Miss China M/s.Zhang Zi Lin- Miss World 2007

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Updated 3rd Dec.2007

I cannot remember when a Chinese ever became a Miss World or for that matter any Chinese girl ever became a Miss World in the history of this competition.

Most of the Miss World finalist usually comes from South America. From Asia, India, Philippines and Thailand supplied the winners.

Miss. China who is the tallest contestant at 182 centimeters , won the title Miss World 2007 in her own country .Her father is 1.8m tall, while her mother, a lecturer at the China Agricultural University, is 1.7m tall. China has come a long way.

Contestants were rated on an array of disciplines, including physical fitness, style, dress, personality and beauty.

Twenty-three-year-old Zhang Zi Lin was crowned the winner in Sanya, China. Miss Angola, Micaela Reis, came second and Miss Mexico,Carolina Moran Gordillo third at the beauty pageant, held on the southern holiday island of Hainan.

Miss Angola was a surprise winner while the favourite Miss Dominican Republic did not make it into the finals.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To be a judge is not easy job, when everyone of them are so beautiful.In a different place and different judges, the outcome may not be the same. In this year, luck favours the Chinese .

Congrats to her and all the people in the China PR and hope that she will be a very good ambassadress and help out with all those charitable organizations . A beauty with a purpose and not just a pretty face.

The other two finalists were Valene Maharaj from Trinidad & Tobago and Annie Oliv from Sweden. The other semi finalist were Austria, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Grenada, Hong Kong China, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sweden, United States and Venezuela.

Zhang Zilin (Chinese: 张梓琳; Pinyin: Zhāng Zǐlín) , or Zi Lin Zhang, is from the People’s Republic of ChinaShe was born on December 24 1986 , in Shi Jia Zhuang City in Hei Bei Province, then moved to the capital, Beijing. She is 5Ft 11.5 in (1.82 m) .

Her hobbies : travel; reading; watching movies, writing, sports; 100 meters jump & hurdle, triple jump, swimming, both classical and folk dancing, and listing to folk music.

Her favourite food is; fruit, chocolate, and ice cream. Zi Lin’s personal motto is “Where there’s a will there’s a way”.

She attended the University of Science & Technology and attained a Degree in Business Administration, and is now working as a fashion model.

In her final interview question ,”Why she should be selected as the Miss World and what she would do with the title ?”

She said,“There are 1.3 billion people behind me. If I win I want to become a link between the Olympic Games (in Beijing next year) and the Miss World Organization.

‘I want to use the power and beauty of Miss World to support those in need.”

She said, speaking throughout in hesitant English, adding a few words in Chinese.

She was too excited and her heart must have been fluttering and maybe butterflies in her stomach.She is a real beauty and have a very sweet disposition. I like to look at her face . She has the kind of innocent and child like face that can melt your heart.

The other titles at this Miss World contest were;-

Miss World Beach Beauty – Miss Dominican republic -Ada Aimée de la Cruz

Miss World Sports – Miss USA – Abigail McCary

Beauty With A purposee – Miss Ecuador – Valeska Alexandra Saab Gómez and Miss Hong Kong – Kayi Cheung

Miss Top Model – Miss China -Zhang Zi Lin

Miss World Talent – Miss Ghana – Irene Dwomoh

Continental Queens

Africa – Miss Angola

America’s – Miss Mexico

Asia & Oceana – Miss China

Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobaco

Europee – Miss Sweden

Miss Malaysia ,M/s Deborah Priya Henry got into the semi final stage . There were just too many sassy beauties and anyone could have won..

Congrats to Miss Malaysia ! You did your very best but it was not enough. We are very proud of your achievements and you will be our unofficial Miss World 2007 . Your odds of winning was 15/1 and some sites 20/1 and you were better than
Miss England, Georgia Horsley,who is an 80/1 outsider and Australia’s Caroline Pemberton 100/1.

List of former Miss World finalist ;-


For more of her images, courtesy of Fox


Credit and thanks to;






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21 Responses to “Miss China M/s.Zhang Zi Lin- Miss World 2007”

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[…] found the comment below about the pageant on THIS BLOG. What do you say to this? I say “Is someone hating on the ’3rd world’ or does he […]

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I think that she deserves what she has got the title Miss World 2007. Her beauty does not come from appearance.

Laura1318:- I think everyone of those finalist deserved to be winners. There is not much that separates them. Different judges will have different results.

Only an all omnipotent Creator could make such a
beautiful creature.

Hi webmaster!

Laura1318:- Hi! Thanks for dropping over!

Hey pakikaki, gimme a fuckin’ break… China hosted Miss World for a couple times, several years already..and those Chinese candidates certainly did not win. Zhang Zilin was considered a heavy favorite at the start already and not just by the media in China. I too do not agree and can be critical of how the Chinese government runs its country, however political affairs shouldn’t be infused with everything.

She is incredibly beautiful, very sweet-looking. Come on guys, give China a break. I’m tired of seeing the same countries win over and over again.

I think that she deserves what she has got the title Miss World 2007. Her beauty does not come from appearance.

as you see…..Zi Lin Zhang is a bit haughty. She replied the journalists: “I’m talented enough to participate in the MISS WORLD 2007 contest.”. Yet, she said that she had never dreamt of becoming miss world before. Therefore, she just exploited her title to prove that she’s talented. In fact, is she really talented? Who knows? One more thing is that she’s too SKINNY just iike other Chinese girls. I have visited China once and i know that girls there are really skinny. She doesn’t look beautiful at all. And she’s too tall that makes her look manlike. She was chosen to be miss world 2007 because China will hold Olympic games 2008. You guys should pay more attention to other girls. Miss Malaysia really deserves to be miss world 2007. Sadly, she wasn’t even chosen to be one of the top 5 finalists. And miss Vietnam is really beautiful and tender, too…..So, this was very unfair…..!!!!

she deserves what she achived the title miss world 2007

This is a post to “pakikaki”, I suggest that spell checking your ill-considered and flaw-ridden attack on Miss China would be very handy indeed.

For example, I think you’ll find that it’s actually ‘supersCeded’ as opposed to your ‘superseeded’.

i think she deserved it. it’s a first time thing for china to have someone win and by her winning, it causes a change in china. it even set off a debate. where will china go from here? they lifted the ban on beauty pageants. i’m glad she won.

Be fair to Miss China. Eventhough she spoke in halting English, her reply during the last round was apparently the best and most relevant to the question. The other’s answers were simply off the subject! I am sure Miss China’s title is well deserved.

The event is held in China and Miss China is chosen as Miss World… coincidence ?, I think NOT. This is just as unfair to the really pretty and talented girls, as when they started handing out those “pity-titles” to African and Indian contestants. This is Political Correctness and Affirmative Action –at it’s worst.

I commiserate with all those girls who rightly feel wronged upon seeing Miss China advancing ahead of them, without being able to say their peace. Miss China didn’t even belong in the semi, let alone get into the top 5. To be crowned, was a crime. A shameless, brazen miscarriage of justice.

I feel sorry for Miss Angola and Trinidad & Tobago. To come so close and then be superseeded. I wouldn’t be surprised, if in the years to come, the girls from the west refuse to participate in these sham ‘selections’ and tell the rest of the world to put the tiara up it’s third-world-a55.

Laura1318: In life, there are losers and winners. In another place , another time , different rules. That is life.

See her beautiful winning and modeling pictures at:


Laura1318: Thank you very much for this link.

Face it! She is a beauty. Period!!

i think a woman so tall would b intimidating to me 🙂

Laura1318: Tall women have difficulty finding the right mates. They end up marrying short men but love is in the air.They don’t see their faults..LOL!

David Alex, you’re obviously too self-centred to believe your taste wasn’t good enough to become the winner. It’s also obvious why you bash politically because your self-centredness prevents you from thinking about the community and communist principles. Change your attitude and do us all a favour.

Only an all omnipotent Creator could make such a
beautiful creature.

How very beautiful she is.M/s Zhang zi lin i am very fond of you.i like you too much..

What a piece of crap. She was rigged to win the contest beacuse 2008 is the communist CHina’s year for the Olympics so they had her win this year to make good PR, this is pure communist crapola. The world shyould wake up the communist CHina’s petty tricks that are NOT pretty. The girl is okay, but she won by a rigged contest. Protest everyone!

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