Battery-Farmed Chicken Or Organic Chicken?

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Which type of chicks do you prefer? We are talking about the real chicks and not the human kind. There are two types of chicken in the market , the cage birds and those free home on the range chickens or village chickens which are more expensive.

There is another type of chicken where the testicles are removed when they are young. This type of chicken meat taste the best and it is the most expensive in the market. Last time , I heard it cost Rm50.00 for one bird and it is difficult to find them.

When I was small,I saw how it was done. This Dr.Chicken would call at every house to remove the testicles from the chicken for a small fee. I was living in the rural areas and most families rear chicken and ducks . They would buy the young chicks and rear them  and slaughter them  during festivites or occassions.

It was done very quickly without any anesthetics. He would use both his feet to hold down the chicken and then cut a slit on the chicken’s body. He would then inset a loop and pull out the testicles and snip them off after tying the ends. It was all over quickly and the chicken was released and seems not to suffer any ill effects at all. They do not do this anymore and I think this practice has died out.

Many of us would prefer the village chicken because the meat is the right texture and if cooked in the right way, taste better than those bland caged birds.

There are many ways to prepare the chicken.The most popular being the boiled chicken like in those chicken rice sold commercially . The other popular way is to BBQ the chicken over hot coal. You can also fry in deep oil to get crispy skin chicken or use the oven to bake or the microwave .

An experiment was carried out by a group in the UK and it was found that those caged birds had a superior flavour and texture and were more juicy. The study, published in the journal British Poultry Science, was carried out at Bristol University.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison . Each and everyone of us have different taste buds . I would prefer those organic chickens anytime.

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