World’s Oldest Mum At 66.

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Carmen Bousada at the age of 66 became the world’s oldest mother on Earth when she gave birth to twins, Christian and Pau in Barcelona on December 29 last year. She traveled from Spain to the US to receive IVF treatment at the Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles.

The retired shop worker has never married and has no partner and she is now being treated for a very serious illness, is stricken with cancer. Her children are just 3 weeks short of one year. What will happen to her kids, now that she is incapable of looking after them? They will become orphans if she dies.

Science maybe able to let you procreate but where do you draw the line? Having kids is a very trying experience even for a 20 something women .When you are in your 60’s, you will not live long enough to see them grow up.

Many elderly may choose to marry but having kids is another matter. Would you bring a kid into this world when you are in your 60’s? I think they should be relaxing and enjoying their senior years instead of being tied down raising kids which is too exhausting for a single woman in the 60’s.

I don’t mind taking care of my grand children’s because I only do when I am free and then give them back to their parents. It is fun this way. To take care of children 24/7 is certainly a crazy preposition unless if you do not have a choice. Further more, it is not one but twins! Or if you love little children, you can render your services to those orphanages or those unfortunate ones. You would be able to control your life and where you want to be.

I don’t think many women would want to be a mother again at that age even if they can through IVF. It is just not sensible and practical.

We know IVF is a money making entity but surely there should be some form of self regulations in this field.

What if an insane 99 year old woman wants to have children? What will stop them from inserting those embryo’s into cows or other animals? Will this be a probability? In the future, women need not have to be pregnant anymore, for they can borrow some animal’s womb.

I pray that she would be healed

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