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Hillary Clinton The Come Back Kid

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The polls were merciless, giving Obama 39% and Hillary 29% for a double digit gains. It looked like a another easy runaway victory for Obama .Obama was charging forward like a runaway train leaving Clinton far behind.

Everybody loves a champion of the people and the news all said that Obama would be a sure winner. How wrong were those polls.

The people of New Hampshire proved those polls wrong. Hillary and John McCain lead in New Hampshire. The next round will be in South Carolina and South Dakota.

Clinton was hit left and right and in the first vote count in New Hampshire, she did not even get a single vote while Obama received 9 votes. It looked like a very steep uphill task for the New York Senator. She lose in Iowa to Obama and a lose in New Hampshire would be unthinkable and would hurt her chances of being a Democratic nominee for president.

It was like she was fighting for her survival in New Hampshire. Iowa was different because of the youth votes went to Obama. Even those women voters too crossed over to Obama and only those older women above 60 voted for Clinton. Her strategy in Iowa failed her and she decided to go for broke in New Hampshire.

She was always composed and I have never seen her cried even when her husband was accused in the Lewinsky scandal. She showed her true self and urged the women and the youth to vote for her. She even dragged her daughter Chelsea to campaign for her. She was like a lioness cornered and fought back tooth and nail. Obama got mauled and he came back down on Earth.

It proved decisive and pipped Obama at the finishing lines in New Hampshire. She got 39% of the votes while Obama received 36% and John Edwards a far back at 17%. It looks like a Hillary and Obama fight all the way. Hillary should perform better in the more populous states as it is different in Iowa or New Hampshire. It will be a long marathon race.

I think Clinton is better and more suitable candidate than Obama because he is young and untested. Clinton has the experience to do the job.


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Congratulations To Obama And Mike Huckabee !

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After Iowa ,next New Hampshire.

The results are out and Obama won with Edwards second and Clinton 3rd for the Democrats and Mike Huckabee won over Romney for the Republicans. It was the candidates message of change which won the day . The younger voters voted for Obama, while the older women voters voted for Clinton. Obama garnered 38% of the votes, Clinton 29% and Edwards 30%.

Though disappointed being on the third placing, Clinton cannot be ruled out because this is just the first primary .There are over 20 primaries and it is like a marathon. The next primary will be in New Hampshire in 5 days time on Jan 8. She has tremendous resources and her name appeal to a wider spectrum in the US. It is too early to tell the course of this election.

You can be a great and charismatic orator and issue plenty of promises but when you sit on that throne, you will not be able to carry out those promises .it is not the same when you aspire for the throne and being on the throne. It would take an experience person to know the tricks and intricacies of the government to effect changes. In that, Clinton have Bill Clinton as the master. I think she will be better placed to change things and get things done.

But an Iowa victory, while important, is no guarantee of national success. The 1992 winner for the Democrats was Tom Harkin. Trailing way behind him was Bill Clinton, who went on to capture the presidency. (

Will history repeat itself?


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D-Day! Iowans Decide For The Next President

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Who will win in Iowa?

The voters in Iowa will decide on Thurday whether to choose Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards for the Democrats and Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee for the Republicans. This is the campaign for the top spot in the first nominating contest. The winner will get a boost as the top front runner in the party’s nomination battle.

According to the latest polls, Clinton and Obama are tied at 28 with Edwards at 26 points and Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, led former Massachusetts Gov. Romney by two points in the Republican race.

Iowa is a small, Midwestern, rural state and have a low number of voters. The polls could not be trusted . The winner will be decided by the voter turnout.

This time around, there is a woman candidate and an African American candidate and if the democrats win, it will create a history of sort’s .It is a toss between an experience woman and a trans formative black man. Behind Hillary Clinton is Bill Clinton, who was a two term popular president.

How will the women voters vote in Iowa? If the majority of women choose their own kind because Hillary represents them and understand them better, then I think Hillary Clinton will win over Obama. Obama is still young, while Clinton is 60. She has vast experience in administration and should have the edge over the young and green Obama.

I hope Hillary Clinton wins In Iowa. I like Obama for his intellect and eloquence. The Democrats have a very strong team.

May the best man or woman win and my ‘ congratulations’ to the winner .

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