Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child .

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Spare the rod , spoil the child.  When children were  naughty , the cane was used to disciplined them and they grew up to be well behaved citizens.

Today , many parents do not use capital punishments or cane their children.The parents only rebuked them or grounded them . No more pocket money or going out .

Some parents still use the cane to beat their children when they are naughty or do not do their school assignments. They simply whacked with the cane on any parts of their body.

This is not the right method, for you may injure their internal organs . You only want to teach him a lesson and not to hurt him badly .

You should only use it on the palms of their hand , butt or feet only . Dont swing wildly  at them like a mad men or women . When you are stressed, you are not aware that you are exerting more force than normal and this is abuse  .

When you are angry , do not punish the child. You become like a demon and will only injure your child. Try to control your temper and only when you have cooled down , you have a frank talk with your child.

Sometimes , parents should not be too excessive in dealing with the youngsters.They should not be too harsh with them. It will only boomerang back and the parents will regret for being overboard.Sometimes , it is just a minor matter to you but you cross the line.

Their minds are still young  and there is never knowning what drastic things they will do to spite their parents.Some children can commit suicide or like a recent case where the son wanted to hire a hitman to kill his mother.

In the first place, the punishment does not merit the crime. A light rebuke and teach them why it is wrong to do that is sufficient.

Children may take  some time to learn and sometimes you may have to give them some leeway . You should not expect them to obey or change their ways after one rebuke.

Two warnings first to let it sink in and if they do again, actions will have to be taken.This would be fair to the children.They know what is wrong and what are the consequences if they commit the same mistakes again.

Children do lie alot because they are afraid if they tell the truth , they will be punished by their parents. It is a natural instinct for self protection. When you were small , you too told some lies to escape from punishments..

You may not trust every words they said and unless you caught them red handed , they have no excuses to lie.

Teach them not to lie and if they tell the truth , they will not be punished. This will encourage them to speak the truth to you . 

If you caught them telling you a lie, just tell them you know what happened and leave it and move on. Dont make it such a big issue because no one is perfect.

An innocent and beautiful girl,Rosemarry Edwards commited suicide as she was depressed and had no one to talk to.Rosemary had become upset when her parents said she could not use the internet or a mobile phone because she lied to them over how she lost a Saturday job in a shop.

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