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My New Husband Is A Slob!!!

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 What is a slob? Someone who dress like a slob , eat’s like a slob and live’s like a slob..Aaargh! Your husband may have one or all of those qualities.Congratulations!

Your prince charming before marriage is a slob in disguise..LOL! You were smitten by love and in cloud nine and  your eyes were closed but  now they are opened, when your feet touched the ground.

 A slob is a  person who is slovenly, crude, or obnoxious.  Most males are not known for neatness or care about the appearance of their living habitat.

They are more concerned about the practicality or where they put their things  and not about the aesthetic functions. It is a male thing.

A women is completely different for she has been trained to always keep her room clean and neat and attention to minute details about everything.She is afraid of being labeled by others if her room or house is untidy and in a mess.

After marriage when you live together and he shed all his pretences and showed his true colours, you only realized that you have married a slob.

What are you going to do now? HELP! You complained, prodded and  cajoled and nothing seems to work for him. He leave his clothes and smelly socks every where  in the house.

When your partner shows no response to your wishes, there is nothing much you can do except to pick up his pieces and put it in the laundry basket.

You could train him like a doggie. If he does what you command , give him a hug and a treat. If he does not then give him the punishment.Go sleep in the dog house..LOL!

You could throw tantrums or shed crocodile tears and go on strike if he does not do what you want.

If nothing works, then tell him , you are leaving the home for good.This is a very drastic step . This process is very extreme and you can only do it if you cannot tolerate it anymore. The result is guaranteed. he will kaput and obey  your wishes and  your every command like a slave..LOL! You will earned his respects. Some men have to be taught that way.

Get out from their life and they will  slowly learn that they cannot get on with life without you. Your absence will make them realise their mistakes .They will come around to learn to love and appreciate you more. 

If they don’t , then  the relationship is not worth saving. Don’t waste anymore of your time on him . What he is in need is his mama and not a wife.

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Do You Argue Often?

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No two persons are alike and when one is a man and the other a woman, it only magnify the problems. Problems are inevitable in our daily life.

We see things differently through the male and female eyes. There could be many ways to do a job or to solve a problem.

All the roads lead to Rome but when you are short of time or want the easy way ,you want to go by the fastest and shortest route possible. If you want to argue, you can argue on almost any and  every issues.

You can argue until the cows come home and you still cannot get a definite answer and the problems is not resolved. If this issue cannot be resolved, there is no point in mentioning this issue except to accept the disagreements and let it stand and moved on.

Some day, one of them will be enlightened and will change his/her thinking, until then keep away from that topic that has no endings.

The only way to resolve arguments or conflicts is to try out the other’s methods and see which is the better way  or to let the person who is responsible for the job to do as he pleases. That will solve all their conflict amicably.Or they could do it alternately , to be fair and square.

Arguments are usually about power and control in a marriage. A man may resort to aggression and it can be quickly turned on when words have no effects on her.

That is why a woman should be wise when to shut up or she may infuriate him and make him lose his control and get whacked or physically abused by him.

Watch for the raised voice and the thinly veiled threat that he want s to end the argument. It never pays to cross that boundary.

Talk again in another time when he is more in the mood and he wont get angry easily. Don’t be in a hurry to settle everything now and then. It cannot simply be done.Don’t force the issue.

Women have a tendency to bring out past issues which can even date back 20 years ago. No one likes to hear of the past .If he digs out your past, you would say that was in the past.Today is today and yesterday is gone . You are not the same now and yesterday.

If you can agree , good , if you cannot agree then to each his own.You cannot force your ideas on anyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinions rightly or wrongly until one day they will see the truth.

Arguments are  a waste of time. State what you think , accept or reject, end of the story.

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Do you fight and argue often?

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The Mad Mullahs Of The Taliban Police .

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To the police who enforces the law, they have no mercy for those who speed .Speeding kills even when you only drive at a little over 50kmp!..Keke!

Recently many roads with the 50kmp have been upgraded to 80kmp or 90kmp speed limits. Those people who were unlucky in the past can now heave a sigh of relieve.

It is illogical to ask people to drive in straight 3 lane highways at 50kmh or cannot overtake on straight roads. If you see a tractor or those many American snails travelling at 20kmh, then you just drive like him and enjoy the scenery..LOL! 

 Mr Hughes, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, is accused of driving at 90mph in a 60mph zone in Halton, North Wales. In the Uk , it is a very fair country.

He was a strong crusader of speed violaters and gained the name of the “Mad Mullah of the Taliban police.”

He got his own medicine as he was caught speeding . I wonder what happend to that cop who caught him. He would probably be send to the jungle outpost to look after the goats, cows and chickens if he is from my country..LOL!(This is only a joke)

But over here, if you are their kind, you wont get the summons. They even have to salute you because you are an officer..Traffic summons are only for those who don’t wear their kind of uniforms. So much for each country’s systems.

The next time a traffic policeman stop you , don’t admit anything like you know you committed a wrong..Even if you did , you don’t have to admit to him. He is just waiting for you to admit and then he will write you the summons.

Wait for him to tell you which law you break. If there is a short pause after that, then you know what kind of cop he is. You will know what to do. The good ones will just issue you a summon or maybe they need to issue you the summons because they still have not filled up their daily quota of summons. You are just the unlucky one.

A friend was once caught by the ‘cari makan’ (asking for grease)cop for overtaking on a double line. He argued with cop because from that distance it was not clear to him but he was very very sure he did overtook the car before the start of the double lines..keke! He let him go.

The police will see your driving license and your ID to know where you are from . They want to make sure ,you are the right victim..LOL!

When you are stopped, be courteous and friendly to the cop. You may escape a ticket as your friendliness and courtesy may score points with him.Dont be like a jerk and think you know the law. This is sure to get a ticket..

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Your Rubbish Will Be Monitored!

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Millions of the families will get a bar coded wheelie rubbish bins where they will be monitored and if you break any of the laws , you will be automatically  fined £100  !!!

The councils will spy on your rubbish , whether you dumped too much or break their many rubbish rules. Those binmen will be armed with the barcode gun to read the violaters. WOW!!!! I cannot imagine myself living in those strict rules country.

 Here in this 3rd world country , you can dump as much as you can and do not have to pay anything. We are all so blessed. You can be surprised what you can find in those big lorry size bins .

What if you have plenty of rubbish but no cash? Will you go to jail? What will they do with the surplus rubbish? Keep them in their garages  or bury them in their gardens?Or simply throw it at No10..LOL!

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My Country Comes First?

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Should the army allow a single mother with a 6 year old child to go off to fight a war in a far away land?

 She may not be in the danger zone but there is not knowing where it is safe in a war torn country like Afghanistan .There is no safe place  anywhere because it is not a country at peace.

In war, there is no difference between men or women combatants as you cannot differentiate their sexes in their battle fatigues and army gears , except from their feminine voices.

 28-year-old Lieutenant Kelly Richardson, the only woman in her squadron and mother of a six-year-old daughter, Rhiannon was send off for a 6 month tour of duty in Afghanistan. Should anything happened to her , her daughter would be orphaned

In the movie , Saving private Ryan, the US army have a policy that the last soldier surviving from a family should be saved and be not exposed to the danger of death.

It is to prevent that family from losing all their male  heirs. Private Ryan was to be located from the warfront and to be recalled and send back home.The war over for him.

 Should she go or ought she be kept back in her country?Was she selfless or selfish?

I think the Western countries are just wasting their time and resources  in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will pumped in millions of $$$$ but it will be just a big black bottomless pit.

They have not learned from the past  history of Afghanistan in the pre soviet era where they put up an unpopular puppet govt. and was eventually toppled and retreated with the tails beind their hindlegs

 The US too had it’s debacle in Vietnam.All those lifes lost for nothing because the country fell under the communist after a long struggled.

The world’s only super power brought down to its knees.The US can win any conventional war with ease but to fight a protracted guerilla war is not the kind of war the US relished.

 Iraq and Afghanistan will be another Vietnam and those big powers will one day find it untenable to continue the war of attrictions .You can con people everyday but you cannot con them all the time.

All those lives  lost for an unworthy cause. It will be settled by the people of those land and outsiders will be shown that they are not welcome and neither can they imposed their form of democracy from the barrel of a gun.

 For those soldiers who came home injured or mained and those who died , what was their sacrifice for?To serve their country who are in no danger or to serve the interest of their megalomaniac leaders?

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Don’t Horn At Mat Rempits.

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They are the king of the roads and if you don’t want any untoward incident , just be patient . They know and can see you .They are easily offended and are looking for the slightest provocations to attack you and they are looking for sacrificial goats all the time.Their lives are too boring and they need some actions to make their Adrenalin’s flow.They are inching for fights and to show off their power . When they are a crowd, it is very dangerous. It makes them think they are the law.Don’t be their victims.
Just avoid them if you can or don’t antagonise them by honking or by cutting into their path. Let them overtake you and they will leave you alone.

Mat Rempit = a Malay youth on a souped up small cc bike.

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Indecent Proposals!

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original film poster.

This movie  directed by Adrian Lyne , based on the novel by Jack Engelhard was shown in 1993, staring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

They were a young and perfect couple just making out in their careers and marriage. She was a real estate broker , while he was an architect. 

When recession hit them , they went to Vegas for a shot but lose and a millionaire offered an indecent proposal to the couple , to sleep with the wife for one night for 1 million.

The couple discussed and agreed to the indecent proposal to escape from their financial dilemma.

However at the last minute , the husband had a changed of mind  when the wife was on the way to meet the millionaire..What happened in the end ? Read the full story here

This is a fantasy story but in real life , there are indecent proposals. There was a story of a ruler in a state, who by chance saw a very beautiful married woman and offered the man a certain sum of money for his wife.

The man had to accept the indecent proposal as to disobey that ruler would make his life in danger.He could send some hit man and finished him off. His wife became the 3rd consort to that ruler.

If  he rejected the ruler’s indecent proposals , he  would have to shift out or hide from him for his safety. This is a true story but I am not able to confirmed it.

You think your marriage is very strong but supposed one day , a billionaire just appeared from nowhere and make an indecent proposal to you .

He wants your wife to leave you and marry him for 1 million .Would you accept it? It would be a dilemma . If you dont accept, the rich man may kill you and make it looked like an accident..

Even though if you reject that indecent proposal , your marriage may not be the same again . When you are posed with such a scenario , many people will be undecided and don’t know what to do.

Those who are unhappy or angry with their spouse would accept that indecent proposal..LOL!

Have you received any indecent proposals?

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Why Did My Wife leave Me ?

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When she is with you , treat her nice and good and not when she has flown, will you realize that you cannot live without her.

 Value and appreciate her contributions and really listen to her feelings and what she wants.Be sensitive to her needs .She is another human being and have feelings and if you neglect her ,you are failing in your responsibilities.

There could be many reasons why a wife leave and the chief reason is she does not feel your love  anymore or she has found somebody better .

The three main reasons why a wife leave  are money ,love or a new man in her life.If you have love, most women would stay in the relationship except for some who got tired of the poverty and think she deserved someone better.

Like the case of a plumber wife who married his millionaire boss. Money is a strong reason why some women choose to leave.

One cannot fault her for leaving her plumber husband.Even though she is married to him , she found her beau at last. Just like a prince who fell for a married woman.The husband allowed  her to leave for her prince. Such things do happen and there is no way the other person can stop her leaving.

There are times when it is the man’s fault for they abuse her and do not love her and appreciate her . She feels lonely , neglected and unloved. Love is everything that makes her world go round.

When she does not get it from her marriage , her heart wanders and any man who treats her well and care for her feelings will receive her attentions.She may leave with this man to start a new life. If it does not work , she may go back to the previous partner if he is willing to accept her back.

If she comes back , why asked why? Just let it go.  Like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. Before he was lost and now he was found.

Don’t make her feel guilty and you must have a very big heart to forgive her for what she has done to you in the past. Bury the past and what happened yesterday as there is nothing one can do about it. 

What she did was not entirely her fault. Do not look for faults in others but to look inwardly and learn your lessons and be a better person..

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Acrimonious Divorce And The Effects On The Children

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A learned judge made the decision to grant custody of their 6 year old child  to the mother in a divorce case..

I think that is a very fair and just decision though the losing man’s side may not agree. The law has spoken and it is thus left to both the parents to work out the details and arrangement of bringing up the child.

They should put aside all their differences and compromise for the good of their child. Let the child grow up normally and do not use the child as a proxy war against each other.

It is very sad when a couple divorce ,for the children can be traumatized .We as parents should try to minimize any changes in their life though some changes are inevitable.

We should not deny the children the father or mother’s love.Even though they dont love each other anymore, parents should still be on the friends level and should not shut out their minds or think the other is out to deny them their parental duties.

Try not to impose conditions on each other for it will not do any good for the child if you fight against each other. There should be an end to the fighting and let bygones be bygones.

Grow up and that is what they must do. Your child need both parents  and you can still complement each other. Do and help the other if you are able to. Dont treat your ex like an enemy. Afterall he is the child’s father or  she is the child’s mother and you can never break this bonds.

Divorce is easy but I hope you dont regret somewhere dont the road that you did not try your very best to salvage and repair your marriage.

If you have tried very hard and still failed , it is not your fault as the other person wanted to leave anyway.,4136,146224,00.html

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The Laments Of A Chinese Hooker.

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No women would want to be a hooker if she had a choice.She was a well to do women who owned a factory in her homeland but a series of misfortune  dogged her and she had to leave for a foreign land to seek for work.

Not finding work , she had no choice but to swallow her pride , dignity and self esteemed and became a hooker.It was a matter of survival and those back home depending on her. It was a Hobson’s choice.

 She did it and now that she was going back home , she laments about those men who frequented hookers like her.Men will always be men.

Whether they are poor or rich , all men are alike. They have a strong sex drive  and they would pay anything just to sleep or have sex with a beautiful women .Only those men who fear God will keep away from these hookers.

She calls men stupid for throwing away  their hard earned money,  especially the lower class who worked for two days  to afford a fling with her for maybe 5 minutes to half an hour of fun.

Sex with a beautiful women is like Heaven and some men will do anything for it even if the cost can be very high. Shoot first and asked questions later.Men can have sex anywhere, anytime and with anything while women need a reason to have sex.

The men do not think about the money lost or their families or the risk of getting aids. Money they can find but the experience of sleeping with different types of women  is something they enjoyed and worth dying for.

It is the elixir of life for those men. They would feel revitalized and reinvigorated, never mind the risk of diseases or the money gone.

The sex demon in them is too strong and once they are into them, they will become regulars until they hit the end of the road with aids , STD’s  or disowned by their families.

Regret and remorse is never on their minds when they think they are in ninth  Heaven. They are enjoying life , wine , women and sex everywhere easily available.

They are not aware that they have pawned their souls to the devil and he comes to collect his dues when the time comes.

She may not speak for all those hookers. She had fallen from grace and had to enter the dark and dirty world ,not of her choice.

What she said is quite true, naive men who showed feelings or compassion’s for those women are stupid. Those women are cold, calculating and devoid of any human values. What you see are just a charade and false innocence They are just merceneries out for money.

What they want is only money and they will try to entice sympathy or feelings of compassion’s for them.

‘No matter how well you treat the streetwalkers, you are just a fool in their eyes.It is just a sexual transactions and nothing more.

There are hookers who may want to quit after sometime  and look for a naive Mr.Right who will take her out of the world’s oldest profession and begin a new life.

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