The dramatic rescue of a 2 years old girl from the eight floor window.

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A two years old girl was a tug of war between the suicidal father and a rescuer on an eight floor window in Chengdu , China.

She was saved by the rescuer and thanks God that she was lucky to be alive and a tragic incident averted.

It is so horrible and terrifying to witness such a calamitous scene.

The suicidal father who was on drugs was gripping the ankle of his daughter and dangling her outside the eight floor window and threatening to throw her down.

Why did the father threaten to throw her down from the eight floor?

It is very sad when the parents take out their stress and frustrations and hit on the innocent child.

They are irrational and whatever the reasons, he should not have done that .It is very inhuman.

Life is precious and furthermore when they are only a young and defenseless child.

There have been cases where the man could not cope with looking after a child and they became violent and went into a rage with dangerous results.

Sometimes , it is about problems in their relationships where the mother devotes too much of her time on her baby and neglecting her man. This can be a source of contentions between them.

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Dead for 5 years and no one noticed !

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Had her downstairs neighbour not noticed water dripping through her ceiling, she would still be dead and unnoticed by anyone.Nobody noticed any foul smell coming out from her flat?

The badly decomposed remains of an 89-year-old woman,Miss Purves were discovered in her flat five years after she died,

This is a sad reflections of the times we live in. You could be dead and nobody knows until something drastic happens and you are discovered.

People who lives alone are vulnerable. If they do not work or have any relatives or friends, they may die without anyone knowing or unable to get help while dying.

In today’s busy living world, there is no time to get to know our neigbours. We all mind our own business and ignore our neigbours.

After work , we will return home and locked ourselves in our homes and enter into our own private world.

In the modern city life, it is everyone for himself/herself.We have no time for our neigbours unless there are advantages to us. Otherwise, we don’t give a damned about our neighbours.

Sometimes neighbours too,do not like to mix around or kept aloof from us. It could either be a misunderstandings or a growing social problem.

Nobody noticed she was missing as her pension was paid directly into a bank account and bills were paid by direct debit.The convenience of modern life has its drawbacks.

This is a very sad but true case. It is not easy living next to a loner because old people can be obnoxious and sometimes they can cause frictions or troubles or do not like people to poke into their business.

As the population grows older, this will become a common occurrence in the foreseeable future unless the government does something about it.

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Drink breast milk to boost immune system to fight cancer ?

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Her father has colon and liver cancer.After watching a TV documentary about the health benefits of breast milk, she decided to share her breast milk with her father and son and in the hope that her father would get cured.

Georgia Browne, 27, expresses her milk after feeding her own baby son – and delivers it from Bristol to her parents’ home in Wiltshire.

Her daughter researched from the internet and read that a man swore that his tumour was reduced from drinking breast milk from a milk bank in the USA.

After sharing her milk with his grandson for a month , scans has shown that his cancer had improved.

U.S. researchers claims that breast milk can cure cancer in children . I don’t know if it is true or not but there is no harm trying .

Science may not have discovered a cure for cancer yet. There are many new discoveries about the cure for cancer but many of them are yet proven to be effective and many people are still dying of that disease.

There are all kinds of claims for cancer cure and it is difficult to believe if they are true.

Some cancer patients would spent a huge amount of money to find the cure and there are unscrupulous people who would take advantage of them by recommending green tea or natural herbs at exorbitant prices.

The body’s immune system plays a significant role in the battle against cancer.

Breast milk contains many benefits.
These benefits include; lowered risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), increased intelligence, decreased likelihood of contracting middle ear infections, cold, and flu bugs, decreased risk of some cancers such as childhood leukemia, lower risk of childhood onset diabetes, decreased risk of asthma and eczema, decreased dental problems, and decreased risk of obesity later in life, decreased risk of developing psychological disorders .

Breastfeeding also provides health benefits for the mother. It assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size and reduces post-partum bleeding as well as assisting the mother to return to her pre-pregnancy weight.Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of breast cancer later in life.

I wish them all the best of luck and pray to God for his recovery .

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Woman beggar with RM1,800 cash hidden in her bra and panties.

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Not all beggars are poor. There are rich beggars and not so rich beggars.Some people would rather be beggars than work because it can pay well if you are in the right place.

All you have to do is to make yourself pitiful, swallow your pride and dressed in rags and there will be many people who will take pity on you and give you alms.

The takings per day can be substantial and they may even earn more than a graduate.

You won’t die from hunger because you can go into some restaurants and finished off those foods which are left behind.

The food stall owners may even give you free food to keep you away from their place.

This particular woman beggar when caught by the state Immigration Department officers ,was found with Rm1,800.00 stashed inside her bra and panties.

It is believed that she made that much in one week’s work! That is sure a lot of money in these bad times.

We hear many stories of beggars with lots of cash on their bodies and some even have large bank accounts. Some keep their money buried under the ground because they were afraid of being robbed.

There are syndicates which kidnapped young children and teach them to beg on the streets in those big towns.

There are even stories about young girls being kidnapped and had their limbs chopped off and placed in strategic places to beg. I do not know if it is true or not. It is certainly very scary and terrible to commit such a crime. To those evil perpetrators , the end justifies the means.

The next time you want to give those beggars any money, you will have to think twice. It is better to donate your money to those charity organizations which can really help those who are poor and the handicapped.

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Jyoti, the world’s smallest girl .

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She is a marvel and you would not know that she is a 15 years’ old, for her body looks like a small baby .

she stands just 1ft 11½in tall and weighs 12lb.she will remain the same size for the rest of her life.

Even though she is dwarfed by her classmates, she has a big heart. She gets the attention where ever she goes.

She lives in Nagpur in India and tries to live a normal life and she does not feel any different except only her size. She is the only exceptional one in her family. All the others are normal in size.

Many people in that region flocked to see her and some treated her like a Goddess.

She is like the fairy tale , ‘Alice in Wonderland .’ She is born into a world where everyone are giants .

She is as though a baby with a 15 year’s old brain .In time she will acquire more knowledge and this little bundle may prove to be an exceptional human being.

May God bless her and her family.

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Thailands most beautiful transsexual – Sorrawee Nattee

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She was crowned Thailand’s most beautiful transsexual at Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2009 in the beach resort of Pattaya, Thailand, beating off 29 other transsexuals.

Miss Tiffanny’s Universe is Thailand’s most popular transsexual beauty pageant. She was named Thailand’s most beautiful katoey (ladyboy or woman-of-the-2nd-category)

She is a 20 year old student from Ratchabhat Suan Sunauta University.
The contestants’ age range from 17 to 25 and 23 of them have bachelor degrees. They were not only sexy and beautiful but graduates as well.

When asked about her future plan,she hope she could run her own wedding photo gallery after college and have a successful career in the love industry.

If you were not told that they were transgenders, you would surely be fooled by their appearances.. They looked every inch like those Miss World contestants.

They are so feminine and even she cried when she was declared the overall winner.

Transgenders are those people who believed that they are females born in the male body. They took the female hormones and went for the sex change operations.

Though they looked every inch like a female on the outside yet they cannot have babies because they do not have the woman’s internal sex organs like the womb and ovaries.

Modern science have not reach the stage of having a womb or ovaries transplant. It is not feasible for the moment.

Being able to dress and act like a woman without persecutions from the authorities is all they asked.

In Thailand, transsexuals are generally accepted as a 3rd sex . They are known as ‘Katoeys’ or the ‘Ladyboys.’

In some other countries , they maybe persecuted by the authorities or open to ridiculed by their societies.

Generally, many people have unfavourable opinions of them. Some of them think of them as immoral people who are involved in the sex trade.

It is very unfortunate that many people do not understand them and label them as an aberrations and tried to conform them by sending them to jails or rehabilitation centers.

To view this picture;-
Transvestite beauty pageant contestants line up for judges during final competition at Miss Tiffany’s Universe .

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O ye, of little faith…

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Matthew 14:30
But when he [Peter] saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

Matthew 14:31

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

This is the rebuke leveled at the disciples of Christ, when seeming to doubt his divinity.

We need to have faith in our God but we need to discern what is right or wrong .

We should not test God. There are many ways God can speak to us or grant us our wish.

Modern medicine is one of God’s healing ways. The knowledge to heal all kinds of sickness comes from God.We should not reject modern medicine and think of it as paganism.

God gives us a brain to think and we need to use a lot of common sense.Blind faith is very dangerous.

Our understandings of God’s words may not be perfect and we may interpret the Bible wrongly.

Sometimes we maybe taught wrongly by those pastors too because of their lack of proficiency in that language or their lack of visions and understandings of God’s words.

They too can suffer from a lack of faith or misplaced faith.After all , they are humans too and not an angel of God.

In March last year, Madeline Neumann, 11, died from undiagnosed diabetes.

Her parents are very religious and believed only in prayers and not in modern medicine. They believed that only God can save and heal her daughter from that sickness.

Did they go overboard in their religious beliefs?

Even when she had slipped into a coma and at the point of death , their faith did not waiver and continued to be steadfast in their prayers to God.

Did God answer them ?

She died! How do you reconcile that? Was it because God allowed her to die or she was destined to die and God allowed it?

You can always rationalize for what happened but their daughter is gone.

Would it make a difference if she was given medical attentions ? Her parents did not give her that chance to live .

If they have tried and she still died, then we can say it is God’s will and accept the fait accompli. Amen!

If you are marooned on a deserted island where there is no modern hospitals , then you will have to depend on your faith alone. You do not have any choice. Life or death is in God’s hand.

And now, they stand trial for her death which prosecutors said was unnecessary.

Her mother believed in the Bible and that healing’s come from God and never expected her daughter to die !!!
She thought that it was God’s test of her faith in Him.

She did not belong to any organized religious group She decided herself and did not seek any second opinions from others.

Little knowledge is always dangerous. You know so little yet believed that you have the answers to life. They think they are God’s special children and will receive what they asked for .

Sometimes, I think many Christians are just brainwashed with those religious doctrines and cannot think for themselves anymore. They just follow blindly what their leaders tell them.It is easy to control people by using religion.

I too once acted that way till one day I left the group and began to see the truth. While inside that group , there was herd mentality and everyone would think the same way.

An autopsy showed that Madeline died from diabetes that left her with too little insulin in her body. Insulin regulates the sugar level in the blood.

The girl was finally taken to a hospital after other family members, including one in California, called 911 to seek emergency help, but it was too late.

Don’t test God nor have blind faith.God works in mysterious ways and is beyond our understandings and comprehensions.

There will be many cases like these in the future and sadly you cannot prevent it.

May you rest in peace ,Madeline Neumann. Amen!

Picture of the girl’s mother

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Buy house, get new wife!

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WOW! What a gimmick ! It must be the recession and the market slump in home sales and plunging prices.

It is a global phenomenon. Housing prices are spiraling downwards and there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet.

The severe financial crunch has left many rich people poor.Some of them could not take the pressure and committed suicide. They lose millions or billions and see all their riches gone like the wind.

Necessity is the mother of inventions.
This enterprising property company in China thought of this sizzling idea to help market their unsold houses with such a bizarre and brilliant idea.

The catchy slogan is “Get a house and gain a wife!” This would surely catch your eyes and maybe popped them out of their sockets .LOL!

All their pictures and vital statistics are posted on the company’s websites. The company is not only marketing their houses but is also the matchmaker for it’s female staff.

It is a great feeling to know that they care for their female staffs too.

Buy your dream house and take home a young and beautiful bride and live happily ever after!

I think this is really sexist as it only caters for the men. What about if the buyer is a woman ? What is there for her ? Sorry! No husband for you .

Interesting…..huh! If you are still unmarried and rich, now is the time to kill two birds with one stone.

You not only get a young bride but also a handsome dowry of 60,000 yuan . Those sales girls would pocket 8% of the sale price , get another 60,000 yuan( co- share with new husband) , a husband and a house.It is like a dream come true.

The only condition is that you have to be married for at least one year or the deal would be off.

This type of scheme if successful would soon spawn copy cats in other countries and become popular sales tactics.

Is it moral and ethical? They are not only selling their house but also their saleswomen !

If you want to think in a pessimistic and derogatory term , it is like prostituting their female sales staff.

However,on a bright and positive side, they are doing a good service to find husbands for their female sales team .

Which female staff would not want to find a rich husband and immediately become the proud co-owner of a high end property?

The problem is that there maybe a shortage of those available males because most of them would have been married or have girlfriends.

Those who could afford those expensive properties are probably too old and married .

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In gloom times, a ray of hope for humanity

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When you are old and penniless and nobody wants you, it can be a very daunting prospect of growing old  and becoming useless to society . You eke out an honest living and with your meager income ,can hardly survive with all those food prices escalating. You are on your own for those lonely and abandoned people and the government simply cannot takes care of all those poor people.

In Hong Kong, a hawker took pity on all those poor people in his vicinity and decided to give back some to society. He started providing them with free breakfast to those elderly and poor citizens.

For the Chinese people of Hong Kong and everywhere where there are Chinese people, porridge is the favourite food. It is cheap, filling  and delicious.

It is taken with fish, pork,peanuts and assorted vegetables . Pig’s intestines, ears, head ,tail and all those innards are a delicacy to the Chinese. The Western people may not share the same  taste and would be disgusted at the thought of feasting on those innards. Another favourite item to go with the porridge  is fritters  or “Yaw Chau kwei”(Cantonese).

Not only do the poor eat porridge but even those rich people do enjoy them.You can imagine all those poor and elderly people who do not have to worry anymore about where their next meal will come from . God has answered their prayers.He is an angel in disguise.

Others who came to know about his benevolent and philanthropic ways have contributed in cash and kind to help those old folks until he had to stop accepting them . His good deeds was rewarded when he struck a lottery and he had enough to feed the poor till thye end of the year.

Do good unto others or sow plenty and you will reap plenty. This is the universal law . His business has prospered and it is great to know that you should think of  those unfortunate ones and contribute your cash or kind to help them.

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Joe The Plumber

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He is an average American earning a decent living but he had the American dreams of becoming his own entrepreneur one day by buying up a business that currently employs him which may make more than $250,000.00 in a year. It was a hypothetical question.

He became famous when John McCain used him as an example of what he would lose if Barrack Obama is elected president of the USA during the third debate between them.

Joe Wurzelbacher (real name – Samuel J. Wurzelbacher ),met Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee campaigned door-to-door in Ohio. Wurzelbacher’s tete-a-tete with Obama was caught on video.

“Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?” Wurzelbacher asked.

Obama said that under his proposal taxes on any revenue from $250,000 on down would stay the same, but that amounts above that level would be subject to a 39 percent tax, instead of the current 36 percent rate.

This seems like an innocuous question to seek the truth from the lion’s mouth. There is nothing wrong with that. But after his point was highlighted by John McCain , the Obama people and those liberal MSM (main Stream media) descended on Joe the plumber and dug out all his dirt to discredit him .

He was even mocked by Obama and Biden and I think he does not deserve such a response .He was just asking a simple question and a truthful answer would have suffice. Anything more than that reflects badly on those people who cannot accept others views.

The elitist and liberal MSM have been very bias against McCain and Sarah Palin. Like the MSM here which reported the rosy news due to their vested interest or selfish agenda , the government lost 5 states to the opposition in this recent elections.

On Nov 4th, we will know the real results and the people will vote with their conscience.

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