Neglect Your Parents , Go To Jail !

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It is so sad that the government has to implement this law in India. In Singapore too they have this law where parents can sue their children for maintenance. This is the results of modernization and the rising cost of living.

Sometimes their children who have their own families are living below the poverty levels and are unable to support their parents. It can be a big burden because they need medications in their old age.

When their parents are old, the children neglect them because many could not see eye to eye with them. They are old, garrulous and sometimes impossible to live with. Some of them like to scold their children or they cannot compromise and their hardened attitude can cause a breakup in the family leaving them to fend for themselves.

If we live with our old parents, we will have to be deaf to their naggings  or rumblings. It can cause ear ache but we cannot totally blame them because it is an old age sickness. They have dementia and cannot remember recent events but they can recall events from the past.

When we were small, they looked after us and when they are old, we should try our best to provide them a home and comfort in their twilight years. In time, our children will hopefully take care of us when we are old too.

Think of your parents, for they will not be forever with us. Being filial is a good virtue.


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