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The Breast Can Be A Lethal Weapon.

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Luana De Faveri, a barmaid down under has the ability to crush beer cans with her breast.OUCH!  Dont try this stunt at home .She is  a pro. She is such a friendly,sweet, sexy and beautiful lady and with those famous and fantastic  pair of can crushing knockers .  One boink on the head and you will be out cold! LOL!

You can see a video of how it is done.Don’t mess with her.

In my younger days, there was a very famous strip tease dancer by the name of Rose Chan. She was performing all over Malaysia in the night clubs and in cinemas in the smaller towns where there were no night clubs.

I was too young then, but I heard alot of amazing feats which she performed for her audience. She was very beautiful in her hey days and many patrons flocked to see her shows. .

She would let a big python to coil around her and wrestled with it..She could also open the cap of the bottled drinks by inserting inside of her. Not only that,she drank the liquid from the bottle  and  could also smoke a cigarette , inhaling and exhaling by using her other mouth.How she did it was a mystery. There were many tricks she performed .She was a legend .She died afew years back but her name will never be forgotten by  her fans.,22049,22651127-5001021,00.html?from=mostpop

Suggested reading on Rose Chan , a complete autobiography of her life

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Prostitutes In Naked Parade In protest!

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Some 50 prostitutes have threatened to march naked down the streets of El Alto in Bolivia after locals closed down the strip bars. Will they carry out their threats? I hope sane heads will prevail and nobody gets hurt in this issue.

There are about 400 to 500 prostitutes in that town.Those prostitutes may support other services and many will be out of job ,not just those prostitutes alone. Rash actions without much after thoughts can hurt the towns’ population .

Can the  town do without those prostitutes? They can banned or closed down those strip joints but crime will still prevail .It will take another form . It could be much worse.

Better to legalize them and collect taxes and control crime and win-win for everyone..

 Learn from Malaysia, everything can ‘Kau Tim, Semua Ok!”keke !(kau tim is a Chinese word for no problemo , can be solved.Semua Ok Is a Malay word for everything alright! )

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Better Sex- More Orals Please!

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Want great sex and better sex but too shy and shameful to talk or discuss with your partner,afraid that it may sound like criticism and may turn him/her off.

Some men and women need to grow up in this area. They are no more small children and be sheepish  or prudish about this topic.

If you don’t talk or discuss about it , how can you learn what each others likes and dislikes are?If you want to improve in this area , then you will have to communicate with each other .

Easier said than done. Most Asian women are not trained to talk about sex as it is a taboo subject. It is very difficult to tell him what she wants and likes.

She expects him to find out himself .She cannot help him and he will have to grope in the dark . Women need to come out of their shell because the men may grope forever in the darkness and can never  find the exit .LOL!

 Generally , most women are passive in the bedroom and the onus is on the men to learn everything about sex and she would be game to do as he wants. She surrenders all to him and lets him do as he wants.Thats what she learned from young.

He may pick up some new skills from watching those pornographic DVD’s.He may not asked if she likes it or not but do it anyway because of what he learns from those pornographic movies.

He wants to try new ways and experiment and modify his techniques. He needs variations or it becomes too dull and boring .

It never crossed his mind to enquire if she enjoys those manoeuvers or not and she being the reticent type will just keep her thoughts to herself.

Both men and women do have worries and insecurities about their bodies, equipments and their performances.Men worry about being too short or not thick enough to satisfy her or they are scared that they come too early or have premature ejaculations.

Women worry about their big bums and cellulites or their small boobs or they may take too long to reach an orgasm .

The worrying will cause them to underperform and they dont feel free to enjoy the act of making love.

Having to come together is idealistic but it is not easy. Many women faked orgasm just to please the men.It would be better if you make her come first with all those foreplays and let her be in control and then she having being satisfied will return you the favour.

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Vibrator vs Man !

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This is a very interesting and sexy question and the winner is ………What say you?

Who do you think will win? Or perhaps a threesome would be best afterall..LOL!

Maybe when you are not around and and she got those cravings and hunger pangs,the vibrator can be the substitute .She can also massage those aching and sore muscles .

Having the real thing should be much better than the machine which is impersonal and lack of feelings. It could be an added joy if you combine it …a double whammy!!!!!

You could go to the link below and learn the champion’s techniques to beat the vibratorrrrrr!!!!!

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The A To Z Of Boobs.

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This post is about my internet travels and about interesting articles from all over the internet . I have decided to bookmark them in this library for future viewings and research. I may later write my comments when time permits.

Side Boobs

Sexual healings

A beginner’s Guide To Anal Sex

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