Single, Professional & Available .

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They are hard working, respected professionals, highly educated, single and available, approaching or in the 30’s, but no takers. They have tried their best but still they cannot find their ideal man.

They suffer not from a lack suitors but the quality of the suitors. They are looking for some one who is compatible with their social status and education. This narrows down the field as they are looking for men who are as successful as or better than them.

These men are few and rare and those that exist may have been taken up or have no interest in them and prefer to marry beta females who can be more feminine and know their roles as a wife.

They are the alpha females looking for the alpha males. They do not want a beta male or some men who earns less than them or less educated than them. They are in this quandary because of their distorted views of men.

Even if they find the right and available man, there is still the personality issue. In the end, they are looking for an Adonis (a youth slain by a wild boar but permitted by Zeus to pass four months every year in the lower world with Persephone, four with Aphrodite, and four wherever he chose-

They value a man by his educations and his success and not by his personalities. In this changing world, their thoughts on marriage are still based on the old and traditional concepts and values. They want to look for a stronger man whom she can fall back on. They do not need any man to support them and yet they still feel insecure with their new found status.

This is the last bastion of feminine values that has not changed or adapted to the modern world.

Now that they cannot find an ideal partner by their own steam, they are signing up with those matchmaking agencies in the hope of finding their ideal partners in life. This may increase their chances but many will be disappointed.

If they have very high criteria of the men, the men too have different criteria for their women. If you choose others, others will also choose you. They may have the same desires to get married.

Having the same aims do not guarantee that you will find the ideal partner. You may find a man and get married but maintaining the marriage or keeping the love flowing in a marriage is another issue.

Their younger and less educated sisters are happily married with kids , while they are still fumbling with the keys from the outside.What is the meaning of life?

If you cannot find a man , it is not because there are no men . It is because you priced yourself out of the market. In economics , it is about supply and demand. You will stay on the shelf forever and gather cobwebs. Fashion and trend can change and in time , you will be out of fashion..LOL!

Even if you managed to find an alpha man, your marriage will not last as both of you will be too engrossed in your work and there is no real family life because of the time and the space constraints that separates you both.

When they reached the peak and find no men there to share their views , they will turn into mountain lioness or cougars….


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