Should You Forgive A Cheat?

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When I was small , I used to listen to this song,’Your Cheating heart’ . It was very popular in the early sixties and seventies.

This song was written and recorded by the American country and music singer and songwriter Hank Williams and released after his death in 1953. It was one of the greatest country music song and one of those evergreen oldies .

Divorces were few and rare in those times , unlike the present generations where couples just break up over some mundane and frivolous issues.

Today , with the advent of the internet and the borderless world and the technological advancement in the electronic fields, the means of communications has been fine tuned to perfection for extra marital affairs.

Issues like porn watching , cyber sex ,MSM , chats, facebook or e-mails which can provide a medium for adulterous and dangerous liaison’s .

The temptations are much greater now because the women are working along side with the men .Couple with the fact that the modern ,emancipated and liberated women are much more educated than their mother’s generations. With the sexual revolution of the sixties where women enjoy equal rights with men , the sanctity of marriages has never been threatened like before.

With all those factors , it is not surprised that many cheated on their partners. Some ended up in divorces because they could not forgive or give their marriage another chance. Others stayed on and fought and repaired their marriages.

Will you forgive your cheating partner or cut and run?

It is easy to give advice to people in those circumstances but when it hits you , you are lost and do not know what to do.

Women and men react differently . Most women are able to forgive and carry on with their life with their imperfect spouse. Forgiveness and healing may take a very long time but in the end , she is able to overcome her hurts for a stronger relationship.

For most men , it is quite impossible to forgive a cheating wife. The marriage will never be the same again and they are like a ship that has been torpedoed and limping all the way on its journey home.

It depends on how deep one’s love is for the other. Sometimes, no love is strong enough to hold the marriage together and after many years of togetherness, the marriage sinks and they go separate ways.

All because we cannot forgive the other and we expect perfections or too much from our partners.If you have tried all your very best and the marriage still cannot work , then there is no other alternative but divorce.

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