The Darling Little Florence Nightingale.

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Chantelle Hill  is only six ,but she  knew what she had to do to save her dad who has lung cancer. She raised more than £4,000 to buy the life-saving drugs David Hill needs after he was told they were not available to him on the Health Service.

The little girl made posters bearing the words, “Please help me to save my daddy” and plastered them all over her home town of Darlington.  The money she collected could only last for 2 months medications and after that would become a big question.

 It is very sad to see a brave little girl  to go begging for donations to save her dad when those who dont work , get paid .Who is the more deserving case?

In Malaysia, when such a case happens, the newspapers would highlight the plights of such unfortunate cases and the kind and benevolent readers would donate cash to help them.Sometimes, the money donated is over in excess. 

There were cases of scams too who preyed on the kindness and generosity of the people by faking a sickness and going to the press. The newspspers had to becareful and checked out the stories before being printed.They must make sure it is a genuine case

I think her parents should go online and appeal to a world wide audience  for donations to keep her father alive. Like the case of a Chinese in China who was willing to marry anyone if  anyone could help pay for her mother’s expensive medications.

The newspapers in the UK should set up a fund to help her. This is a social responsibility.Do the sick who are poor are left to die and no one cares?One person may not be able to do much but collectively , they can do alot.Lets hope the people in the UK are more generous and come to her aid.

Dont let a small 6 year old to carry her father’s burden. Let us  pray for healings for her father and keep her father’s name  daily in our thoughts and prayers.

Chantelle Hill be brave , for God and angels will come to recue your dad.

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Trying to get an address for Chantelle Hill in Darlington to send a doonation for her dad.

Laura1318: God Bless you , maybe you could write to the author of that article at the paper’s office. Goodluck!

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