Looks – Manners – Intelligence ?

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What is it that attracts you to a man ? What do you look for in a man ? What are the qualities that you value highly in a man ?

Can you guess the answer ?

For those men who do not have the killer looks or those with the super intelligence , it is manners that matters to a woman. How you treat her and your little gestures which reveals your true inner self warmth’s her heart.

That is why you see many beautiful women who are married to not so handsome or ugly men. A classic case of Beauty and the Beast.

Looks maybe advantages at first as there is sexual attractions and beauty is something everyone enjoys and appreciate. But looks are only skin deep and for any further relationships to blossom , it will require manners to sustain and bonds them together. Intelligence is an added asset if used in the right way and not to belittle others.

If you have the good looks, manners and riches, you are one ‘heckuva’ guy and can get most of the girls you want. Most of the girls will swoon and fall at your feet.

I have a friend who have those three qualities and where ever he went or approached any girls , all of them would be slain , even those married one’s. They would give him their phone numbers, addresses or names to him when he asked from them,even though he is just a total and complete stranger. The girls were like bowling pins , falling all over him. Such was his power and it was really amazing to see how this guy can weave his magic spell over them.

If he has the good looks but poor manners, she will be quickly turned off .It is human nature. If he has good manners , she will be very touched by his manners and kindness.

All men do look the same .There is not much difference physically. It is only in the class, whether they are from the high class or the low class type.

The men may not realize it, when they are with their same kind , they don’t need to be well mannered .It does not matter much to them . They understand their own kind.

But when they are with the women, they need to put on their best behaviours. It counts a lot because women view men by the way they are treated.

A woman likes to be treated like a woman and his mannerism is very important to her. It will decide whether she wants the relationship to carry on further.

To a woman, how she is treated by him can make or break that relationship.

Those with good manners can open many doors.

Good old fashion chivalry still works..

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