Boobs R Us …!!!

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This is not a toy store selling boobs..LOL! It caters for women ‘s toys only. Well! It is connected to the boobs industry somewhat. Want to have bigger boobs but don’t have the cash?

There is now an easy way for those who want a boob job, face lift ,rhinoplasty, liposuction, botox injections and dental work.

If you don’t have the money for those operations , no problem .Those Boobs R Us can give you loans  and you can pay back by instalments.

The number of people opting for such loans is on the rise and many girls earned their money to splurge on beautiful clothes and accessories .

Why not on cosmetic surgery which can give them a big boost in their self esteemed  and in their careers? Beautiful girls gets the goodies and the promotions. This is girl culture which men don’t understand.

Is it ethical to have a beauty operation by paying instalments?I don’t see much difference in having the cash to pay for it or having the facilities to pay by instalments.

It is like buying a car or a house. Those rich fellas can pay cash while those not so rich can pay by instalments. They want to have it now and cannot wait to save up , by then they may be too old ..LOL!

It is unlike a car or a house, if you cannot pay up your loans , they cannot repossessed your boobs!..LOL!

Have you decided ? Going ‘Bust or Boobs!’

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3 Responses to “Boobs R Us …!!!”

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the idea of ”loan” is u assume such purchase will provide u sufficiet capital appreciation or yield that eventually outrun the interests………..

does bigger boobs give u bigger revenue or career advancement? wat kind a job these people must be doing?!

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