Thai LadyBoys – Katoey’s

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Kathoeys on the stage of a cabaret show.

Pattaya: Kathoeys on the stage of a cabaret show.

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If you ever go on a tour to Thailand, your itinerary will include the famous side shows by those Katoey’s or ladyboys. They wear very revealing dresses showing their ample silicone breasts while they sing and dance in their performance.

Their perfect measurements and their beauty are the envy of many real women. The men and the women are hypnotized and stare in awe .

If you have never heard or know about such people, they are the famous transsexuals or transvestites of Thailand. In Malaysia, they are known as ‘maknyah’s’ or the derogatory term ‘Pondan’ or ‘She-males’ in the West.

They are exceptionally beautiful and captivating and more beautiful than the real girls of Thailand.There are two types of transgenders. Those who went for the complete sex change while the other still retain their male organs. In certain places , this half man ,half woman is preferred  over the complete woman.

The former group is more beautiful because of the sex change and their body is no more producing the male hormones. Sometimes, you cannot differentiate them from the girls when they have the sex changed operation.

Transsexuals or transgender are those who think they are a woman born in a man’s body, while a transvestite is a man who likes to dress up like a woman.

Some of them are genuine transsexuals, or people born with female psyches in male bodies unlike those who have a fetish for cross dressing.

In Thailand, they are accepted by their society as the third sex and are not discriminated upon. Many Thai transvestite males tend to be androgynous – small-boned, smooth, naturally graceful  and quite hairless.

Most of those lady boys go for the boob job. They either take those female hormones or have monthly injections. Some of them may develop boobs after continuously taking those female hormones for sometime. They need to take those female hormones as their body cannot produce them or in too limited amounts.

Nong Tum is perhaps the most internationally recognised Kathoey for her portrayal in the film Beautiful Boxer.

Nong Tum is perhaps the most internationally recognised Kathoey for her portrayal in the film Beautiful Boxer.


One of the country’s most famous ladyboys is Nong Toom, who went from champion Thai kick boxer to being a transsexual.

Another movie, Saitree Lex, was made about the true story of a ladyboy volleyball team known as the ‘Iron Ladies’ won the national championships in 1996 against the odds .

In most societies, we tend to look down on them as something  unusual or unacceptable to the norm. Society at large have misgivings and bias views of them. Such people maybe ridiculed and scorned for their appearance .

These people could not help it as they were born that way .It is not that they do not want to be seen as as a man but the feelings that they are a woman born in a man’s body is very strong .

It is hard to explain why they want to be a woman. There could be many factors and she feels that right or wrong, she needs to live her life as a woman and be happy and no one can stop her.


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