Archie-Lee Hirst Mauled To Death By Rottweiller Pet Dog.

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A Rottweiler dog

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Archie-Lee Hirst

Courtesy; BBC News. UK

One-year-old Archie-Lee Hirst became the latest victim of a rottweiller dog. He was mauled to death after the animal snatched him from the arms of a seven-year-old girl. The dog was owned by his grandmother and the tragedy happened at her home.


Ellie Lawrenson

Courtesy: BBC News.UK

Another case of Ellie Lawrenson the five-year-old savaged last New Year’s Day by her uncle’s pit-bull terrier.

What provoked this dog to attack him? The dog is now dead and nothing can bring the little boy back again. The baby was savaged and mauled by a dog which cannot differentiate between good or bad people. He was always chained up .It was massive and vicious and would leaped at those who pass by.

The 7 year old child ventured into his territory. It was a terrible tragedy and the owners have paid very dearly for rearing such dogs. There are others who still think they know their dogs until such a tragedy occurs. They think keeping the dog chained will solve their doggy problems.

Dogs are animals and they can be provoked or we don’t know much about their animal behaviours. They have feelings and have stress too .One moment, they maybe docile and tame and the next for no apparent reason, can attack and bite in a frenzy.

Many of those owners kept such dogs for protection, chained up in tiny yards, never exercised and just fed the daily meals.Her house was burgled a few times and she decided to keep such a dog. They could not be let out as they will attack anyone, man, children or other dogs. Those dogs were not trained and the owners had no time to play with them or exercise them. It was an accident waiting to happen. It is always the children or grandchildren who paid dearly with their life for their folly’s of rearing such ferocious and dangerous dogs at home. It is like keeping a killer at home.

Other than rottweiler, the other ferocious dogs are pit bull terriers, Japanese Tosas, the Dogo Argentinos, and the Fila Brasileiros.(You can view these dogs here; ) Ordinary and the average Joe should not rear such dogs. They should only be handled by the professional dog handlers.

I hope those who rear such dogs are fully aware of the dangers and repercussions of keeping such dogs as pets in the house.

If you are attacked by a dog and you only have your bare hands, I think the only defence is to give a hard punch to the dog’s eye. Normally, when a dog charged at you , you should not run for the dog can sense your fear and attack you. You cannot outrun the charging dog anyway. When you stand your ground , the dog may stop the charge or just circle around you or come to sniff at you.

You should never leave your child alone with any kind of dogs. The child may do something to the dog and the dog may respond aggressively .

To the mother of Archie-Lee Hirst , Rebecca Hirst, all our sympathies and sadness over your tragic loss. Him who died young is much loved by God. He is now with Jesus ,safe and live forever.

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8 Responses to “Archie-Lee Hirst Mauled To Death By Rottweiller Pet Dog.”

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this artical is not quiet accurate. the dog was in the back never socielized, for protection. then at the end of the actical, the dog shouldnt have been kept in the house..
yes any dog will go off at any time. which one’s are reported??? for insurance purposes??
not making any less of any attack.
some animals just make it known when they dont like “someone”.
yes know your animal, they behave different for you,then in some ones company..
you dont know what goes on when your not home, kids terrorize.

Archie lee andrew hirst you will always be in our hearts head and memoires for the rest of our life you touched so many peoples hearts you was such a happy child. And your mummy and daddy loved you so much they in not a word to dicribe how much. Rest in peace now little man and will all be with your agen soon..x all my love carla

[…] Archie-Lee Hirst Mauled To Death By Rottweiller Pet Dog. […]

i fell so sorry for u, i am only 12 years old and i have been in a simular situation (i was in a FIRE and lost my couisons) don’t go blaming each other hes in heaven now and i bet he don’t want his mummy and daddy shouting at each other!!!!!

sorry to hear about your son

vicky xxx

How do average citizens stop these dogs when they attack? The answer is simple, we don’t because we can’t. The majority of us are unarmed. It takes a bullet to stop a pit bull. This is undeniable. Given that this is true, why are such animals legal to own?

Dangerous dogs are a world-wide problem and a massive societal problem. Man’s relationship to dogs has turned into the bleak unknown. He now wants dangerous dogs to protect him, to protect his criminal interests, to look tough and act tough…Man continues to create killing machines, he continues to breed traits to create even more aggressive dogs than exist today.

Everyone suffers. The victims suffer immense injury, medical expenses and psychological trauma. Because dog bite laws are outdated, many victims have no civil or criminal recourse after these crimes either. Pit bulls suffer too, they suffer immense cruelty by many owners.

Public education is very important, but it is not enough. We *must* regulate dangerous breeds for the sake of our families and pets.

[…] (kumiko-chani) wrote an interesting post today on Archie-Lee Hirst Mauled To Death By Rottweiller Pet Dog.Here’s a quick […]

Your posting contains the “answer” to why all this tragedy had to happen – at least one answer: “He was always chained up …”

See to learn why perpetual chaining is a horrific form of abuse that turns many dogs neurotic, insane or aggressive. The practice is slowly (very slowly) being addressed legislatively in the U.S. I would think the UK would actually be ahead of the U.S. in this regard and would already have laws forbidding the 24/7 chaining of a social, intelligent animal like a dog? Sadly, too many people do not realize that they are creating a killing machine by doing that to a dog.

Laura1318: Thanks for your post.

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