To Tell Or Not To Tell Him Who Is His Real Father ?

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Should you tell him who is his real father? After so many years living with the dark secret you have decided whether it is wise or not to come out with the truth .

If your child is physically different , the man may suspect that it is not his child. Today they can go for a DNA test to confirmed the paternity of the child.

Sometimes , the women have numeral sex partners and may not know who is the real father unless she goes for a DNA test.

There are times when the women do know who is the father of her child but because of her own expediency, she cannot revealed it there and then or the man she would intent to  marry would reject her.

If the man  knew about her pregnancy and ready to accept her state and  still intent to marry her , that would be a different case altogether.

It is a burden for her to carry on for so many years and she wants to come clean .If she comes clean , how will her son react upon hearing the truth?It is like opening a can of worms .She will have many unanswered questions or cannot explain satisfactory why she kept that secret for so long or why she did that. It will not be easy for the son to suddenly aware of who is his real biological father.

I think, the secret should be taken to your grave. Whatever has pass, cannot be undone. Asking your son to go back into the past and to forgive your sins would be wrong.He should not be burdened by your guilt’s.

Pray for God’s forgiveness and let the things as they are and let him think  his adopted father is his real biological father , since the adopted father has treated him like a biological son.Even if he know the truth ,  the son would not have any feelings for the real biological father. Just a fact only and nothing more…

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hiding from em is like time bomb. better to let them know since VERY young

if get to know at rebellious teenager period. lagi teruk

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