The Tyranny Of Religion.

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A WOMAN who was sexually abused by seven Roman Catholic priests and had a baby by one of them received a US$500,000 (S$729,000) settlement from America’s largest archdiocese.

It looks like God’s power is not enough for these servants of God .They succumbed to the devils calling and did the unthinkable. They exploited their positions for their own ends and now the church had to pay for their indiscreet and indecent acts. The temptation of the devil was just too great.

They lied, committed fornications, adultery and abuse on a young girl. They should be instilling God’s values to the parishioners but instead are doing the complete opposite.

We should all be wise and not be blind just because a person is a priest or a pastor. Fore most, we must think of him as an ordinary person and are subjected to all kinds of temptations and greed just like us.

He may have a stronger will and that’s all. He is not God. Don’t simply put your trust on any priest or pastor. He could be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. There are pastors who kill or stole or commit all kinds of crimes. Pastors are also made from flesh and blood. And they don’t have an invincible body

Trust has to be gained. In reality, you can never trust anyone in this world because people will be people and they will take advantage of you when it suits them or when they have a higher objective and you become their sacrificial lamb.

When you know a man who fears God, you have found a true friend until then, just keep your thoughts to yourself.

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One Response to “The Tyranny Of Religion.”

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I saw your blog and thought the subject interesting. In the UK they had a special documentary called Sex and the Devil. It was basically the history of the catholic church and outlined the history of sex, sin, and why priests are not allowed to marry. The REAL reason. It also went through the whole human need to procreate from physical to emotional to genetic reasons. How starving someone for sex … what it does to them mentally.

You I am sure have heard of priests flailing themselves for disobedience and impure thoughts. Well the flaling let out endorphans that gave the person a sexual release. Weird huh? They would beat themselves to stave off sexual desire, but would weirdly get off on it. Not too unlike the S and M culture of today. The fine line between pleasure and pain.

I have in fact read many articles, journals and books on this subject too.

I wish they would show this documentary in the US, although Im sure the Bible thumpers would never allow it to air. It was beyond fascinating. They looked at sex in so many religions and religious practices. It made a hell of alot more sense as to why these abuses take place.

Until the Church actually admits the real reason why priests were not allowed to marry, instead of their B.S. dogma they fill us with, then we will continue to have these horror stories emerge.

The real reason is this. It comes down to money if you can believe that! You see, when the church started originally, second sons of noblemen would join the church as an acceptable career path. They would not inherit the title as their older brother, so they were forced socially to do the one worthy job to their station. Being a priest. Well, these young men were from wealthy families. And think about it… if these men did not have children of their own… who would inherit their fortune? Well the church of course! That is the ONLY reason which is fully documented in Catholic archives that priests were not allowed to marry. Greed. Pure and simple.

How do you like them apples?

Laura1318; Thank you for your great contributions to this post. They are very interesting view points. Most of the conflicts in this world boils down to religion, greed, sex and power.

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