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The height of lunacy ?

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If you eat ,snack, drink ,map-reading or listening to loud music , laughing aloud ,tuning your radio, changing CD’s or arguing with your passengers while driving on the road, you would be fined £60 on-the-spot fine and you would have to pay a hefty 40% increase in your insurance coverage.

You may even be blacklisted and cannot get coverage for your car insurance.

The authorities may even use helicopters and smart cars with hidden cameras to catch you and mail the fines to you. My sympathies to those who live there and cannot escape the law. Those drivers there will have to play a cat and mouse game with those authorities.

This is termed as careless driving without due care and attention in that country.

In order to reduce fatal accidents due to carelessness and human errors, they have resorted to such drastic methods.

I hope my country will not copy such extreme measures or we will all die!

What about driving with only one hand? I know there are some who drives with one hand on the steering wheel while the other hand is placed on the arm rest.Does it mean that we have to have both hands on the steering wheels?

This is lunacy of the highest order! If this law were to apply over here, then 99% of the drivers would be fined or banned from driving ..LOL!

Those traffic police will have a bonanza time filling in their pockets instead of issuing them summons for those offenses.

If you are thirsty or hungry while driving , you cannot eat or stop by the side of the highway because that would be an offense unless it is in specific rest stops .

Would it not be more dangerous when the mind is always thinking of water or food than concentrating on the highway?

The traffic police can issue you a fine on the slightest reason and many people just pay up because going to court can be a hassle.

The authorities want to make that country the safest road in the world. The speed limits has also been reduced from 30mph(48kmh) to 20mph(32kmh) in certain places.

With today’s modern powerful cars with built in safety features, it is madness to drive that slow on the road.

Furthermore the road is so straight that boredom or sleepiness may set in when you drive at such slow speed.

That stretch of road is a money making enterprise for the state. Many will break the speed limits and have to pay a fine.

We should ban the car and go back to the horse and carriage era or only allow the cars that can only go at 20mph..LOL!

If the cars don’t get banned, most drivers would lose their driving license from such strict enforcements of the law and will not be able to drive again.

Maybe we should all ride the bicycle or tricycle if we don’t want to contribute to the finances of the state.

Count your blessing ,we have some sane and pragmatic lawmakers .

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The Mad Mullahs Of The Taliban Police .

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To the police who enforces the law, they have no mercy for those who speed .Speeding kills even when you only drive at a little over 50kmp!..Keke!

Recently many roads with the 50kmp have been upgraded to 80kmp or 90kmp speed limits. Those people who were unlucky in the past can now heave a sigh of relieve.

It is illogical to ask people to drive in straight 3 lane highways at 50kmh or cannot overtake on straight roads. If you see a tractor or those many American snails travelling at 20kmh, then you just drive like him and enjoy the scenery..LOL! 

 Mr Hughes, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, is accused of driving at 90mph in a 60mph zone in Halton, North Wales. In the Uk , it is a very fair country.

He was a strong crusader of speed violaters and gained the name of the “Mad Mullah of the Taliban police.”

He got his own medicine as he was caught speeding . I wonder what happend to that cop who caught him. He would probably be send to the jungle outpost to look after the goats, cows and chickens if he is from my country..LOL!(This is only a joke)

But over here, if you are their kind, you wont get the summons. They even have to salute you because you are an officer..Traffic summons are only for those who don’t wear their kind of uniforms. So much for each country’s systems.

The next time a traffic policeman stop you , don’t admit anything like you know you committed a wrong..Even if you did , you don’t have to admit to him. He is just waiting for you to admit and then he will write you the summons.

Wait for him to tell you which law you break. If there is a short pause after that, then you know what kind of cop he is. You will know what to do. The good ones will just issue you a summon or maybe they need to issue you the summons because they still have not filled up their daily quota of summons. You are just the unlucky one.

A friend was once caught by the ‘cari makan’ (asking for grease)cop for overtaking on a double line. He argued with cop because from that distance it was not clear to him but he was very very sure he did overtook the car before the start of the double lines..keke! He let him go.

The police will see your driving license and your ID to know where you are from . They want to make sure ,you are the right victim..LOL!

When you are stopped, be courteous and friendly to the cop. You may escape a ticket as your friendliness and courtesy may score points with him.Dont be like a jerk and think you know the law. This is sure to get a ticket..

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