Drinking Your Own Urine .

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Is there any health benefits and what happens if you drink your own or other’s urine ? Some people drink their own urine in the belief that it is beneficial to them. They are reabsorbing what has been passed out a second time. Nothing is wasted. Their urine is recycled a second time to extract any left over.

I think it was the Japanese who started this fad. It was reported that those who drank their first urine in the morning were more healthy and free from any sickness or diseases. Some claimed that they cured their body of any sickness after being unable to get well from those medicines.

How far it is true, I don’t know. Some women claimed that it rid their bodies of all those toxins and make them more beautiful. This was what was appealing to those ladies to drink their own urines. It was better than spending on cosmetics which was expensive and those chemicals used in cosmetics may make them look ravaged after prolong used.

Is there any scientific proof? So far, I have not seen any scientific report of the goodness of urine. I only read a lot of hearsays or grandma’s tales. I have tried but I don’t think I want to make it a regular diet. Some people who may have incurable sickness may want to try it. I will only drink my own urine in emergency when it is about survival.

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damn. if thats the case, i wanna sell my urinie. 1 cents per litre any deal? i’ll ebay em and try

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