Why do women fall for those total morons or creeps?

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Women find them more exciting and appealing as compared to those good guys who are predictable , boring and unassertive.

They become a challenge to women ,thinking that they can change them from their wild ways.

Those bad guys are more macho , assertive and they go straight for the kill. They don’t beat about the bush .They openly showed their intentions

They showed their intentions early and give clear signals what they wanted in the relationship.
They do not want to be viewed as a friend but as a boyfriend.

While those good guys take too long and are too timid to move on a higher level.The girls will assume that you are not interested in them and give you up.

In any early relationship , the girls would be able to to tell in a few seconds if the new boy is a ‘friend’s’ category or a ‘boyfriend’s’ category.

Once she has decided, then the boy who is in the friend’s category will find the going tough..

Some women secretly want to be laid so bad but are afraid to be called sluts and their self esteemed is increased when they are desired sexually .It brings out the women in them.

If you are going fishing , you will need to learn the rules of dating. You need to take risk and show that you are interested in her and not just for the friendship or you will be treated like a friend and nothing more.

Bad guys may reach the first base but it is the good guys who will roam home.

A woman is not without her senses .Eventually , she knows which is the one for her .

There are guys who are just for flirts and fun’s only and guys who can provide them a financially and emotionally secure environments.

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He wanted her to return the gifts and money

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Man demands ‘break up fee’s’ from ex girlfriend and for all those gifts and money spent on her. Otherwise he would upload her naked pictures and sex videos online.

What a cheap sauerkraut and low life creature !

She reported to the police fearing the man would make good his threat.

This is a very unfortunate incident and she has only herself to blame .

Why did she agree to have her naked pictures and sex videos with him?

She put herself in a disadvantage position and open herself to blackmail.It is easy to take pictures with the camera phone and video .

Sometimes, one party may secretly video the events without the other party aware of it.

Such happenings are very common these days with all those mini spy cameras.

These days whenever you are in a public place or even in somebody’s home , you will have to be careful when you are changing your clothes or naked. Check the mirrors and for any suspicious looking objects .

When you are on good terms , every thing would be hunky dory but human relationship is a complex matter. There are ups and owns in any relationship.

Today a friend but tomorrow an enemy or vice versa.There are the good times and there are the bad times.

You should always protect your interest and never compromise your integrity and welfare. It is a mistake many girls do not realize that the good times may not always last.

When the relationship is over after you have tried your very best to salvage it , you should come to terms with it and move on.

For some girls, they would return his things or throw them away and be not reminded of him . He is history.

For a man to demand back his money, gifts and a break up fee’s is ungentlemanly and down right obnoxious and repugnant.

He should cut his losses and vamoose from her life.There is no honour and it would only bring more shame and discredit to his name.

Let her go ,for the anger in your heart burns you more than her.

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Guys should call – Not ?

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After a perfect first date and you bid each other goodbye for the perfect and enjoyable evening, you exchange your telephone numbers and he said he will call or text you.

This may be the last time you will hear from him again or if lady luck smiles on you ,you may carry on baiting and leading him into your parlour like the spider seducing the fly.

He may call but in many cases , the phone never rings and you are forlornly waiting for him to call you.

Why does he not call when he promised you ?

The most probable reasons is that they are not into you and have no wish to continue further. You are terminated!

It could be just politeness on his part to say he will call when he has no intentions of calling you . He does not want to disappoint you for a wonderful evening .

In the next few days, your life will be like a roller coaster with your emotions swinging from one side to the other.

You will replay those past actions in your mind and analyze and reanalyze where you did wrong or what you said could have offended him.

You would be anxiously and eagerly hoping for the phone to ring and hear his voice again.

If he is interested in you he would call you up the next day to thank you for that wonderful and enjoyable evening and may send you a second invite.

It is not difficult to call you and say thank you for that date . If he cannot do a thing as simple as that, he is not worth your attention .

Think of that date as though you went to watch a wonderful but sad movie and move on.

This is a woman’s problem. Woman are more gullible and tend to believe every word a man tells them. They should believe action speaks louder than words.

When a man comes a wooing, he will utter many meaningless phrases which is meaningless to him but knows that it is music to her ears.

He knows that he is lying and speaking half truths . He is not bothered about his methods as long as he obtained the results he desired.

He is like a car salesman trying to sell you a car or a beautiful dream and can promise you Heaven and Earth before the sale.

He knows what are the effects of those words on her and will use it to the hilt. He learned from his past experiences and mistakes and polished them to perfection.

If you want to judge a man , judge not his flowery prose or what comes out of his sweet lips but by his deeds and how much pain he can endure in his pocket.

The more a person can sweet talk , the more you will have to beware that the sweetness mask the bitter toxic poison that lies underneath.

Beware the flatterer. For flatters can open many doors.

Some women lives by certain rules or etiquette .All rules are man made and there is no hard and fast rules.

For some women , if the man does not call after the 3rd or 4th day , they will bin them and will remain aloof or cold when and if they call her again.

This is payback time for those mental tortures which they inflicted on themselves.

Some women may just make a call or text and leave it like that. If he does not respond, then it is the end of the dream.There is no point in spamming his phone because you would appear desperate and cheap.Most women would rather not call him and want him to call first.

The men are perplexed and don’t know what hit them. Men and women have different perspectives. They do not think and see alike. That is the grave mistake many men and women do not realize.

If you are meant to be together again , you will overcome this barrier

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Should a guy pay on the first date?

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If a guy asked a girl out on a first date, he should pay. Period!

What if a girl asked a guy out? She should pay but if the guy offers to pay and insisted on paying, she should allow him after some token resistance.

There is no point in hurting his fragile feelings to score a point. Be gracious and give him the honour.

Sometimes, who ever pays first does not matter ,it could be due to circumstances.

The waiter could accept his payment first since he is by his side and she should not feel uncomfortable about it.

There are times when it matters if the guy does not pay. It will be the end of that relationship.

In some traditional Asian societies, it reflects badly on the man if the woman pays directly to the waiter. They would usually hand the money over to the man to pay up.

The Chinese would rush to pay the bill first and sometimes, it can be a comedy when the other side also compete to pay first. It is about face saving.

Most men would gladly pay on the first date because they want to impress the girls.

It Is also gentlemanly to do that. It shows his good upbringing and class.

Most females are ingrained into them by their upbringings to accept this practice .

Some of them have the opinion that if the guys want to enjoy their company , they will have to fete them.

There are some modern day liberated women or hard line feminists who would insist on splitting the bill as they would feel offended and do not want to feel obligated to them.

Depending on where they will take them , it would indirectly tell her how
much she is valued in his eyes.

If the relationship becomes long term, then she should offer to pay according to her abilities .

Love will overcome all obstacles and one should not be too calculative or measure love only by the financial means but by the intangible gifts .

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Why Some Men Do Not Or Cannot Commit ?

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“Will he or won’t he….?

This is a very puzzling question to millions of single women who are dating , engaged or trying to find their Mr. Right . They find their men fully in love with them and yet not able to take that final plunge .

What is holding them back ? They are like cruising on a love boat meandering down the stream and into the ocean of  no where. The men have no inclinations to get off the boat  and grow roots on firmer soil.

The men can afford to wait and enjoy those moments of togetherness but the women do not have the luxury of time as their biological clocks are ticking against them. Women have the innate feelings that it is time to commit and have children.

If she pushed too hard for it , the men may feel trapped and she run the risk of losing him. If those men are ready in the market for marriage, the path to happy matrimony would be easy for her.

There was a time when a man was settled down in his career, he would looked for a wife, got married, have children and live happily ever after in his new family castle in a far ,far away land. This was once a man’s ideal of a loving  fairy tale family life.

But in today’s modern culture, the men can enjoy a married life , living as a couple or cohabiting  without being officially married. He can have the cake and eat it too. There is nothing to stop him from tasting other ‘candies’.

Men as well as women  do wonder if their present partner is the right one for them . Some of them may think a better one will present themselves in the near future and thus, there is always an expectation of someone who would be better than the present one and this  caused them not to commit all out for their present partners.

It is only when they are stuck with each other , and the better one is not appearing , that they are resigned to their fate. This is like the analogy of a taxi driver. The last passenger on his taxi will become his lifelong partner. She loves riding on his taxi even though he is a lousy driver and it could be by fate or circumstances which held her from getting off.

In the past, if they wanted sex, they would  have to get married ,but not in today’s world where sex is everywhere and the women are more liberated and shed off those inhibitions and taboo’s and seek equality in life.

Another major reason is because of the responsibility which marriage entails .The men who are traditionally thinking or conservatives in nature are expected to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of a marriage and be a leader and many men are fearful that they may not live up to this expectations.

They will think that they cannot afford to give her a good life since she brings home a bigger pay cheque  than him . With today’s women being emancipated and liberated earning 5 or 6 figure incomes, she becomes like an expensive high maintenance car or property. It is very intimidating to his ego and in the man’s world they would lose their respect or ‘face.’

All is not lost, for there are still some good men out there who wants to get married and it is up to women to lower their expectations as there is no perfect men and women.

If he cannot commit, then most probably he is not the marrying kind and they probably don’t know the answer either.

Now that you understood a little more about man’s nature and want to make him to commit, you can go to thissite to find out the methods from this author.

Good luck and may you find the love of your life!

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Should A Girl Confess Her Love To Him?

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If you love him, what is wrong with telling him that? If you wait for him to say,” I love you.” to you, you may have to wait till the moon is blue. If he runs away and hide under his mother’s skirt , then he is too young for you. LOL!

It does not matter who said first . Someone has to start the ball rolling and if you are the first then you will know if he is game or not. Time may not be on your side and you are tired of playing the guessing games. Is he interested or not? He maybe the shy type and in which case, you will have to lead him into your parlour.

In this present age, we are all equal. I don’t believe that it will make the girls feel cheap or desperate. If the men think so, then he is the dinosaur type which should be extinct. LOL!

It is not good to keep those feelings inside of you. The ball is at his feet and if he does not want to play ball, then you don’t have to waste your time with him. He is not ready for the next phase of serious relationship.

If you still love him, then you should allow him more time to think about your relationship. You must be prepared for the worst. If he is not interested, then treat him like a friend and not a prospect.

If he really loves you, then he would response in kind. At this stage, you need to confirm your status and you don’t want to be neither here or there. You had enough of the anxieties and fretfulness of not knowing what is in his mind.

Many a man would welcome such a declaration from her as this would make his chase easier. A lot of men fear rejections and dare not pop that question to the girls. It may frighten her off.

Some men have this bad experience of wanting to tell her his feelings but when the girl knows about his intentions, she would avoid him and end their friendships. That is because she has no feelings for him but only as a friend. The men misconstrued her actions. If you are absolutely sure, she loves you then you only tell her your true feelings or you will step on her booby trap.

It may not be easy to tell him of your love. It is rather difficult to say it out in front of him. You can do the little, little things for him to show your love and affections for him .But if he is obtuse or dense, he will not see the love in you.

He needs to be told directly or in writing. Writing letters or in this modern age, emails are a good medium to tell your feelings. Write a few letters first and then you can declare your love to him.

Even when you meet after, only the two of you know .You can better express your feelings in letters than communicating directly. Letters are more influential as they can be read and reread as many times as they want. You can also be more romantic in your letters. Your thoughts will be uninterrupted.

If you want love, you must give love, if he is the one for you, he will not fly away.

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The Alpha Women – Hunter Or Hunted ?

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Should they be the hunter or the hunted? There are two types of hunters You can go after the prey with a gun and shoot them straight like a man or you can go and set a trap for them to fall in.

Women belong to the second kind. They lay the traps for the men to enter, hoping that they will be caught. Like the spider said to the fly,” Come into my parlour…..!”

Today’s men are more soft and more effeminate and laid back expecting the women to do everything for them, even in the chase.There is a kind of role reversal already in the process, where the men are becoming like women and the women becoming like men. Women has become more dominant and aggressive while the men are becoming more timid and shy.

They know what they want in life and when they have found success in their careers, nothing is impossible for her. She will do anything to achieve her aims even being coy about her income so as not to frightened off the men.(The Miranda complex)

If you are going to wait for the hunter to come for you , you may have to crane your neck till they are stiff and you won’t even see his shadow. Those that come into view would run away quickly when they realized that you are a T-Rex. LOL! From a far , you looked like a cute koala bear but when they are near , they can hear the roar of the T-Rex..(pee in their pants!)

They are head hunted by another kind, those business or corporations which want them to lead their organizations.

A man chasing a girl is like climbing Mt. Everest while a girl chasing a man is like going through a Japanese paper wall.”

When a man is chasing a girl , the girl will throw every kind of obstacles in his path when she has no love for him.If she likes him , all the doors will open for him.He will be guided by her through the labyrinth into her heart.

My reply to Hot Alpha Female’s posts on

The Modern Alpha Female – Atrracts Not Chases Her Ideal Man


Hi Hot Alpha female,

This is the best response I find among all your posts. There are many points which I do agree with you wholeheartedly.

[Girl! I don’t know why you say you don’t hold the same view as me because I’m not exactly saying that two people should be dependant on each other. I’m saying that it’s a bad thing if two people come together as half a person, try to get someone else to fill their own emotional needs.]

Thanks for your clarifications.There is no good or bad thing about wanting others to satisfy our own emotional needs.We are all different and there are some who are strong and there are those who are weak.We cannot blame the weak because they were born that way. Some people need a clutch to walk.

[Its kind of like a girl getting into a relationship because she wants to have someone to love her, because she doesn’t love herself. That I think can be destructive, because it can mean that she will date anyone and everyone who can fulfill that need, but may not be good for her.]

During the old times, girls were match made and they don’t date or really get to know the groom before marriage.it was only the words of the introducer or matchmaker to testify to the groom’s good character. Many olden day marriages were successful unlike the present when the divorce rate is up.

After marriage,they only develop feelings and love for each other. Fast forward to today , with premarital sex and live in couples, they would feel stale with each other. What is there to discover in a marriage when they have already eaten the forbidden pie? Nothing is anymore interesting to them.Sorry, if I seem to contradict your points.It is just from my perspective and you may not accept them . It is O.K with me.

[ I absolutely believe that we are not meant to go through this life alone and that everyone deserves a partner to walk through life with. I believe that loving another person in an intimate relationship, magnifies the quality of your life and is an absolutely essential part in having a full and fulfilling life.]

This is a sage saying from you .

[I believe that when you get into a relationship that you cant have the same mind frame of “yeah I’m single I’m independent, you are totally and completely separate to me”. I think that there is definitely compromise and adjusting, where two people kind of share something special and build a third entity between them, which is the “relationship”]

To have a successful marriage is to know how to compromise. You meet each other halfway or you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. In most of the successful marriages , the men usually allow the women to make most of the decisions about the home and family. They will just go along so as not to cause any conflicts or disharmonies. What is important is she is happy.A happy wife is better than an angry wife. LOL!

[For instance in my case, I’m really looking for someone who has extremely positive outlook on life, is ambitious and passionate about what he does. Now as an Alpha female I would happily date someone who was earning less than me but who had those qualities. Because to me that’s more important than all the money in the world. I would not look down on him just because he is earning less money that me, but I would respect him equally and see him more as my match because its his characteristics that I’m looking for that equality for. If that made sense. I guess having someone who is already extremely successful and therefore may be making more money that you is attractive to me BECAUSE it shows that he has had the drive and ambition to attract that into his life.]

It could be a fallacy to think that a very successful man could be ambitious and passionate in everything he does. Some people just have the drive only when it comes to making money . It is a form of compulsive addiction. It consumes all their energies and there is nothing left for you .Nothing else matters to them. Not all rich men are interesting, only those who know how to balance their life. Money does not buy happiness.

The rich only want to talk about money and more money making opportunities. Other pursuits are a waste of their time . For time is money to them. The rich have no time for the poor people except for those who can give them jobs or contracts. I rather not rub shoulders with the rich. They love money more than anything. Their love of money is the root of all evils. Girls are just playthings for them to enjoy and then discarded. If you love them , they will think you love them for his money only.

Ambitious is a double edged sword. It can cut him or cut you .You want him to be ambitious and he can go overboard and neglect you. LOL! I don’t think living with an ambitious mate is fun. He works too hard and other areas of your life will suffer .

Passions is another quality which can misfire. You may think he has passion in his job but sometimes , his passion can be for somebody other than you . LOL!

Ambitions and passions are just a phase in a man’s life. It is like a candle burning at both ends. It will burn out faster and in the end, only love remains .For true love do not fade or die.

[Part in parcel of attracting the right man, is not focusing on trying to find the perfect man for you. I mean why would a guy want to be with you? What makes you so special? These are questions that I ask myself, so that I can stop focusing on trying to find someone that fits a perfect mould and focus on ME being the type of person that my ideal guy would want to date. In many ways that is a very empowering feeling.]

Why does a guy fall in love with a girl?

It is the physical attractions and chemistry. They are attracted to each other and then love blooms.

A guy would say a girl is good as long as she is not sluttish. Any other good points about her are just a bonus. Guys are just simple.It is not the guy’s problem.The final decision belongs to the girl.

[In the dating scene there is something empowering about letting a guy chase you. You of course do your best to attract him, but its more like a seduction rather than a full frontal attack. It also means that you know if a guy is really interested in you. I mean if he doesn’t bother to make the calls or schedule dates with you .. then hes not worth your time.]

It is not that the men are not interested , it is that they get conflicting signals from the females .Some of the females just put too high a price and expect too much from the men.The women’s attitude of waiting for the best man is the cause of her lukewarm feelings or uninterested demeanour. If she has the right attitude towards a man , then it won’t be a problem.

She would say .” OK! I want this guy and I will put my heart into it.”Rather than thinking of him just as a spare tyre to be discarded when the better one comes along.

After much back and forth,I think you are well equipped to net the type of mate anytime you want. No problemo for you!

If you have a problem , then you would have to scoop out your brains and come like little children.

Just as God asked us to come before Him like little children. Why little children? It is because they can be easily taught and receive new things unlike adults who who think they know everything but they in fact know so little.

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The Paradox Of The Alpha Female!

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This is my reply to Hot Alpha Female’s post on The Paradox Of The Alpha Female

Hi Hot Alpha Female,

Thank’s again for another great write up from you. Glad to hear you had a beautiful white Christmas.

[ Too many times I see two people who think that they are only half a person without the other. Its like two starving people in a room trying to steal each others food! It just doesn’t work. N it leads to dependant relationships which I think can be quite unhealthy in the long term. N while obviously when u are in a long term relationship there will be times where you are more dependant on your partner for support and what not, because you have an open and loving relationship, but the whole idea of having to rely wholly on another person .. is something that Alpha Females definitely don’t appreciate and would not want to do. Coz we are all about independence in every way right? One of our greatest assets and greatest downfalls I think.]

No man is an island. We can choose to live alone all through out our life by choice or by default. I do not hold the same view as you. My view of a relationship is both men and women complement each other and not totally dependent on each other. They should not feel like they are only half a person as both are strong in their departments.

They can live or survive without each other, though their life will not be as happy and contented when they have each other. Before, you have only two hands and two legs but after marriage, you have 4 hands and 4 legs figuratively speaking.

I don’t see a half but I see another one that is like a detachable you. He can do things for you and be where you cannot i.e at two places. It is like looking at a glass, half full or half empty. Or I see from the inside and you see from the outside.

When you have one rod, it can break easily, but if you tie two rods together, it will need more strength to break them. When two people come together, they complement each other and will therefore be stronger to face the challenges in life. You have someone to discuss and ponder over. Love and encouragements from your partner can do wonders .You can be pushed to the limit to discover your capabilities and true potentials.

You are only an Alpha female because you are strong in the making money department; it does not mean that you will be strong in all the other personal departments. You are a female and you do not have the male characteristics. No matter what you think you are, you are still a female and have only the female characteristics. There are still places that you cannot go or go alone unlike a man.

When you have a partner, it is like an insurance. If anything happens to one of you, there is the other one who will carry or support you .When you are single, you are all alone. When you fall down, there is no one to lift you up. A friend is not the same as a husband.

[You know I have heard of so many stories of people going after the money. I have so many problems with this, its not funny. Firstly I don’t see the point. Why do u have to go after someones money, when u can make your own? ]

That is precisely the point why Alpha females want their partners to be someone who is equal or more successful than them. They are looking for someone who is as rich and successful as them. Will they love a Beta man who is not that rich or successful according to their financial standards? They don’t need a man provider but they are looking for one without realizing it. It is a women’s instinct to find a good provider.

Secondly, you cannot judge a man by his riches or his success on this factor alone.Do only all successful and rich men are good? In that case, then all the good men don’t exist in the poor category.This is a wrong thinking.

Do you think all those rich and successful men are good for you? Do you think all those successful men have the good attributes of a man? Not all rich man earns their money by the hardworking and honest way. If you work honestly, you will take a very long time to get rich and by that time you will be in your 50’s. LOL!

If from ground zero and be a millionaire in your 20’s, you must be exceptionally lucky or very brilliant. I know of a guy from a rich background and he manipulated his shares in the stock market and made Rm28M in that year. How many men can you find like him? Sorry, he is already married. What he made in one year, many men will never made through out their life’s. He is rich out of the miseries of those small shareholders who bought his company shares when the price was bloated.

[Secondly why would you want to be in a relationship where one person has all the power. Say u marry someone with all the money and u don’t really have much at all. You are completely dependant on him. He in every sense, accommodates your needs and he in every sense can take that all away in a flash.]

Don’t the girls want to get a rich husband? That’s the price they have to pay. Even if you are an Alpha female and you marry someone who has more than you , you still have to kowtow to him.

[Thirdly, guys usually want someone who is their equal, who they respect and who they can have a growing nurturing and wonderful relationship with. Otherwise just like you said Laura they get bored and move on!]

Not all guys want an equal. Nah! I cannot say precisely about how many percent of guys will want an equal but around 50%, give or take 10% both ways. You are thinking from an Alpha female mind which is not a true reflection of the male mind. Why do many male graduates or male professionals marry down? That is for you to ponder for another day.

A simple man looking for a simple woman who would cook , wash and take care of him and his needs and whether she is his equal or intelligent is not a very important factor but she must have some beauty or sex appeal and this quality will compensate for her lack of intelligence. LOL!

A woman who shows her feminism and great skills in inter personal relationships and treat a man like a man is better than those graduates or Alpha females who expects much from the men but gives little in return.

This is the key to a man’s heart. This has nothing to do if you are an Alpha or Beta female. You don’t have to get a degree to learn how to treat a man.

Another great one from Tanya Gold ,” If you want to be loved, just scoop out your brain and act like a child.”

You can read her post on
Men want us lobotomised

Yeah! Just throw away what you have learned from the university and pretend you are a lowly girl. That is if you want to get married. LOL!

An intelligent woman may not be a graduate and a graduate maybe intelligent only in a certain subject but a dumbo in human personal relationship’s.That’s how a man thinks.

As in everything, we always admire what we don’t have and don’t appreciate the things that we have. Other people’s wife or husband are better than ours .We can get bored and sometimes familiarity can breed contempt’s.

Before marriage, you may be attracted by those qualities in him/her but after marriage those same qualities may be repugnant and offensive to you. LOL! In marriage, it is all about love. Their love should grow and become stronger.

It is not easy like those weeds where they grow abundantly. Marriage is like a rose plant where you have to give tender loving care to the plant. They need water, fertilizer, love and sunshine. They need to work at it.

[Life is all about challenge and it absolutely is about the journey as well. There is no point in life where u have it all, because as humans we always need to grow, there always needs to be the next level. N if u are in a relationship where u cant bring that next level? Well I don’t care how much money you have, how great your relationship is, it wont last.]

There are many challenges in a married life or life in general. You will know what happens today but you will not know what tomorrow will bring. You meet new challenges everyday, that’s why marriage is more interesting when you can share with another person.

Man was not made to live alone. God give man a helper in Eve. God took a bone from Adam’s ribs because that would show that the women were equal to men. They complement each other’s weaknesses.

God does not burden you more than you can bear.


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Going Fishing For Men.

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Fishing is a predominantly male activity and few women are interested in fishing or find it an interesting hobby. They are only in it because of the influence of their boyfriends or dads. Otherwise, don’t expect a single woman to take up fishing as a hobby. The mere thought of those wriggly worms is enough to turn them off. LOL!

Women are only interested in one kind of fishing, the fisher of men. In fishing, you need a lot of patience and know where those fish live. You can fish in the ponds, lakes, rivers or the wide open sea and the deep oceans where those big fish live.

If you are a river fish, then you should look for another river fish. You don’t look for the shark or the whale. The Chinese saying,” Bamboo door with bamboo door and iron door with iron door.’ You should find your partner who is on your same wave length, same background and similar financial status. The Chinese are pragmatic people and marriage from the same class will ensure your marriage will last and not beset with too many problems which can cause a breakup.

You can go fishing in the lakes and rivers with a minimal cost, just a fishing rod while if you want to catch those big fish, you would need more capital. Hire or rent a boat for your fishing expedition.

If you are looking for a big fish, you will need to invest more on your beauty regimes and those expensive boutique dresses and accessories. Going to those high class parties or official functions to be noticed or being seen .You cannot be the plain Cinderella and expect the Prince Charming to notice you.

A woman needs to know what kind of men she wants and where to look for them. There are many types of men out there and she has to choose whether she prefers fresh water or salt water fish.

He has to be compatible with her personality or sometimes they are attracted to the complete opposite, the extrovert marrying the introvert and vice versa. When they are in love, it does not matter and after marriage, they will find they have many bones to chew on.

If you are fishing for a man, do not over emphasize on his financial side. As long as he can provide a comfortable life, that is reasonable enough. You will be looking for a man who will love you for who you are, warts and all, someone who can accept you even though you are not perfect. He will make you happy and be there for you when you are blue. He will be understanding, be considerate and will share your intimate thoughts and feelings without any bias and prejudices.

If you are looking for those qualities in a 20 something men, you will be sadly disappointed as most men of that age are like green horns and they need to learn from experience on how to treat a woman or understand a woman. Men are like rough diamonds. They need a woman’s touch to make them shine. That is why married men have more appeals than single and unmarried men.

A man is like an oyster, you need to place a small tiny bit of sand into his shell and he will grow a beautiful pearl for you. The oyster shell is not beautiful, but what is inside of him is like a treasure chest. It needs to be cultivated and incubated like the sand into a beautiful pearl. Your words and your wisdom will make him into a finer man.

By what standards do you judge a man? Will you judge him by the worldly standard or the religious standard?

Don’t expect the men to come in a nice present all wrapped up beautifully with red ribbons. Inside the present you will find only a lump of clay and it is up to you to mould them into a beautiful pot or figurine.

Like the fish you caught , you need to descale him (get rid of his bad habits) dress him up , add some spices, ginger and other ingredients and he would taste yummy. LOL !

If you are going fishing for this kind, you will need a good quality tackle and a strong hook and line ,so that he will not escape .The struggle to reel him in is the  most exciting part of the game. Good luck!If you catch any small fish , just throw them back into the water.

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What Would An Alpha Female Choose? For Love Or Money?

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What Would An Alpha Female Choose? For Love Or Money?

Hi Hot Alpha Female,

Thank you for your heartrending, wonderful and fantastic reply. It is not everyday you can find someone who can gives her frank and sensible opinions and dissect the issues in the matter of fact way. There are other Alpha females who are more brilliant and intelligent than us out there in the wide world.

In any sincere and loving relationship, it is all about love, the caring , sharing , honesty and openness .It is not about power,money , control or sex. When you love that somebody, you would want to please that person and make him happy. Love is the elixir of life. Love is like pouring water into his cup and when it is full, he will pour it back to your cup. It is this back and forth which makes marriage life more interesting than single life.

You give love to receive love. To love and to be loved is what makes you happy and your world a beautiful place. You can find everything beautiful when you love that somebody and being loved in return. Nothing matters when you have that kind of love.

You love a man for what he is and what he can do for you. He can make you happy and feel like you are on top of the world. It is not his money which makes you happy though it will contribute to some of the happiness in you. It is his words and actions which will make you feel wanted and appreciated. A super Alpha male may treat you like a trophy but a real man would give meanings in your life, fulfillment, contentment’s and happiness.

You may live in a shed without anything and you still find that you are happy, joyful and contented. If you don’t have love, the entire world at your feet would not satisfy your inner man or your soul.

I have seen couples who are more loving when they are struggling and when they became rich, their relationship suffered and ended up in divorce.

Imagine, you were cast away into a blue lagoon and there is only one man there…You would love him for what he is a MAN. Today, the modern women have forgotten the real meaning of love or they have refined it to such a high degree that the man they seek can only be found in the virtual world or a make believe world.

No women like being told they are wrong because generally most women are vain .They think they can find such a man and goes off on their long journey to look for that elusive man. She may have found him but she is too late. Even if she found one, keeping him forever may not be that simple.

It may not solely be her problem but society and social norms which dictate her to find someone who is equal to her new found status. To be seen with a beta male may not be favourable in the eyes of the society.

What society expects from a rich and successful female may not be true for her. What is important is, she finds her true love. To hell with what others think! Society does not know what you want in your heart and others can think or judge whatever they want but it is your own personal life. The world does not owe you anything and you don’t have to follow what people expects from you.

Those who wait for the best men will never find it . Even when they have found the best man, they still think there is someone who is better. In the end , they settled down for the second best.

[Despite this argument that Alpha Males want a Beta Female. I know a lot of guys who would like a chick who is their equal. Who can challenge their ideas, who can stand up for themselves and doesn’t just do what she is told. These men know and have dated beta females and they want something more. I know that they are out there!!]

Women are ambivalent and that is a fact but men are too. When they have a Beta wife, they want an Alpha wife and vice versa. You cannot believe what you see and hear .What you see and hear is not what get. LOL!. Before marriage, men may say they want an equal partner but after they have lived with them for a while, they would prefer a Beta wife. They would gladly exchange their wife but they cannot do it in real life. This is human nature. They may prefer those smart women but when you lived together, that is another completely different story . LOL!

[Just like when my boss curiously asked me if I “go for the rich ones” my response was … not at all, it’s the potential that is more important. N regardless to what anyone may say that is the god honest truth. Because at the end of the day .. When we are all dead and buried … people don’t remember you for how much money you had or how many cars, houses countries you’re owned. But they remember what kind of person that you were, how you contributed to the world and the impact you had on the people around you.]

That is true and I agree with you all the way. Most people when they are alive , are not aware of this fact.

Would you marry for love or money?



To say you would rather marry for love than money may sound altruistic and magnanimous but in reality many women presented with a choice would rather marry the man who is more loaded and who can give her more of his time. LOL!

It is not only about money but time too. If the poorer man can give much of his time to her, he can win her heart over the richman . But if everything remains the same, then the richer man will win hands down.

Materialism and security is most paramount in a girl’s mind. Only those who don’t have rich suitors are not presented with this dilemma. The very young are smitten with teenage love and promises and they do not understand what living in the real world entails.

If you marry for money or materialism, your marriage will not last. You will be treated like a trophy wife and when he gets tired of you, he will hang you up on the wall like all those animal trophies from his Safari days. He will be looking for the next prey and he will not even look at you again.

His money may not last and could be gone and so will your love. LOL! Money cannot keep you warm but love can keep you going.

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