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Lust,Caution Virus On The Prowl !

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 Ang Lee’s steamy “Lust, Caution” has become a massive hit in China, and the award-winning film is also helping spread online computer viruses, according to state media.

Hackers make use of popular websites to plant their viruses and Trojan horses . It is not safe to download anything from the internet unless you have a very good anti virus programs which can detect them.


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Women Work Harder Than men .

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Women feel they need to work harder than men to prove that they are as capable and equal as the men. Why do they have to do that? There are some things women can excel better than the men and some things men can excel better than women. It is the minds that matter and not the gender.

Do these women set higher standards for themselves? Or is society expecting too much from women. Perhaps women want to gain favours from their boss.

Women are born with an eye to details. Every minor detail does not escape the scrutiny from their eyes. They need to do certain things which will appeal to their eyes .This need for perfections can be a pain in the ass.

She applies it to every part of her life. She thinks she can multi task and takes on several roles .She essentially wants to be a super woman, taking on several jobs and eventually runs out of steam.

Women should learn to relax and not go out to prove their abilities. We know what they are capable off .They should not worry about those who view them as stereotype women. Let others think what they liked. Just enjoy your life but many modern women are miserable and tired. They are working too hard and too long.


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If You Are Infertile …

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According to a newly discovered copy of a 17th-century book by an English physician, one surefire way to conceive was for the woman to down a concoction of hare’s spittle mixed with wine.

Give to the woman without her knowledge the womb of a Hare to eat”,

The remedies are offered in William Sermon’s The Ladies Companion, or The English Midwife, which was published in London in 1671.

It seems like the rabbit is one animal that is good at reproducing at a rapid rate. If you cannot stomach eating the innards, then maybe have more rabbit stews or rabbit satay or kebabs. Rabbits make lovely pets but for the sake of having children , you are sacrificed.

Another traditional method is to adopt a child and then it will make you fertile. I have seen several cases and it is quite true. It does happen.

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A Bizzare Judge In The US.

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A US judge has been removed from the bench for jailing 46 people after none of them admitted responsibility for a ringing mobile phone in his courtroom.

Somebody’s hand phone rang and the judge wanted to know whose was it but none owned up to it. He ordered all the 46 people in the court to go to jail. Who is this guy think he is?


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1500 Speed Trap Cameras Will Be Installed On Malaysian Roads.

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Malaysian police plan to set up 1500 more traffic cameras on certain stretches of the road to catch motorist who break the laws by March 2008.

WOW! Not only that, they will be fined Rm$300.00 on the spot. Now Malaysian drivers must obey the laws or risk losing Rm300.00 which is a lot of money to the poor.

In Britain there are many examples of speed cameras being beaten, burned and hacked down by angry motorists. In the US, a man shot at a speed camera with a high powered gun and destroyed it..LOL!

What is the purpose of those speed cameras? We all know what those speed cameras are for! The purpose is to milk you poor guys of your money and not some thing about safe driving.

If it is about safe driving, then station some officers or a bogus cut out figure like in some countries by the road and drivers will not speed. But, the police will say they lacked the manpower. They only have the manpower to come and catch you because you did not pay the traffic summons..LOL!


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Cured By Eating Daughter’s Poo.

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Who says shit has no value? A grandmother was saved by eating her daughter’s shit, not like the way you eat a cake but was fed intravenously through a tube in the mouth.

Some Japanese drink their own urine and eat their own shit. Yuck! Some use the shit as a face mask.Drinking their own urine is healthy as those urine will go thought the digestive system again and extract out what is still useful. I don’t know if it is true or not. You will  need sometime to get used to this diet..LOL!

I have drunk my own urine. It has a peculiar smell like ammonia but I don’t find it enjoyable. If you are stranded in the middle of the sea or desert and there is no water, you may have to drink your urine to survive. You will not get sick.

But eating raw shit is certainly not advisable as there could be potentially dangerous virus and bacteria, Salmonella and E-Coli which can make you sick.

A grandmother Ethel McEwan 83, from Guardbridge in Scotland who contracted a potentially fatal super bug, Clostridium Difficile has been saved after a hospital fed her daughter’s faeces to her.

The treatment involves liquidizing a sample of faeces from a close relative of the patient, and feeding the liquid down a tube into the stomach.

The treatment restores the bacteria to levels at which they help the recovery process.

In the traditional Chinese medicine practice, they collect those maggots that are found on those faeces and dried them and make them into medicine.


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To Forgive Is Divine.

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To err is only human and to forgive is divine. Everyone makes mistakes and we tend to hurt the one we love the most. With our friends, we think of them and put on our filters and want to be seen as nice guys but with our love ones we simply hit out without any second thoughts. This is human nature.


When we want to speak to our love ones, we need to think twice and think of the consequences before it is uttered out. Words once spoken out cannot be taken back. A sorry may suffice but the hurt may not go away. It will leave a scar on that person.


Sometimes, the hurt is too deep and even a sorry will not mend the broken heart. It is easy to preach about forgiveness. You maybe able to forgive small mistakes but for big mistakes it would be impossible for some.


If you are a Christian, it would be easier for you to forgive others no matter how big the mistake is. You need God’s help to forgive others. If you cannot forgive others, you cannot come before God to ask for God’s forgiveness. Every one of us makes mistakes. We are not perfect.


When we learn how to forgive others, we can move on with our life. We do not increase our emotional baggage. In life, if we keep all those unforgiveness and grudges we will be dragged down by the weight of those sins. Why carry those emotional baggage’s when you can lighten them?


Do they give you any advantages by carrying all those unforgiveness? It will not but it can destroy you or burn your insides. You will burn with anger and resentments and may cause you stomach ulcers or affect your health .You may think of the ways for revenge and your limited resources may be used unproductively. A Chinese saying,’ The fire that burns inside of you, burn you more than your enemy.” He probably forgot about what he did or said to you and moved on.


You will be the one who will have to pay dearly if you do not forgive those who hurt you.

Once you forgive, you will have peace and think no more of that problem or it will come back and haunt you always whenever his/her name is mentioned or come into contact.

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From 36A To 36DD – Boobs Mania.

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When you have a normal size boob, everything is normal. Nobody will notice you or pay any particular attentions to you and people will go on with their life as usual..

But when your boobs suddenly swelled up from 36A to 36DD or from nothing to something the world quickly wakes up to take notice of your chest. Its effect on men and some women can be profound, either with admirations or envious disdain. With that size, it can hardly go unnoticed and you would not want to hide it but to flaunt your bountiful assets.

With a bigger boob, not only others are giving you the leering look but you yourself will begin to be self conscious of your boobs too.

This is what I call boob power. Men will be very helpful and will go out of the way to help you.

Well! If you are going to show half of your asset to the world or your cleavage, you cannot blame men for eying your chest. It is very irresistible to look and sometimes ogled at.

This would mean that when you walk on the streets, many prying eyes will scan your boobs and you will have to get used to this rude stares. Some may not only stare or ogled at your boobs but will also let go of some favourable or unfavourable comments.

Some men may just salivate like waterfall or have nose bleeds..LOL! Some will have shaky hands or weak in their knees and their voice can only mutter and cannot speak normally.

Some women may purposely want to attract attentions to their boobs by revealing more flesh so that the looker will not see her other faults in other parts of the body or face.

Having such a big boob will get you the attentions and make you feel sexy and feminine but it has its drawbacks, it could also be painful, irritating and humiliating. You will be checked out, and commented on, like some prize heifer.


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Choosing The Sex Of Your Baby .

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Do you want a boy or a girl? Sometimes we may wish but nature has its own way. We may increase the odds of getting what we want by eating certain foods. This could be grandmother’s tales or folklore but it is worth a try as you don’t lose anything.

What a mother eats maybe the key to the sex of the baby. More research maybe needed in this area.

Red meat and salty snacks are said to lead to boys while chocolate is thought to help to produce girls. A diet rich in sugar may produce more females.

Sex is determined by a chromosome contained in the sperm – X for a girl and Y for a boy. Women have two X chromosomes. Does that mean also that men have to eat certain foods to produce more or X or Y chromosomes?

A woman’s body may be acidic or alkaline during certain periods of the month. She could make her body more acidic or alkaline by consuming those acidic or alkaline foods. The Y-chromosomes thrive better in an acidic environment.

Acidic and alkaline food chart.

The X- chromosomes are better swimmers and are marathon runners while the Y- chromosomes are sprinters. That is why you get more girls..LOL!

To have a better success rate for a boy, you need to help the Y-chromosomes by dumping them as far in as possible. The Y-chromosomes can get lost on the way and they don’t ask for directions.

For those who can afford it , IVF can be the answer.

IVF success story in Malaysia.

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Miss Malaysia 2007 – M/s. Deborah Priya Henry

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The newly crowned Miss Malaysia/World 2007 is M/s Deborah Priya Henry of Indian and Irish parentage . She is a full-time model, who was born in Dublin 21 years ago, grew up in Kuala Lumpur and has a degree in political science and economics from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

She is involved with World Vision, the international humanitarian aid organization which is the beneficiary of this year’s pageant.

According to some websites, Miss Malaysia is a hot favourite to win, easily falling within the top 10. On one site, she is listed with 15:1 odds

Previously, there was a Miss Malaysia M/s.Lina Teoh who got the 2nd runner up. Will she do better than her? This Saturday, you will know the results. Wish her all the luck in the world.

Her bio;-

Other contestants at;-,4136,149117,00.html?


You can see her image here-


Past winners of Miss. Malaysia titles;-

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