Biggest Bra In The World J-Cup !

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“J” stands for jumbo or jug..How big can they go ? Brit girls are crowned with the biggest jugs in Europe. M/s. Loretta Davis shows off her J cup bra filled to the brim.It looks like one hand is not enough and you need both hands to cup them.

Do you love big boobs like hers? Certainly , wherever you go , you would be the center of attentions , for you cannot hide those gigantic boobs.

When you are just a normal size girl and having those big boobs can make one wonder if it is mother natures or some silicone gel enhanced type.

It can be a blessings or a bane. I cannot imagine having two heavy dumb bells weighing more than 500 ounces on one side.

Vigorous physical exercises is out of question. Any vigorous exercise would cause those heavy boobs to swing and sway like two pendulums and that can hurt ..ouch!

To know what it is like having such a gigantic boob, the men could strap two watermelons on their chest and do some jogging or jumping on the spot. Huh! Now you know the pain and the agony.

Because of your abnormal size, buying the right fitting clothes is out of question. You would have to be tailor made to custom fit your top.

I think having a too big boobs is a curse.When you are sick or weak , those weights will be a terrible burden and you wished you had smaller boobs.

Your backsbone will be severely punished and when you grow old, you may have terrible backaches and neckaches .Groans!

When they are too big , they become too heavy and will not be able to fight against gravity and will head South very fast..LOL!

Where ever you go , your boobs will get in the way when you are in a crowded place. Oops! Sorry Don’t mean to touch them .

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9 Responses to “Biggest Bra In The World J-Cup !”

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theres this lady that i once new–and her boobs were GIANT–i swear her bra size were like ZZ, she had to customize them or make them her self. I think it should involve in this contest.

who wouldnt love to be that big. i wish i could be that big.

one more thing she is only 19 years old 5 7 130 pounds so her boobs look really really fuckin big .and they are real it took ten years of looking for the right woman and i found her at the mall

my girl got j cup boobs and i think there hype fun to look at and touch and they look great in tight ts

hi are any bbw women like to chat can call me send me notes

omg did that thing realy fit?!

To learn more about the bra, just read my article titled :

“Sensing The Sensors of a Sensory Bra—Who Will Not Say : “Hurrah, Hurrah” ?


please send me nice pics of heavy boobs

another easier way for man to understand how hard it is owning a J cup boobs – strap an apple to the scrotum.

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