Indecent Proposals!

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original film poster.

This movie  directed by Adrian Lyne , based on the novel by Jack Engelhard was shown in 1993, staring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

They were a young and perfect couple just making out in their careers and marriage. She was a real estate broker , while he was an architect. 

When recession hit them , they went to Vegas for a shot but lose and a millionaire offered an indecent proposal to the couple , to sleep with the wife for one night for 1 million.

The couple discussed and agreed to the indecent proposal to escape from their financial dilemma.

However at the last minute , the husband had a changed of mind  when the wife was on the way to meet the millionaire..What happened in the end ? Read the full story here

This is a fantasy story but in real life , there are indecent proposals. There was a story of a ruler in a state, who by chance saw a very beautiful married woman and offered the man a certain sum of money for his wife.

The man had to accept the indecent proposal as to disobey that ruler would make his life in danger.He could send some hit man and finished him off. His wife became the 3rd consort to that ruler.

If  he rejected the ruler’s indecent proposals , he  would have to shift out or hide from him for his safety. This is a true story but I am not able to confirmed it.

You think your marriage is very strong but supposed one day , a billionaire just appeared from nowhere and make an indecent proposal to you .

He wants your wife to leave you and marry him for 1 million .Would you accept it? It would be a dilemma . If you dont accept, the rich man may kill you and make it looked like an accident..

Even though if you reject that indecent proposal , your marriage may not be the same again . When you are posed with such a scenario , many people will be undecided and don’t know what to do.

Those who are unhappy or angry with their spouse would accept that indecent proposal..LOL!

Have you received any indecent proposals?

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4 Responses to “Indecent Proposals!”

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hello all,

i have actually given this subject quite a lot of thot. i am a marrired woman and love my husband. he is my second husband if that matters as the first one needed certain body parts removed :).

I have come to the conclusion that if a man made an “indecent propsal” to me, i would accept. One night, in exchange for the freedom from debt that my family lives in because of the afore mentioned ex.

I have always been taught that you can do anything for a certain amount of time. And what if you get pleasure and profit in the process…..

Laura1318; Thanks for your input. There are pro’s and con’s. It is very tempting and after all what is one night’s job for a lifetime of bliss. The opportunity does not come often. To accept or not accept will depend on the individual but many will succumb to this offer.Everyone has a price and the resistance weakens when the rate rises.

exactly! try to make a new local movie “proposi yang memang tak-siuman’ featuring a fat ugly sumo wrestler offered to be boned by rich bitch looked like Sigourney Weaver for 1 million. tell u the box office will hit all time record – low.

any story that talks about how to get a woman to bed will hit the boxoffice.

thanks for ur complement on my sacarstic comments (sometimes). because lately office is renovating, so quite free to post blogs and browse others.


Dont be so condescending, the man is not useless.It is sometimes not his fault . It is circumstances beyond his control..

Usually if it is a women’s issue , it will generate more interest but not a men issue.

Your immense contributions are deeply appreciated and your ideas are quite refreshing and interesting.

if the price is right, what the hell.

put it that way, the husband is a totally useless bum and get screwed in debt. and it’s ok to get laid to such a looser for FOC, just because he is husband? that’s so equally wrong obviously (in terms of accounting)

not hard to apprehend this issue, again is just a matter of ”brain thought pattern”

1. is it ok for a husband to pay 1 million to a prostitute?
2. let say not prostitute, it’s this housewife, ok still?
3. say if there is a rich woman pay 1 million to get laid to this husband, will there be anymore issue? are we equally concerned?

this is a good topic, i guess again this shows the issue is an issue because the attention is on the woman. we should be talking more on the husband why he is such a looser to get himself into such finance trouble – serve him right and he doesn’t deserve to keep the wife.

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