How To Ask A Girl Out?

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Men are clueless when asking the girl they like to go out on a date.They do not find out if their target is available or what kind of target they are aiming at.

They simply enter the dark room and start shooting, hoping to hit a random target. This best describe a man who simply approaches a girl or a new acquaintance and asking her out. The men just want to try their luck, hoping to strike gold on the first attempt or first prize in the lottery.

Some girls may like blind dates but the majority will be cautious and will want to know more about you before they will agree to your invitations. It is simply precautions because she does not want to date a rapist or a felon.

If he is very handsome and charming and looks like Beckham or Brad Pitt and drives a big flashy car, chances are the girls will accept his invitations. But with today’s horror stories of girls being kidnapped and sold as white slaves, many girls are playing it safe.

Before you want to invite her out, you need to let her know you first. Talk to her or communicate with her and she can feel you out if you have any bad intentions on her or not.

This also gives you the chance to know if she is freehold land, attached properties, damaged goods or psycho nut case. You don’t have to waste your bullets when she is not the target .Go look for another target.

You will also have to feel her out if she has any interest in you. If she has no interest and is like an icy goddess, then you can forget about her. You need to find out what is her interest and chances are better if you asked her out .

If you asked her out for an activity which she has no interest ,you will surely fail . If you know her through her friends , then it is easier to ask her out.

Women reject men because of many reasons.

1) She does not know you enough.

2) You are not her type.

3) You are a geek.

4) She just came out of a bad relationship.

5) She is a psycho case.

6) She is already taken.

7) You don’t have the goods.

8) She is not ready for any relationship.

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10 Responses to “How To Ask A Girl Out?”

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The best is yet to come. bench bekleidung funnel neck bench

Is this used as a stop smoking aid?

Shawn…keep it up and soon you’ll be a 30 year old virgin.

Or, stick to my sure fire plan for picking up any girl. Remember, women don’t want the average guy, they want a man who’s different from the rest (in a good way). Women are hit on constantly day after day by men, you need to take a different approach.

So what do you need to do? Three steps my friend.

1.) When first meeting a girl, NEVER let her know you want to bang her. Treat her just like one of the guys, but with respect. This alone will set you apart.

2.) Do something “Magnificent” in her presence. Saving a baby from a burning building would surely suffice, but in reality something of this heroic magnitude is not always possible. In short, find any way you can to display your worthiness in her eyes. Now here is the important part…without showing off. It has to appear genuine.

3.) This last step will seem strange, but oddly enough, seals the deal. Walk Away. That’s right, after you have impressed her…politely tell her you need to leave. This is very important because you leave a lasting image in her mind of the greatness you displayed in step two. She will surely be thinking of you for days to come.

Oh, and be sure she has a way to contact you or all of this will be for nothing 😉

Laura1318;- Hi Bryan! That was a great input and hope that he will find a girl soon.

Shawn, that’s pathetic man.

I havnt dated a girl for 7 years

And Im now a 25 year old virgin

Girls will like me for my looks but after they get to know me they will suddenly stop

Please Tips of some kind will Help alot

hi wanna need some intresting tips to flirt with some kind of good girls …

thanks for taking the time to write this m8 it has been a bit of a help so thanks

Laura1318: You are welcome and I appreciate your kind thoughts.

Hey laura,
Interesting question, I love it! You give some reasons as why girls reject guys. But ill give you the one reason that i think usually covers just about everything.

Girls don’t want anything to do with guy if they are not attracted to them. Full stop. And the funny thing is that we don’t even notice that we are giving all these lame ass excuses to hide the fact that we aren’t interested because we don’t feel it for some guy.

The powers of attraction are very powerful and it will even intrigue a girl who is technically unavaliable or usually more unattainable by the average guy. Attraction goes beyond the logical and moves your into the irrational and emotional side of you.

How many times have we come across a guy who we arn’t interested in because we just didn’t “feel” it for him. But from a logical point of view, there was nothing wrong with him, in fact he was good for you in many ways. All i know is that i have a lot of friends that would be great people to date because we have so much in common, but at the end of the day the attraction isn’t there so nothing is ever going to happen.

So all I’m saying is if guys want to have a higher success rate at asking girls out and getting them to accept dates. Then master the ability to get girls attracted to you. Its a skill not something that someone is naturally born with anyways


Hot Alpha Female


A man needs to have the 5C’s , Cash , Condo, Car, Card, and Country Club. That would be appealing to those females..LOL!
If you are young , maybe you could do that , but when you come to a certain age, any men would do. All guys look alike and dress alike except those very handsome one’s.

“hey i got a bmw and plenty of money to spend, i want to date u”

“you pervert egoistic bastard, what kind of woman u think i am…….. so when ah?”

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