Why Sex Is Better Than Running.

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“Sex Glow !”  Have you ever heard of this word? Sex will give you the glow on the face..LOL! No cosmetics can give you that glow .

Don’t waste your hard earned money buying all those cosmetics .If you don’t know what the sex glow looks like, go look into the mirror in the morning. I hope you don’t have that haggard looks from the lack of sleep..LOL!

Sex not only make your body feel great but also your mind.You will feel young and look young with that satisfied and fulfilled look.

We have read that sex will make you live longer , de stress your body .It increases your body’s immune system and ability to ward of pain.It will also make your marriage stronger .

 Sex is much better than running. The act of intercourse will burn up 200 calories which is equivalent to running vigorously for 30 minutes.

You cannot run vigorously for 30 minutes and you cannot have sex for 30 minutes  though you could have more foreplay’s . I don’t think an average man can last for more than 10 minutes..

How’s your sex life ?Are you satisfied with your sex life ? Good eh! If not, you got to crank up your sex drive or overhaul your engines.

Are you too knackered for a nookie as your job is killing you and you are too tired and not in the mood.As you get older , you feel less excitement about it and other things become more important.

What you wanted is to have your beauty sleep and no one disturbing you. You cannot find the right time to do it since you are both so busy lately.And so most probably many couples will only have sex on the weekends when they can sleep all day .

If the men want more sex, they will have to help her out with the house chores and maybe cook her favourite dish and make it a romantic setting , so that she will be in the mood for love.

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6 Responses to “Why Sex Is Better Than Running.”

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the world will be much peaceful when science produces women whom doesn’t complain…… thy kingdom come!

Laura1318: That is a vintage reply! LOL! I guess dumb girls will never worry about not finding a husband..haha!

u say guy help lady to do housework can make them horny,
so i think if lady help to reduce guy’s office work should able to prolong sex

Laura1318: You wait one day when science will produce bionic women who will be your wife and then you may need lorry loads of Tongkat Ali’s !..LOL!

Thanks for the blog roll and the nice comments. I do appreciate both.

Laura1318: You are welcome!

if the woman wants sex longer than 5 min, come to my office and help to clear some shit at my work.

Laura1318; more enjoyable than sex ah? 8)

Great post. I read a study a year or so ago (of course I don’t have the reference now…) that said men and women who report having sex most often are rated by strangers as being more attractive.

Maybe it’s that radioactive glow?

By the way…I posted on cooking a romantic dinner for your wife already today–does that mean I get brownie points on your blog?

Laura1318; Thanks for your compliments .WOW! You are the author of two great books!!!! I am very flattered and honoured to have your presence in my weblog. Your post on ‘cooking a romantic dinner for your wife’ is a superb and excellent piece of writing.

I have included a RSS feed of your blog here .I hope readers here will go over and read your enthralling and elegant writing of yours.You have a very interesting, impressive and stimulating weblog.

haha..some more if a couple sleep in the same room with kid…

Laura1318;Thanks for post ,seismic activity in Patong beach is frequent and normal..LOL!

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