Lesbians-Test Tube Babies-Irrelevant Men

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If those lesbians have their way , men will be irrelevant except as a producer of sperms or good for stud purposes only.

Children will be brought up without any male influence in their life . What kind of children will they be in the future ? Can you imagine a world where there is no masculine influence on the children?

They may look at other male role models but it is not the same as having a real father. Fathers play a big influence on the children’s developments. They grow up with a balance mind. Girls grow up and learn about men from their fathers. Fathers have a very special relationship with their daughters.

There are some cases where the children grow up without knowing their fathers because they don’t play an active part in the growing up years. These are the absentee fathers.

Can a state legislate laws to enable lesbians to become officially a single parent through the test tube process?Do you agree ?

From a moral and religious stand point it is unethical but from circumstances and pragmatism, the state has no alternatives except to legalize those test tube babies.

Many women are not getting married due to many reasons but their motherly  instincts are too strong to ignore. It should not be taken into context that those babies will grow up without any male influence. The other male families may become their extended families. To say that those children will be totally devoid of male influence or fatherly influence is erroneous.

Do those who oppose the law still lives in the Dinosaur era? Not allowing women to have test tube children is consigning those women to live a lonely and old spinster life ,not of their choice.

To marry or not to marry is a right of every women. Do not expect a woman to marry the first jerk that comes along . Or marry for convenience sake to have children and then divorce.

With many women marrying late or not marrying at all , the birthrate will fall and the country will soon be a nation of grumpy old men. Who will support them when the young are only few…..?Look at Japan and Singapore. They are encouraging the women to have more babies and give more incentives , otherwise the country will falter .

Those who opposed are just short sighted and not looking at the problems of the modern day women but only through their bigoted views from a religious and patriarchal point of view.

Let women decide their own future….

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if u realize, only valuable reason for the male’s existence biologically is the capability to produce sperm only. in other words, man is still required on this planet because of the pair of balls. if not because of them… extinction is near the corner

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