How To Start Living Frugally !

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We have no choice with the present circumstances of everything going up .The government of Malaysia recently announced a very steep increase of petrol prices by 41% and diesel by 63%.

Everywhere in other countries, petrol prices are rising like there is no tomorrow. One day the speculative bubble will burst but until then every one of us will have to suffer because of those rich people who made tons of money out of our sufferings.

In Malaysia, not only petrol price has shot through the roof, the power producers have joined the bandwagon by increasing their power tariff.
The worldwide future petrol prices are still rising and nobody knows where and when it will stop. This has cause hardship to millions in the world.

The world prices of petrol has risen because of speculations and not because there is a shortage. With the rising prices, those oil-producing nations are not complaining as they reap bountifully.

Those oil-producing nations could afford to subsidize their oil prices for their citizens while those non-producing countries will have to bear with the steep prices.

Malaysia is an oil-exporting nation but our government tells us that they cannot afford to subsidize the price of oil. We are told that the price may even rise to Rm$4.00 per liter. Then many people will have to eat dirt to survive.

Some of us will have to downsize our cars to those smaller fuel-efficient models and some may even have to ride on two wheels. Others may even have to use leg power like bicycles or powered by batteries. They don’t pay any tolls, petrol, road tax or insurance.

This will have a great bearing and affect on the other sectors of the economy because the cost of transportation will be up and will be pass on to the consumers.

Food prices and all essential goods will have to rise in tandem .Many poor people will have to tighten their belts and those middle class will become poorer.

In Malaysia, we have to pay the income tax, service tax , tolls, traffic summons, parking summons, charities to the police ( when you break the traffic laws),all kinds of business license to the state and the federal govt., assessment tax, toilet tax and whatnots.

Many people will now have to budget their expenses and give up some of the luxuries and minimize the wastage and make efficient use of their resources.

Each of us will have to count our pennies and stretch it as far as it can go. We all will have to go back to the basics like when we live in the 60’s.

We will have to get rid of all that electronic gizmo’s as they consume electricity .Maybe, we should downsize it to a plain and cheap T.V, and a radio for our amusements.

Some may have to give up cable T.V (In Malaysia -Astro), DVD’ player and save on renting or buying those video and musical disc.

We may have to use the minimum lighting or up the temperature of the air-con or simply sweat it out in the heat.

We have to switch off all standby equipments as they too can consume power. Use more energy saving efficient lights, which are brighter, and use less power. Re orientate our body clock to sleep early and hence use less power.

During the daytime, we should not switch on any lights but only use the natural lights. Go sit under the coconut tree to do your readings or do your homework. You do not need the light and the fan because there is the natural light and cool breeze.

Use the barest minimum lightings at night. It is more romantic anyway.
Do not use the washing machine; use the old fashion way to wash clothes.

Eat more raw veggie and save on cooking gas and it is more healthy this way as cooking can kill off those vitamins.

Stay healthy and exercise regularly because when you are sick, you may need to see a doctor which can cost you $$$$ and time.

Try gardening, plant your own veggies, and rear your own chickens. You can get free eggs and meat on your table.

Gardening is a very good exercise and can make you healthy and make you lose weight. It is better than becoming a couch potato.

No more paying for others. We all will have to go Dutch and only pay for our own drinks. Cut down your trips to the kopitiam(watering hole) and make your own drinks at home.

Cut down on smoking, alcohol, movies and other non-essential services and goods.

Stop buying the newspapers as you can read them online.
Ride bicycles for short distances.

Eat more at home than outside, .You can cook simple meals and it is cheaper and more tasty.

Take your bath and do not use soap or body shampoo’s. If you must , dilute the body shampoo into 2 or 3 bottles and use sparingly.

Cut down on your blogging ,save electricity and turned off your pc when not in used.

Do not use toilet paper , use plain soap and water.

Brush your teeth only once a day and save on your toothpaste.

Cut down on your ‘Ang pows”(Red packets , cash in red envelope)and  try not to go to weddings, funerals , births. Act like you have  forgotten about it..LOL!

Be more frugal. Eat well, stay well and spend less!!!

If you have any tips , please share it with us.

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