.Most of those workers will have to be their own doctors and buy their medicines OTC.

I am lucky for even if my country is a 3rd rate power, there is still the government hospital when you are sick. There are many private hospitals and clinics around for those who can afford better services. For the poor, they will have to go to the government hospitals .It is simply too expensive even for the middle class people to go to the private hospitals unless they have those health insurance.

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