Prostitute Auctions Sex For Charity .

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A Chilean hooker Maria Carolina is auctioning her services for charity. She has auctioned 27 hours of sex for about $4,000 to raise money for a national charity. She became a prostitute to support her children when she was abandoned by her husband

Maria Carolina went on national television Friday to make her announcement, and since then has become the country’s most famous prostitute.

The money was raised during the two day ‘Teleton’ for a charity which helps poor and disabled children. Prostitution is legal in the country but the organizer of the event has criticized her fundraising activities, but will still accept the money.

Since prostitution is legal in Chile, it is not filthy or immoral except if you think along religious and ethical lines. Since she is a prostitute by design and want to do her part, no one should criticize her for her good deeds. We know how she earns her money.

God looks at a person’s heart. Good or bad, we should not judge her .She did not steal those money and it is not a crime in Chile. The good men can forward to donate to her and do not have to use her services.

There are of course some of those self righteous and judgmental who think it is wrong .Money earned this way is a sin. In some pagan religions , young women had to become prostitutes in the temple during the time of Jesus.

Of course if she did it privately and without much fun fair, it would have been much better. If you want to give, let not the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

When you go to the press and announced your charitable deeds, you are not doing the right way. She has now become more famous and her services will be in more demand. Maybe , this is what she wanted.

Those who ask for charity should not be too choosy.Don’t ask where the money come from . It is not about religion or moral issues but for the welfare of those kids.

There are charitable organizations which engage private companies on their behalf to collect donations .These companies  employ young people to sell cards, toys and stationeries and donate a part of their incomes to charities. It  has been found that the charitable organizations do not receive much from those donations . It would be better to donate directly to those charitable organizations.

More info ; Google – Maria Carolina

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2 Responses to “Prostitute Auctions Sex For Charity .”

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Sounds very apt to me – the world’s two oldest professions unite for a goof cause.
Pip pip!

hey. thats so meaningful. not sure if i can raise even RM4.5 for a bowl of kuei teow soup noodle if i prostitute myself.

Laura1318:I will donate Rm 30.00 and then ask a Bengali..LOL!

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