Internet Online Matchmaking Cons.

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There are the good, the bad and the ugly in every facets of life. When it comes to love, many people are smitten by it and lose their sense of judgment. Smart, intelligent and professional people can easily fall into those scams which milked them of their money under the guise of love. Love hungry women in particular fall prey to those creeps who are handsome and have the gifts of the gab. They are cheated of their love and money and then dumped unceremoniously.

A German man, Mr. Milan, 57 fell in love with a con artist in China and after parting with SG$ 130K , his fiancé is no where to be seen. This is the hidden danger of internet matchmaking .That you will fall prey to some scheming devil or gold digger.You have only yourself to blame for being a wrong judge of character.

When you have to spend a large amount of money in your love affair should raise some red flags. Before S/he becomes your official partner, you should not part with your money to the other even when they spin some very sad and woeful tales.

You earned your money the hard way and don’t just give them away because of a sob tale, no matter who that person is. If you give them the money, you not only lose your money but a friend too. If you don’t give the money, you may still have a friend and if he does not want to be a friend, so be it. They are not worthy anyway.

If S/he is the right one for you, it will not cost you an arm or a leg. You only have to spend on the basics. Anything more than that should set off your alarm .Don’t use your money to buy love because it will not last and you are just wasting your money on someone who does not think highly of you, nor appreciate what you have done for them.

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