Women Think Of Shopping – Men think Of Sex.

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IF suddenly all the women in the world do not do their shoppings, all the stores would have to close down and declare bankrupt.

Alternatively , if all those stores would be closed down , then women would brood all day and being unhappy and joyless.(This is just my generalizations only.)

Almost all their businesses derive from the women’s wants and needs.They buy for themselves,for their children or for their husbands, fiance’s or boy friend’s need.

Men and women are wired differently . For the women , they do not think of sex as often as like the men .They are said to think about it every 52 seconds, while the subject crosses some women’s minds just once a day.

Three out of four young women think about shopping nearly as often as men think about sex, according to a new survey by cosmopolitan.co.uk .

This is not shocking as women derives more pleasure and sensations when buying their most wanted new dress , handbags or shoes . They ponder about that new dress, hand bags or shoes every minute .

Some will develop fetish for them and their cabinets will be full of new dresses , handbags and shoes , almost bursting to the seams.They have so many dresses to choose from and yet they sometimes said they have no dress to wear for that particular occasions. All they need is another new dress specially for that occasion.

I told my daughter, if she finds any attractive new dress, hand bags or shoes , just get it even if the price is a bit steep or else she will suffer the mental torture for 24/7 and when she finally makes up her mind to buy it , that item could have been sold. Thereby adding more miseries to her life.

Most girls are dress,shoes and handbag addicts while some are make-up and accessories. They may buy on the spur of the moment or when they is a bargain sale. Women are addicted to shopping while men are addicted to porn.

Sometimes, they buy and they just hang it up and not wear or use them at all.Or they may wear or use it once or twice and then consigned it into their museum.

The men do not really understand why women would have more than 20 pairs of shoes and for some women , it can be a collection into hundreds and thousands. Same goes for bra’s, they are always buying and supporting and making those bra companies richer.

The only shortcomings for a girl is the lack of generous funds because her shopping maybe crazy at times and may go above and beyond her financial means. Spending her boy friends money gives her more pleasure than anything else.LOL!

Today , the modern women are earning more than the men and it is no more a problem. She can splurge most of her income anyway she deems fit.

Price may not be an issue with her, as long as it is the most sought after item. She may not feel it expensive and justify her rationale in possessing that item. She may even buy several of different colours to match her other accessories.

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come ànd get me anyone close in this area 0748038875

What did women do before malls were invented? Balls have been around for millions of years.

Laura1318:- A woman’s work is never done .

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