Affairs Are Sweet , Bitter & Repugnant.

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She maybe wined and dined in romantic hotels and showered with gifts and his attentions but she would be like a fruit tree that will flower but will bear no fruits.

On the outside, she looks like she has it, the good life. But is her life really happy and fulfilled?


She may portray a happy facade only, for deep down she is racked with guilt with all those deceptions and lies and where ever she goes , she cannot introduced herself as the wife but the other woman. No matter how she rationalizes her position as a mistress, she is nothing more than a home wrecker and a husband snatcher.


Affairs with married men are never lasting. The men come to smell the flowers when it is in full bloom. When the flower wilts, it will be the end of her as the men will wander and look for newer blooms. She will find herself all alone, childless and without his financial support will no more enjoy those rich trappings. She may have lost her youth to him and she may find getting a real life partner can be very difficult.


Many mistresses harbour the notion that their lovers will leave their wives and kids and marry them. Most man will tell their mistress just that, but they cannot bring themselves to divorce from their wife or kids. The men try to prolong this state as long as possible so as to enjoy both women in their life. They become fence sitters. It is a life tangle that is not easily untied or has any quick answers. Whatever the medicine to cure this ailment can be very bitter to taste. If a man can cheat on his wife, what will stop him from cheating again on his mistress?


Half a loaf is better than none. With that thinking, some women do not mind being a mistress. She knows it may not last but she wants to enjoy his attentions and love while it is still hot. His love is like an elixir of life and it is sweet, intoxicating and exhilarating


Not knowing what she will go through emotionally and mentally, she cannot feel the anguish and pain of the wife, but if she is the wife, she will resent the other women for destroying her life. Women are peculiar creatures. If they stand on the other side, they will say things which will justify their positions.


An affair may bring you some benefits and passions in your life but it will leave you with a foul taste in your mouth. You wished you never had an affair with a married man because you have lost your dignity, self worth and your time. You will also wreck a family and make those children suffer


You are only second best because you cannot be his wife. You have more to lose than to gain from an affair. In the end, you become nothing after he has tasted the forbidden fruit.

You will feel used, cheap and dirty, even though you have got something in return. You will become soiled goods.



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2 Responses to “Affairs Are Sweet , Bitter & Repugnant.”

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Why is it always assumed that the mistress is pining away and will somehow be destroyed if the relationship doesn’t progress to marriage?

It may be hard to believe, but some women consider such relationships very convenient and exciting and have no plans of asking men to leave their wives. If being someone’s wife was the goal, I’m sure it can be achieved.

anyway… is being 1st wife best ? maybe not …

Laura1318: It depends . If you are the 1st wife, you get all his assets when he suddenly don’t want to eat rice ..LOL!

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